Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from the Deepe Family!  

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!  We were here in Cincy this year since Matt had classes and finals next week!  I'm so sad we didn't get a picture of the four of us.  

We started off our Thanksgiving with our friends, The Krafts.  We love the Krafts and so thankful they invited us to spend Thanksgiving with their family.  

Colton loves him some Natalie, and Natalie is pretty crazy about him.  They followed each other around the whole time.  

The two love birds!  Jillian loves Ryan and he thinks she is the bees knees.  They had the best time playing and running around.

Ava helped keep the troops in line.  She was showing Colton how to play the game Catch Phrase. 

We enjoyed a delicious lunch with the Krafts!  They boys loved playing and we enjoyed meeting Mike and Deana's extended family.  

Our second stop was to Matt's Uncle Steve and Aunt Teresa's house.  The boys were excited to see them along with Isaac, Stacey and Kristy.  

Ryan and Colton got a new bulldozer and dump truck from Isaac and Stacey.  That was, of course, the highlight of the visit.  They LOVE them and have spent the whole day playing with them.  

We had one last stop at Papau and Yaya's house.  We enjoyed some yummy pecan pie and spending some time with them.  

We were all exhausted by the time we got home last night.  I put the boys to bed and crawled into bed myself.  We had the lights out by 10:00!  I'm not sure the last time that has happened!  

It was a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!  We are so thankful for family, friends, our health and most important, the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Colton's Thanksgiving feast at school!  I loved seeing him interact with his teachers and his little friends!

Ryan doesn't have preschool all week so he joined us for the festivities! 

The boys were sweet and enjoyed lunch!

A little out-take from today!  Colton wasn't exactly cooperating taking a picture.  Only took about 15 pictures to get a good one, ha!  Life with a two year old!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend and The Pioneer Woman

We had a great and COLD weekend!  We took the boys to Joseph-Beth bookstore on Saturday.  I needed to pick up a book and the boys loved playing with the train table in the kids section.  They have the best Children's section.  So many fun things for kids to do and see!  

I was glad to pick up a few Christmas gifts for the boys!  We were all getting hungry so we headed over to Rusty Bucket to grab some lunch!  The boys did well and lunch was great!  They just opened up a RB near our house so we will have to go again!  

I feel like we are finally at a point where we can eat out with the kiddos and they are relatively well behaved.  Of course we have the occasional tantrum, fit and the usual 'wanting to get up and walk around' but we've come a long way!  

We had a great weekend but the highlight of the last three days was meeting The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond last night!!  I was thrilled to go to her book signing!  I was so excited to meet up with my friend Holly and Deana to meet Ree!  Ree also has a show on The Food network!

I am a HUGE fan of PW cookbooks and make at least one of her recipes each week!  

This is a terrible picture of me - look at that huge cheesy grin, I was a little excited...and a little star struck.  She was as sweet and as kind as she appears on TV.  I want to be her new BFF.  She seems so cool and real!

My friend Holly and I.

Ree brought her beautiful daughters with her!  They are featured on the show sometimes.  Did I mention Ree has a cooking show, writes cook books, and home schools her kids?!?  Crazy!!!

Her daughters are beautiful and TALL!!!  They posed for some pictures and talked to guests.  I wonder if they feel like celebrities, I'm sure not!

My friend Deana and her friend (and my new friend) Amy.  
We had the best time and loved acting like teenagers meeting a celebrity.  What a great girls night!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chicken and Rice Soup

I decided to make some soup this week so I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken and Rice Soup.  I had never tried it and it sounded delicious!  It did not disappoint, as non of her recipe's ever do.  It was so yummy the only thing missing with a warm baguette.  Perfect for a cold fall night!  Super easy and delicious - two must haves!  If your looking for a great soup recipe try it out!

(photo and recipe from The Pioneer Woman)

Chicken and Rice Soup

- I cup (before cooking) white rice
- 2 whole Chicken Breasts  (I used a roasted chicken from Costco)
- 8 pieces (to 10) Chicken Bouillon Cubes
- 2 Quarts (plus 2 cups) water
- 1/4 cup Onion
- 1/4 cup Green Bell Pepper
- 1/4 cup Pimento (drained)
- 1/4 cup Celery
- 6 Tablespoons Butter
- 4 Tablespoons Flour
- Yellow Food Coloring

Cook your rice.  I used a cooked roasted chicken from Costco but if you don't want to do that you can cook two whole chicken great and place them in a big pot; cover with 2 quarts of water.  Add 8-10 bouillon cubes.  Bring to a boil and then reduce head to medium and cook until chicken is done, about twenty minutes.  Remove the chicken from the pot and let cool for a few minutes. Cut all the meat from the bones and chop into bite-sized pieces.

Drain the can of pimentos.  Finely dice the vegetables.  In a skillet, melt 4 tablespoons of butter.  When it is all melted, make a roux by adding 4 tablespoons of flour.  Stir until thickened and then add it to the pot of chicken broth.  Stir well.

In a skillet, melt another few tablespoons of butter and throw in all the diced veggies.  Stir, then add the chicken.  Spring with a dash or two of salt.  Cook for a couple of minutes and then add the chicken mixture to the broth.

Add in the cooked rice (You can vary the amount of rice based on your preferences).  Add in 2-3 drops of yellow food coloring (not sure why but why not)

Ladle into a bowl.  Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday - My Favorite Day of the Week

I am SO thankful that I get to stay home with our boys!  These are precious days that I love spending time with them.  I love that I get to pour into their little lives every day.

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week!  Even though I love spending every day with my boys Tuesdays are great because I get a little break.  Ryan has preschool until 1:30 and Colton has MDO from 9-1.  I usually go to the gym, meet a friend for lunch or run errands.  I feel like I can get so much done.  It's such a blessing to have this one day a week I get a break!

Someone wanted to have a picnic in his bed at nap time. Eating his turkey sandwich from lunch! 

We had spaghetti for dinner!  Thankfully everyone loves spaghetti around here!

Colton especially loves spaghetti!  He said, spaghetti, you want some?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Saturday night Matt and I went on a date night to celebrate my birthday but what I didn't know was that our friends, Mike and Deanna were meeting us for dinner.  What a wonderful surprise.  I really had no idea until we got to the restaurant and the hostess asked if we were waiting for another couple.  Matt was bummed that she spoiled the little secret but I was thrilled and definitely surprised!  

We enjoyed a delicious dinner overlooking the city of Cincinnati.  And of course the company was awesome.  We love hanging out with Mike and Deanna.  It was a blast and can't wait to do it again!

(I made Matt take a picture of me in my new boots and leggings, ha!  I've gotten so many compliments on the boots - LOVE them!)

Saturday morning my friend Jayne and I went to the holiday market downtown.  It was good but I was a little disappointed they had so many food vendors.  I wish they had more home decor stuff.  

Sunday we went over to Matt's uncle's house for lunch!  It was great to see everyone and the boys had a blast running around and playing.  They were busy boys!  We headed home around 3:30 and of course neither had napped but I knew they wouldn't fall asleep on the forty minute drive home....wrong!  Both boys fell asleep about half way home.  They were tuckered out.  They both woke up when we pulled in the driveway so it was just early bedtimes last night!  

What a fun jam packed weekend!  I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is next week!  

Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday - Thankful Edition

I'm linking up with 5 of Friday to wrap up our week!  I thought it would be fun to do a Thankful Edition of Five on Friday!

1. Another year of Life
I celebrated my 34th birthday this week!  I am thankful for another year of life.  God has blessed me above and beyond and I am thankful every day for the joy of life.  I'm thankful for good health and an active life.  

2.  Friends
This morning we met our friends, the Krafts, for a big family breakfast at First Watch.  The boys had THE best time with the Kraft girls and we loved catching up with Mike and Deana.  
 I am SO thankful for these friends.  They are easily our best friends here and we love hanging out with them and their girls.  The boys are crazy about the Kraft girls and the feeling is mutual.  

3.  Cookie Business
Sweetsugarbelle posted these ADORABLE turkey cookies the other day and I had to make them!  Wouldn't they be perfect on your Thanksgiving table. 

I love to make cookies and I am so thankful for the God given ability and love of decorating cookies.  
4. Giving
One of my favorite things about this time of year is taking the boys shopping to fill our Operation Christmas Child shoebox.  I try to explain to a four year old, in the best way, how we have been so blessed and we want to bless other people.  I am thankful that we can bless others and share that amazing gift with our kids.  
5. Family
I am SO thankful for my beautiful family that God has so graciously blessed me with.  They have showered me with so much love this week.  When putting Ryan down for his nap/quiet time today he said "mommy, I love your kisses".  Melted my heart!  Love these boys and Matt like crazy!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Today is my 34th birthday!  

Ryan came in to snuggle with me before we started our morning.  He told me "I have a great idea mommy, we should get a bouncy house for your birthday"!  He's so funny! That boy cracks me up!  Matt has a huge test today so he left early and won't be home until late tonight.  

I got the boys up and ready just like any other day.  I told them that we were going to a special birthday lunch with friends after school.  

I got to have a sweet birthday lunch with some of my best friends.  Laura, Jayne and Jennifer joined us at Chuey's for a delicious lunch!

Since Matt won't get home until after the boys are in bed and I have a moms night out tomorrow night we decided to postpone birthday cake until Friday.  Matt and I are going on a date night Saturday and I cannot wait.  We are long overdue and looking forward to some quality time with my sweetheart.  

We went to City BBQ tonight and Ryan ate his first BBQ sandwich tonight!  Woohoo!  BBQ, sweet tea, this boy is southern to the core!  

The boys were wild and sweet today!  I have been so blessed by friends and family today wishing me a happy birthday!  The Lord has blessed me with some of the best friends I could ask for!  I don't know what this year holds for me but I know the Lord has great plans!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Where did the weekend go?  It went by way too fast!  
Matt had to work on a group project Saturday morning so I took the boys to get haircuts and run some errands.  They needed a good clean up.  The boys did great and look SO handsome!

After haircuts I thought it might be a fun treat to take the boys to The Pancake House for lunch.  They did pretty good and we all enjoyed some yummy pancakes.  The boys were very energized, I told Matt he owes me big time. Ha!

These sweet boys got pancakes, chocolate milk and bacon, what more can you ask for?  

Saturday night we enjoyed a fun family night eating pizza and watching college football.  
It was a great weekend!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday

1.  Yesterday Matt texted me right after I finished working out and said his phone had been stolen from the UC Rec center! What?!?  He was working out and had his phone sitting right behind him.  He turned around and it was gone.  Someone just walked by and picked it right up.  On a college campus it's a normal everyday occurrence but super sucks.  What a big pain in the butt. 

He filled a police report and tried tracking up but it's not turned on and he had lots of battery life.  We are pretty sure it was stolen and won't been seen again.  Thankfully he had the new operating system that allows you to set it to wipe clean as soon as someone turns it on.  So the thug that has it will not find a phone completely wiped of everything!

He went today to get a new phone and unfortunately had to pay some serious "stupid tax".  He will have that thing attached to him at all times now!

2. Fall Fashion: Leggings
I'm sure you are probably tired of me talking about my new Hue Black Leggings but I am so excited about them and might have been standing in my closet last night trying on all the different outfits I can wear with them.  The best part is I plan to wear them with my new riding boots. Love!  If you have not gone to Sheaffer's blog - Pinterest Told Me Too go now and thank me later!  It's fabulous!

  I bought the teal and purple sweaters and they look fabulous with the leggings.  I paired my new cable knit infinity scarf from Nordstrom with a white tank, chambray shirt and new leggings and I almost died it was so cute all put together.  

3. Turkey and Dressing
My mom makes the most amazing turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving every year.  We are staying here for Thanksgiving this year so I decided I need to make some dressing.  It will be my first Thanksgiving without my family.  It just wouldn't feel like Thanksgiving without my mom's yummy cornbread dressing and turkey.  I'm planning to make some this weekend and will probably freeze half of it.  I will post the recipe next week!

4.  Our Thankful Tree
I love experiencing holiday's through the eyes of my kids.  We have been talking about Thanksgiving a lot lately so I decided we should make a Thanksgiving Tree and add "leaves of thankfulness" every day.  Of course with Colton I have to prompt him a little on what he is thankful for but Ryan loves to tell me what he is thankful for.  Sometimes I have to redirect him from cars, puppy and goldfish but he loves practicing his writing skills and going over what we are thankful for each day.  Love this new tradition!

5. Christmas Music
I LOVE Christmas music.  Apparently I have passed on my love of Christmas music to Ryan because he asked me if every song is a Christmas song and requests to listen to Christmas music every day. 

 Someone on Twitter mentioned the new Kelly Clarkson Christmas album so I had to check it out.  It's fabulous and I can't wait to play it in my car.  Some of my other favorite Christmas albums are: Michael Buble', Jessica Simpson, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, and of course Mariah Carey.  Excited to add Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album to the bunch.