Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring is finally here!

Well, today it is finally warming up around here! A high of 63 is predicted! I am so sick of cold weather and I hope it just gets warmer from here! I am so ready to be outside and take the girls for a walk, ride our bikes and work in the yard!
We had a great time visiting the fam in Memphis over Easter! I got to see my friend Katherine who just had baby Ella in November! She's adorable and just the cutest thing ever! Hard to believe my friends are having babies, kinda crazy!
Matt has been busy doing yard work lately, hopefully it will be warmer for him. Last weekend was so yucky, rainy and cold! It was miserable! I hope this weekend we can get our bikes out and go for a nice ride and take the girls to the park! They love it and have a blast! We are definitely looking forward to this weekend!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

New Household Duties in the Spring!

Well Matt and I spent our weekend outside working on the landscaping at our house! We are really enjoying making our house prettier! It will have to come gradually as it's expensive and hard work! We went to the nursery on Saturday to pick our some pansy's, tulips and boxwood shrubs! Matt even got a blueberry tree/shrub! He's really excited about it and hopes to grow some blueberries to eat! He's so funny! I planted some tulips around our tree in the front yard and some pansy's in the front flower beds! Now the only problem is it's supposed to get down in the 20's this week! Yikes!

Before- Our house needing some Tender Loving Care! (TLC)

After - Our house after our much needed TLC landscaping!

Before planting our tulips!

After planting our pansy's in front flower beds!

Before - you can barely see our poor little tree in the front yard!

After - Tulips around our tree in front yard!

Our house before our TLC!

Our new boxwoods after our TLC!