Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Colton's first two teeth!

Ryan ate so well at dinner tonight. He ate all his chicken, pears and some mac n cheese! His reward was a girl scout cookie!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eight Months

Colton - You are EIGHT months old????

When did this happen? What have you been up to this month???

You weigh around 18 lbs. You wear size 3 diapers and size 9 month or 6-12 month clothes.

You and Ryan both got sick this month! Thankfully it didn't last long and didn't go to your ears!

You wake between 7:30-8am. You eat some fruit with cereal and take a bottle. You take a bottle at 12 and sometimes a fruit or veggie depending on how hungry you are. You have another bottle after your afternoon nap between 3:30-4 then your last bottle of the night at 7pm.

You are a great eater. We have moved on to stage 2 foods and you eat everything we feed you. You love bananas, green beans, carrots, peaches, sweet potatoes, squash and pears. I've also given you some real bananas and you loved them. You haven't figured out how to feed yourself yet but you can pick up cheerios or puffs.

You are so content. You are happy to just sit and watch. You love to watch whatever your big brother Ryan is doing. Right now you seem to have a very laid back personality.

You are finally sitting up unassisted. You started out the month sitting up with the boppy around you but you have gained some confidence and will sit by yourself.

You have the sweetest personality! You love to hug and love for me to hold you. You love to reach your arms up for me to pick you up.

You love when we sing. You always smile when we are singing and dancing.

You take two daily naps. Your take a 30-60 min nap in the morning (depending on if we are at home or on the go) and a good 2-3 hour afternoon nap. You go to bed at 7pm and sleep great through the night. I am SO thankful you are a great sleeper!

You have two bottom teeth coming in. Thankfully no signs of bad teething from you. You always seem so happy.

You are easily adaptable and love being on the go. You nap in the car a lot but that just works for us.

I can hardly believe that you are already 8 months old. Where has the time gone? You are growing so fast and doing new things every day!

You are so sweet and bring so much joy to our lives. We love you more and more every day!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Party Palooza

This weekend we had FOUR parties to attend. To say it was a busy weekend is an understatement, ha! Our first party was Quinn's first birthday party. Ryan was super excited to go play at Elizabeth's house and of course he was looking forward to birthday cake, ha! By the way, the kid is in a food comma from all the birthday cake in the last two days.

The birthday boy Quinn and his sweet momma Anissa! We love hanging out with them and can't wait to hit up some parks when the weather gets warmer.

Ryan ususaly HATES hats! He has always refused to wear one. He saw Quinn wearing his birthday hat and he became intrigued. He was walking around wearing the hat having the best time. Silly boy!

Our second party was a post Valentine's chocolate and champagne couples party with MOPS. We dropped the kids off at home with Matt's parents and quickly headed to our next party of the evening. We had a wonderful time. Played the newlywed game and had a blast chatting with friends!

Sunday Ryan's friend Bret had his 3rd birthday party right after church. We enjoyed lunch and a dinosaur themed birthday party. It was a lot of fun and Ryan enjoyed playing with his buddies.

Ryan and I came home to take a short nap then we headed to Chuck E Cheese for Cooper's 2nd birthday party. This was Ryan's first experience at CEC.

There was so much to see and do there. It was almost a little overwhelming to him (and us). He enjoyed playing some games. Of course we tried to teach him out to play skeet ball but he didn't quit have enough strength to throw the ball far enough. It was fun nonetheless. He enjoyed the games that were geared more towards his age.
Colton loved all the lights and sounds. He was bouncing up and down in my lap and taking in all the excitement.

Ryan loved Chuck E Cheese and kept saying his name. Surprisingly he wasn't afraid of him at all.
We only lasted about an hour and a half and it was just time to go. Ryan had had too much cake and really played all the games there was for him to play. The boys came home and crashed! We crashed shortly after putting the kids the bed!

It was a fun weekend and now we are partied out!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Frenzy Friday

What a hectic morning!!! I am ignoring all the cleaning that I really need to do and relaxing on the couch chilling out. This morning we went to the gym. We were planing a lunch date with friends so I had lots of get ready for me and the boys before we headed out the door.

We were coming out of they gym when I realized I had forgotten to pack formula for Colton's bottle! Ughhhhhh!! What am I going to do?

(Ryan wanted to wear a burp cloth over his shoulder this morning, ha! He might have seen me do that a time or two with Colton, hahaha!!!)

We were already running a little late for our lunch date to CFA. Well we stopped by Walmart, thankfully it was on the way to CFA, totted two kids into Walmart and of course the formula is all the way at the back of the store.

I HATE Walmart and only go there if I have to. Of course there were no self check out lines and the shortest line I jumped in the cashier had to do a price check on eggplant. Oh gracious! Finally we made it to lunch and I was just a tiny bit frazzled!!

My friend said "do you ever just feel like you are just running around". Uhm YES, all the time! Ha! I found out today what it's like with two kids! Ryan was hungry for lunch and Colton hadn't napped and was super hungry for his bottle. Thankfully everyone got fed and we enjoyed hanging out with our friends.

So thankful for boys that nap so well. Colton was asleep before we left the parking lot and fell right back to sleep in his crib once we got home. I put Ryan down and he was singing his ABC's and saying his colors for a little while before he finally fell asleep! Sweet boys!!!

Now it's time to get ready for the four birthday parties we have this weekend!!! Party on!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's New

This sweet little boy fed himself cheerios tonight. Can't believe he can already do that! He also loves to eat baby mum mums. They are these rice wafer cakes for babies. I think they melt as soon as it hits your mouth. Colton loves them!

Yesterday he tried a real banana. I was eating one and would give him a tiny, tiny piece. He loved it. He doesn't seem to have the texture issue with food like Ryan did. Ryan would never eat a banana, and still won't.

Ryan is completely obsessed with doing puzzles. Today we were getting ready to go to the gym and he kept saying "puzzles, puzzles". His favorite is his states puzzle. His new thing is to show me a state and ask me the name. He also loves his letter and shape puzzles!
The biggest new thing around here is Colton not only has one but TWO teeth coming in! His two bottom teeth are so close to coming in. The one on the right is almost all the way through and the left is just right under the skin. Thankfully Colton is not acting fussy or really bothered by his teeth. He just wants to chew on and put everything in his mouth.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jesus Loves Me

Ryan loves to sing and one of his favorite songs is Jesus Loves Me! The other day he did the most precious thing! He sang Jesus Loves Me all by himself! It was seriously the sweetest thing I've ever heard. Here is a video just for the grandparents!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Weekend

We had a pretty quit Saturday morning. Matt worked on taxes and I finally started Colton's photo book on snapfish. So glad to finally get it started!

We had our first real babysitter (besides family) watch the boys on Saturday night so Matt and I could go out for Valentine's Day. Gabrielle babysits Ryan at our small group Bible study so he was excited when I told him Miss Gabrielle was coming to play with him.

The boys did awesome and had so much fun! Gabrielle is so sweet and did a wonderful job with the boys!

Matt and I had a wonderful dinner at PF Changs then went to Orange Leaf for dessert. OL is one of my favorite place. It's self serve frozen yogurt with all the toppings you can imagine. I got red velvet cake and vanilla. Yummy!!

Last week Ryan's new little friend Judah came over to play. He was so excited to play with all of Ryan's toys. He immediately jumped on Ryan's batman 4 wheeler and took off. My parents got him the 4 wheeler for his birthday last year but he wouldn't ride it, only push it. He saw Judah ride and just looked at him like "wow, I didn't know it could do that"! Absolutely hilarious!!! Ryan patiently waited his turn and now he LOVES his new ride. Ha!

Colton had Cheerios for the first time today. He was seriously eying my lunch so I gave him a few cheerios and he loved them. His first real snack food. I will have to pick up some puffs next week at the store.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Comes Naturally

I can probably count on one hand how many true matching outfits I have for Ryan and Colton. Since Colton wears all of Ryan's hand me downs I don't buy his many new outfits. When I do it's usually a monogrammed or appliqué onesie with his name on it! I know, I'm obsessed, ha!

This morning I put this outfit on Ryan - blue pants and gray shirt. Colton was in his pi's til lunchtime when I changed him randomly into blue pants and a gray shirt. How funny! I didn't even realize I picked out the same outfits until I saw them playing on the floor. I guess I just match them instinctively.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The first thing that came out of Ryan's mouth this morning was "get in mommy's bed"! Of course I said "yes". For the second day in a row we snuggled in bed and watched Mickey Mouse. I felt like Colton was still a little sick so we skipped the gym and I worked out during the boys nap.

I took Colton in for his 2nd flu shot today. He was SO happy this morning so I think he is on the mend.

It's amazing to me how different these two brothers look! I think Colton is going to be a lot different than Ryan. He seems to be chill and laid back. Ryan is busy and always in to something. It will be interesting to see Colton's personality.

This was my Valentine's gift to Matt yesterday. It says "50 Reasons Why I Love You". It was an inexpensive and thoughtful present. Matt loved it and was really surprised!

And this is what my sweetie got me! A very cute card and a jar with notes that said why he's thankful he married me. Isn't that so sweet? I was so touched and loved his very thoughtful gift.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Colton was running a fever all day yesterday and had a little cough so we stayed home from Bible study today. I hated to miss but didn't want to get any other babies sick.

I enjoyed sleeping in a little this morning. Both boys were super tired and slept til 8:30 this morning. Praise the Lord for that! I was SO thankful.

After we got up I put both boys in our bed and we watched Mickey Mouse all snuggled under the covers. I loved having a relaxing morning and snuggling with my boys!

I put Colton down for his morning nap and then came down to make Ryan some fun heart shaped pancakes! Ryan has been loving pancakes lately. I make them on the weekend and freeze them so I can warm them up a couple times during the week.
The rest of the day we chilled at home and played with toys. We did finally make it out of our pj's this afternoon.

We just had leftovers for dinner but we are SO looking forward to a date night Saturday night. I did get Matt a little Valentine's something but I will blog about that tomorrow! Pretty low key day and night for us.

I made these sweet treats for Ryan to take to MDO yesterday to give out to all his friends. I saw them online last week and just had to try them. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Interesting fact: Ryan has had an ear infection the last 2 valentine's days. He had his first ear infection on his first Valentine's day. I don't think he's really sick this year but he is a little stuffy but no fever or anything.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Colton's Dedication

We had Colton's dedication at church yesterday! We are beyond blessed to have this sweet little boy. We dedicated him to the Lord promising to raise him in a Christian home and teach him about the love of Jesus and follow God's word.
We were so glad that our family got to celebrate in this wonderful occasion with us. Pappau, Yaya, Aunt Erin, Uncle Brad, Uncle Steve and Aunt Teresa all came to support us and love on Colton.

I was nervous before hand having Ryan on stage because you just never know how a 2.5 year old is going to act. Surprisingly he did great and I think little mister enjoyed being on stage. ha! Colton did wonderful as well and thankfully didn't spit up on Pastor Tom!

After church we cam home and enjoyed a wonderful lunch with family! We had sandwiches, chips, fruit and of course cake! I LOVED the way the cake turned out! It was as good as it looks!

I'm SO thankful to be mom to these two precious boys! I thank the Lord daily for entrusting me with their lives. Most of the time I feel like I don't know what I'm doing but I pray God will give me the wisdom. They are the biggest blessings we will ever receive.