Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Friday

The temps around here have been scorching!!! We've spent most of our time indoors this week but we have ventured out a little for some water play! Ryan asks to go to the pool just about every day. The other day I promised him we could play in his water table after his nap. Two year olds have a great memory. After his nap he was itching to get outside and even brought me his swim shorts to put on!

Ryan had a blast playing in the water! It's always so hard to get him to come inside after he's been playing. So glad he loves the water!

Colton and I hung out in the shade on the deck while Ryan played! He is just so sweet!
I mentioned the other day that Colton loves tummy time! Many times I lay him down on his back and he will begin fussing so I flip him over to his belly and he instantly becomes content. Guess he's like his momma and likes to sleep on his belly.
We are looking forward to a relaxing and low key weekend! We don't have anything on the agenda. We plan to enjoy some time as a family of four!
And lastly these are two of my best friends who live here in Cincy. I know I mention them all the time on the blog but this is Ruth (in the middle) and Anissa (on the right).

Ruth's son Nicholas is two weeks younger than Ryan and her daughter Emelynn (don't you just love that name? So pretty) is five days older than Colton. Anissa's daughter Elizabeth is a month younger than Ryan and her son Quinn is five months old. We all hang out alot and our kids love playing together. It's so fun to have great friends in the same stage of life. They can totally relate to having a sometimes hard to manage, strong-willed two year old and a sweet and sleep depriving newborn! Love these girls and so thankful for their friendship!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Colton Turns One Month Old

Colton turns ONE month old today!
I can hardly believe that he has been a month since you were born! You are such a sweet blessing to us and we fall more in love with you every day!

Colton - What have you been up to this month?

You had your one month check-up yesterday and you weigh 9lbs 1oz (35th percentile). You are 22 inches long (75th percentile) and your head is in the 50th percentile.

You are wearing newborn diapers and newborn clothes however they are getting a little small on you. I've been putting you in 0-3 month clothes more this week.
This is Ryan at one month old!

You are eating so well. You have gotten yourself on a great eating schedule. You eat every 3 hours during the day and have been going every 4 hours at night.

You are still sleeping in our room in your bassinet. It's working out great and I figure we will move you to your room when you start sleeping through the night.

You love to nap in your car seat and are usually out by the time we get out of the driveway.
When we are home you usually nap either in your bassinet or swing. You have consistently taken a nap in the afternoon while big brother Ryan naps.

You have gotten into a great eat, wake, sleep cycle during the day. I think you and babywise are going to get along great.

You love your bouncy seat and your swing however you love to be held.

I have to say that I think you and Ryan look alot alike but you also have your own look. You have darker hair than Ryan did and sadly you are losing most of it on the top of your head. You kinda look like an old man who is going bald. Oh bless you!
You are such an easy baby and only cry when you are hungry or tired.

You are starting to be more alert during the day. You love to watch your big brother and can't take your eyes off him. You even sleep through all his loud noises.

You LOVE tummy time. During tummy time yesterday you fell asleep and took a good hour long nap.
Your big brother Ryan loves you and loves to help me in taking care of you. He loves to give you your bottle, bring me the paci and even tries to burp you. Not so sure he will be as crazy about you in a few months when you start taking away his toys, haha!

We are completely crazy about you and just love you to pieces. I love to hold and snuggle with you.

We love you so much and cannot imagine our family with you in it!
And I just had to add this picture because it's so cute! You were getting a little impatient with my picture taking and were ready for a nap!

This is Ryan at one month on 7/16/09

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Month Check-up

Today we had Colton's one month check-up. He turns one month old tomorrow! I can't believe it's already been a month since he was born. Seems like yesterday we were in the hospital having him.

Colton now weighs 9 lbs 1 oz (35th percentile). He is also 22 inches long (75th percentile) and his head measures right at 50th percentile. Ryan was 8lbs 14oz at one month and also 22 in long.
Colton is growing and developing right on track. He is eating well and growing fast. He is doing so good with his tummy time and moves his head around so well. So thankful for a healthy and beautiful baby boy!

I think I totally jinxed it talking about Colton waking up once in the middle of the night. The last few nights he's been waking up around 2am then again around 5:30. He does great during the day and I have no trouble feeding him every three hours. I know I am lucky he is sleeping 4 hour stretches at night but I would love to see some 5 hour stretches. I'm one tired momma! He will get there.
And big brother Ryan went to camp this morning. He had a blast and was pooped when he got home. He must have played hard with his little friends. He is just so cute lately giving us kisses and hugs. Can't get enough of this little boy. We are just nuts about him!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A few Firsts

This weekend we took Colton to church for the first time! We managed to get the kids ready and out the door. We were running a few minutes late but we made it! It's crazy trying to get two kids and a husband ready and out the door so early in the morning! It's so easy to lose your patience and lose focus on what is really important. I'm so thankful for a forgiving husband and even more importantly a forgiving God.

We put Ryan in his sunday school class and we went to the "cry room" to feed Colton. Matt was feeding Colton and all was going great until the very end of his bottle he projectile spit up all over Matt. Bless his heart it was on his shirt and all the way down his pants. I've learned to just deal with it and not get upset over it. Honestly Colton does not spit up half the amount that Ryan did. SO thankful for that!

Ryan is so sweet with his little brother. This morning I was feeding Colton and burping him. Ryan was sitting next to me on the couch watching Mickey Mouse. As I was patting Colton's back he reached over and patted Colton's back with me. It was the sweetest thing. He gets the biggest smile when I tell him "thank you Ryan, you are such a good helper". He is the best big brother!

Ryan has been asking to go to the pool just about every day! We didn't make it this weekend so I decided to take the plunge and take both boys today. It was the first time I have taken them by myself. It was cloudy and the weather has cooled down in the 80's so it was very pleasant outside. Ryan had the best time playing and Colton slept in his stroller the entire time. I just parked Colton near me in the shade while I played with Ryan in the water. It was a beautiful day!

Friday, July 22, 2011


We had such a fun and busy day today! Our morning started off meeting our friends the Joseph's at Chick-fil-A for lunch! Ryan had absolutely no interest in lunch and only wanted to play. We were quite the sight with two busy toddlers running around and we were trying to feed babies. I'm sure we looked like we were nuts and well...we were, but you can't stay home all day! ha!

We came home after lunch and while Ryan napped my friend Kristin and her little boy Jackson came over to visit and meet Colton. I'm sad I didn't get a picture of Jackson! He is just the cutest little boy with the prettiest blue eyes! He loved playing with all of Ryan's toys! It was great to visit with Kristin and catch up!

Tonight our friends the Preston's came over to visit and have dinner with us! We ordered pizza since that would be easy and no one would have to cook. We just let the kids play in the family room while we visited and chatted!

Their little boy Elliot just turned one a few weeks ago! He is so sweet and so good! Ryan loved showing Elliot his toys!

I got so tickled watching Ellie bounce Ryan around on her knee. Ryan laughed and laughed and laughed! I thought he was going to be sick he was laughing so hard!

Their little girl Evie will be 3 in September. She is SO smart and has the most vivid imagination. She was talking non stop and making up these stories! She is so cute!

I'm looking forward to the weekend and spending some family time together! I'm hoping to make it back to church on Sunday! I have definitely missed it and looking forward to seeing friends!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


We don't have anything too thrilling or exciting going on here! Just our new day to day doings and trying to stay cool. Like most of the country we are enduring the oppressive heat! The humidity makes me feel like I'm back in Memphis. Ugh! But I will take this over the bitter cold any day.

On Monday we headed out to the mall. I was excited to use my new double stroller for the first time! Let me just tell you...I love it! It's a baby jogger city-mini and it's fabulous. It kind of felt big at first but it fits through doors and so smooth and easy to push.

We then headed to Costco for a little sweet treat, haha!

Last night we headed over to the Joseph's house for some pizza and pool time. We almost got rained out but had a blast hanging out with them. Will and Ryan are so funny together. They just have the best time, that is when they aren't fighting over a toy, haha!

I think my lack of sleep is finally catching up to me. Colton is doing good at night. Hopefully I don't jinx myself by saying this but for the last few nights he has only woken up once during the night. So thankful and hope he keeps it up!
I've been reading "The Help" on my kindle during the night feedings but last night I was so tired my eyes were crossing and I could barely keep them open. I need to get to bed early, like 8:00!

This cutie pie is worth all sleep depravation in the world.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Camp

Today was Ryan's first day of summer camp at a local church. Some of my friends had told me about the program and highly recommended it. It's only half a day but they play, sing songs and do crafts.

I decided in June to sign Ryan up for two days a week for the last three weeks of the summer. I knew it would give Ryan something to do and interaction with other kids and it would give me some quality time with Colton.

This is the adorable backpack Colton gave Ryan when he came to meet him in the hospital. Ryan LOVES it. He felt like such a big boy walking into church this morning.

So many moms told me how Ryan would seem so big after I had Colton and they are so right. When I change his diaper I am amazed at how big and grown up Ryan seems. It's funny how kids literally grow up before your eyes. You don't realize it when you see them every day.

On the way home from camp I was talking Ryan's little ear off wanting to hear about his first day of camp but he wouldn't say much. He is saying new words every day but I guess he didn't have much to share today. I know he had fun!

I caught this sweet moment between brothers this afternoon. I walked into the kitchen and when I returned Colton was crying. Ryan was just staring and looking at him. Then he decided he needed his paci. Such a good big brother. He gladly jumped up and clapped his hands when Colton took the paci.

And last night we had the best night since coming home from the hospital. Praise the Lord!!! Colton was having a hard time falling asleep at night because of gas. We changed his formula yesterday to similac sensitive and he did amazing last night. I fed him at 10 and he was asleep by 11:00. He didn't wake up to eat again until 2:45am! Woohoo!!! I was so happy! Then I had to wake him up at 7am to feed him before getting Ryan ready for camp! I'm praying we have more nights like last night! I can handle that!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Matt

Before I got married there were many qualities that I was looking for in a husband! I was lucky and blessed enough to find those qualities in Matt and even more!

Not only is Matt the BEST husband and father but he is also a leader, hard worker, spiritual leader, encourager, he is smart, supporter and most importantly a man who loves Jesus!

I absolutely love watching him interact with our boys. You see the love he has for them in his eyes. Ryan and Colton are so lucky to have a daddy who loves them SO much!

Happy Birthday to my best friend and the man I am lucky enough to spend my life and share two amazing boys with. I wish I could do something great for his birthday this year but we have a busy two year old and a sweet newborn. I hope he knows how proud of him I am and how much I appreciate all he does for me and his family.

Happy Birthday Matt! I love you! Ryan, Colton, Annabelle and Gracie love you so very much!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Party in the Park

Today we went to a birthday party at the park for Ryan's friend Elizabeth!
The weather has finally cooled down (well, not cool but tolerable and in the 80's). The playground was in the shade so it felt great! Ryan had a blast and played the entire time!

Ryan continues to make us laugh and smile and even though he still throws lots of fits and tantrums he is the sweetest little boy. He has been so sweet with Colton and loves to give him kisses! I'm trying to remember to give him some one on one time everyday. That has been challenging! I am so proud of him! I can see him growing up a little bit more every day now that he's a big brother.

Colton was amazing and slept the whole time in the stroller!

We got a baby bijorn (front facing baby backpack if you will) with Ryan but we didn't use it but a few times. I pulled it out of storage and tried it on with Colton this morning! He loved it! I'm sure I will use it alot more this time around.

Miss Elizabeth blowing out her candles!

Ryan REALLY enjoyed his cupcake! He dove in and it was gone in minutes! I have no idea where he gets his sweet tooth, hahaha!!!

Ryan loved this tall spiral slide! I think he climbed up and slide down about 523 times! Made me nervous him being so high but he just laughed and giggled the whole time!

It was a great morning! And now everyone is taking a long afternoon nap!

And do you see this bundle of sweetness??? He has completely captured my heart! He is the sweetest and best baby ever! We can't get enough of him!