Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aquarium and a Baby Shower

Friday we decided to make our first of many trips to the Newport Aquarium. I bought a yearly pass b/c I'm sure we will be going alot this year. It's a great aquarium and something fun to do if it's cold or wet out. We went early in the morning and it wasn't crowded at all. Ryan took a short nap on the way there. He was great the whole time.
"Wow, do you see that shark right above my head?"
I have dreamed of the day I could take my baby to the aquarium and zoo many times! It was so wonderful to take Ryan and see him look at the fishies and aquarium life with that little boy wonder! I can't wait to take him to the zoo this spring!
"Look no hands!
Look at all the fishies, turtles and sharks oh my! So much to see!!!"
Today I went to a baby shower for a friend Erin. She is my aunts niece (Erin's mom Brenda is sisters with my Aunt Teresa). Does that make sense? It was a quant and fun shower!
Teresa and Brenda did a great job with all the decorations and fun games. Erin got some good and much needed items for baby Cooper who will be there soon. She isn't due til Feb. 18 but the doctors think she could go anytime.
How cute is this cake? So cute and sooo good! I even brought a piece home for Matt!
Cute decorations and great food! Thanks for such a fun time Teresa, Brenda and Erin! It was a great Saturday and now I'm ready to watch Miss America!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

For Better or Worse

Since officially being a mom for seven months I feel like I somewhat have a good handle on this thing called motherhood. However, I will say there are some things that have been harder than I thought and other things easier. I thought I would make a list of some.
  • Childbirth itself - I was in ALOT of pain before my epidural but once I got it I felt great and really didn't have any pain when Ryan was born.
  • Sleep deprivation - I've found I can function with little sleep. Even though I don't like not getting enough sleep I can go go go for a long time before I crash and burn.
  • Ryan's sleep. When I was pregnant I prayed about Ryan being a good sleeper. God answered my prayers and he is a great sleeper. Of course I realize this could all change one day but right now he goes down great and sleeps so well!
  • Taking him on road trips. He does great in the car even when we go 500 miles to Memphis.
  • Going out and eating out with a baby! Ryan does well for the most part when we are out. He loves his stroller and enjoys getting out!
  • Annabelle and Gracie adjusting to having a baby around. They have been so good and don't get too jealous of Ryan. They know their place in our family and still get lots of attention.
  • Breastfeeding - I took the breastfeeding class and knew it would be hard but it was harder than I ever imagined. I wanted to breastfeed so bad but it just didn't work for us. And I'm totally ok with that now!
  • Losing the baby weight - Ughhhh Ok I knew it would be hard but it's harder than I thought it would be. They really mean it when they say 9 months on, 9 months off. I hate that saying by the way, just saying!
  • Ryan's acid reflux - I never thought I would have a baby with reflux. It was really difficult at first but it got so much better once he got on prevacid. He was a much happier and pleasant baby once we figured out what was wrong.
  • Looking half way decent - I am constantly covered in spit up, drool and baby food. Funny it doesn't even phase me now, ha!
  • Dressing Ryan in cute, adorable clothes and keeping him that way for more than 5 minutes before he spits up or drools. Sometimes I don't even get the outfit on before he spits up all over it.
  • Keeping a clean house and cooking dinner - I thought I would have much more time to clean and do stuff around the house. I don't like to cook in the first place but it's so hard to cook and prepare dinner with a baby. I'm gonna be in big trouble when Ryan begins to walk. Thank goodness for the exasaucer and jumperoo! =)
Tonight for the first time Ryan got on all fours!!! He has been pushing up on his arms and he finally pushed back onto his knees! I was just amazed! Matt had just gotten home from work so he was excited to see it too!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

We had a low-key-good-day today! We went to the gym this morning! It was so hard to get up and going but it was worth it to have an afternoon to get things done! This afternoon we finally made it to Michael's and Target. I have been meaning to get there for days. And we even swung by Hobby Lobby!

I was looking at some old pictures the other night and found these pics of Matt.

I think we have a little mini me on our hands!

Even though Ryan looks a lot like his daddy he does look a little like my baby pictures as well! I only have one of my baby pictures on the computer. I will have to share that later!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Planning and Mommyhood

I am such a type A person! I love being on a schedule and having a "plan" for the day. I like to keep a calendar and I love to make lists. One thing I've learned over the past 7 months is planning and mommyhood don't always go hand in hand. And that's okay!!!
I love taking pics of Ryan! Some days I put Ryan in an adorable outfit, get him in position and he's just not having it. Or I get him all ready and as soon as I take his bib off he spits up all over his outfit! Can I get an Amen? Does this happen to anyone else? Ha!

Or the other day I was holding Ryan, packing his diaper bag, getting ready to walk out the door and he spits up all over me AND him! And did I change clothes??? Nope I just wiped it off and made sure you couldn't see any stains (I had on a black shirt and put on a scarf)!
Then there are days I have a full list of household things I plan to get done during naptime and Ryan refuses to nap! Somedays I have a list, he naps well and I get nothing done, ha!

Mommyhood has so taught me to just go with the flow. Now I will tell I have a ways to go but it's a work in progress. Even if nothing goes the way I think it should I absolutely cherish every moment with Ryan!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Scooter, Puffs and More

Ryan has been scooting around all over the place today! Matt thinks he is so close to crawling but I think it might be a little while. Today he was scooting to get his toys. I thought at one point he was going to scoot under his exasaucer, on the bottom part. When he finally does crawl he is going to be ALL OVER THE PLACE. He moves like he's on a mission!
This morning we went to the mall to walk then lunch with some friends afterwards! It was nice to catch up and get out! Ryan later enjoyed a nap at home while I got a few more miles in on the treadmill! I have FOUR lbs to go to reach my short term goal of pre-pregnancy weight!

I love Ryan's outfit he wore to church yesterday! He looks like such a little boy! I know I might be a little biased but he is so handsome!

Tonight while he was sitting in his high chair at dinner I put some gerber puffs on his tray and he picked up the puff and put it in his mouth...FOR THE FIRST TIME! I was amazed and so proud! The funny part was he would pick up the puff and go to put it in his mouth but his thumb seemed better and he would suck his thumb! Oh bless his heart, he will learn!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Adventures

We finally got some decent weather on Saturday so we decided to take advantage and take Ryan for walk around the neighborhood. Boy was it nice to get out and get some fresh air! I miss taking him for walks outside. I'm so ready for spring it's ridiculous! I absolutely can't wait for warmer weather when I can take Ryan to the park and swing on the swing set (of course the baby swing that is)! I just know he's gonna love swinging!
Annabelle and Gracie went on the walk with us. They were also grateful for some fresh air! Ryan enjoyed watching the ducks and swans at the neighborhood pond! He is becoming more and more aware of his surroundings!
Saturday night we went to dinner at PF Changs. Ryan did well and we enjoyed a yummy dinner. Towards the end of our meal Ryan got a little fussy so Matt picked him up and held him. He was content. I offered to hold him so Matt could finish up his meal. Matt picked him up to pass him across the table and that's when I saw what no mom wants to see!!! He had blown through his diaper and poop was all over his back under his onesie!! Oh my, what do we do is all I could think. I laughed. Matt wasn't laughing but I knew he would later!

I didn't have a change of clothes so it didn't seem logical to change him there. So what did we do? Well, Matt took Ryan to the car, he was starting to have a little odor. The couple at the table next to us kept saying what a happy and smiley baby Ryan was. Ha, If they only knew! I paid the bill and we headed home! When we got home we got him in the bath and cleaned him up! I thought it was hilarious and a few hours later Matt found the humor as well! I'm sure it will be one of those stories we will remember for a long time!
What an adventurous weekend!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Heart Shopping

I'm joining Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life - Where Do You Shop?

Well, If you know me at all you know I LOVE to shop! I do almost all the shopping for our family! I love shopping in stores and online. This morning I was watching the view and it was "fashion friday". They had a designer on who has brought back wrap dresses.
I honestly was never crazy about these but her designs were super cute. I totally could see myself wearing them. Too bad I can't afford them but here are two of her dresses.
Aren't they super cute?

I must admit that 90% of my wardrobe is from Ann Taylor Loft and Ann Taylor. I always love what new styles they have. And they usually have really good sales.

I also love shopping at Target for just about anything. I love Kirklands and Hobby Lobby for home accessories and accents! I am always looking at for cute baby stuff.

So where do you like to shop? Where do you shop online?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sleep and Rainy Days

It rained all day today! We stay home and caught up on some housework. Ryan has been flipping over to his belly when I lay him down for his nap. (He moves around more during naps than at night.) This morning he did this but when I went in to check on him he had fallen back asleep on his belly. I guess this is what he need to learn to do.
We learned that Ryan needs an earlier bedtime. For a few days there he was getting really fussy around dinnertime making it almost impossible to feed him solids. We moved his dinner and bedtime up 30 min and it seems like it's working better for him and us!
Ryan tried gerber biter bits tonight and he loved them, as you can see, ha! He didn't eat the whole thing but it did keep him busy for a while while we ate dinner. And boy are those things messy! He also had apple blueberry stage 2 food at lunch and loved it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting my fit on

Today I finally got Ryan's 7 month pictures with his bear. He is getting so big and little harder to take his picture. I know, I know, just wait til he won't even sit still for me right! At least right now he will sit for me but as you can see he wants to grab things around him. I get him to smile but just briefly and I can't get the camera ready in time. It's still cute to get him grabbing the paper.
This morning I did cardio resistance training and it was great. Hope I will be able to walk tomorrow, ha! I am still losing weight and have just 6 lbs to go til I reach my prepregnancy weight. The short term goal is within reach however, like most women I want to lose even more weight.
Here's what I've been doing to shed those baby pounds. I workout 5 days a week (my goal is 5-6). I run/walk on the treadmill 4 days (1 hour) and cardio resistance training 1 day a week. I do intervals when I run so it keeps my heart rate up. I don't usually like doing my workout but I love the way I feel afterwards. I know the payoff will be worth it when I reach my goal.
I love sweets and sugars, that's no secret! I've been trying to make better and healthier food choices. I count calories too so I can keep track of how much I eat and how much I need to work off. I think one thing that has helped is we are eating at home more.

What are your tips and tricks for weight loss?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boys Night Out

This morning I started a new ladies Bible study at our church. It's my first Bible study at MCC but definitely not my first LBS. We will be studying Beth Moore's Esther and I'm super excited about it. Beth Moore is so passionate and excited about God. It's hard to listen to her and not get excited about getting to know God and His word. I'm so looking forward to learning and spending some much needed quality time with God over the next 11 weeks!

Tonight Matt went to all you can eat wings with the boys! I gave him the night off, ha! I think it was good for him to have a night out with the guys! It was bath night tonight and that's usually Matt's job. Ryan loves his bath so it was not problem and I actually enjoyed it. Matt says he's going to workout when he gets home but I'll be surprised if that happens! But I will say Matt is more disciplined that I am about working out! I'm pretty good but he's really good about it!
Before Matt left tonight he was trying to spend some quality time with Ryan but he just wasn't having it, as you can see, ha! He did cheer up but I think he was just tired. By the way, Ryan ate a mixture of bananas with apples and pears for lunch today and he loved it! And after that he drank 7 oz of milk, yay!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I've Got Sunshine

We enjoyed spending some extra time with Matt today since he had the day off. I had lunch with some old co-workers today. They hadn't met Ryan yet so I took him along. He did AMAZING! Funny how we tried to eat out Saturday night and he wasn't on his best behavior and today...he was great! He sat in his high chair almost the whole time and played with his toys! He is such a good boy! Just love him more and more every day!

I came home to Matt cleaning up around the house. What a great hubby! I am so grateful for a wonderful husband who works hard to provide for his family every day! He is the best husband in the world!

Thanks for all the comments about food and sippy cups. It was really helpful. I'll let you know how the sippy cup goes. I will continue giving it to him during the day. Tomorrow we are going to start eating solids at lunch. I think Ryan will do great!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Food and Sippy Cup

This morning we almost over slept for church but thankfully all three of us were all able to get up, and make it out the door running just a tad late. No surprise there, ha! We were happy to welcome our pastor back after some medical issues. He brought a great message today! We then enjoyed a relaxing day and ordered pizza for dinner. My favorite since I love pizza and hate cooking! Its the best of both worlds!

And now I have a few questions for you blogging momma's out there...
1. When did your baby start eating 3 solid meals a day?
Our pediatrician said we could start 2nd stage foods when Ryan turns 7 months old, so today while at the store I got some. Tonight he had carrots and ate the whole container. He loves carrots so I knew he would eat it all. Our doctor also said we could start feeding him a solid meal at lunch. Until now we have been doing solids at breakfast and dinner. When did start the 3rd meal? Do you do a fruit or veggie for lunch?

2. When did your baby start using a sippy cup and what process did you use to introduce the sippy cup?
I've given Ryan the sippy cup some and he can hold it but I don't think he knows there is anything tasty in there. I've taken the valve out a couple times and very carefully let him drink some. I'm not sure how often I should offer it to him. daily? twice a week?