Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sydney is One Month Old

Our sweet Sydney turned one month old last week!  It's hard to believe she is already a month old!  Where has the time gone???  Time needs to slow down!

We had her one month check up at the pediatrician last week.  She weigh 9lbs 7oz,  (55th percentile) and 21.5 inches tall (64th percentile) and head circumference is 35.6cm (15th percentile)
* Ryan was 8lbs 14oz at one month and 22 inches long
* Colton was 9lbs 1ox at one month and 22 inches long

Sydney is growing and developing so well.  She is eating well and growing fast.  She does well with tummy time and holds her head up so well.  She has great head control.  SO thankful for a beautiful and healthy baby girl!

She wakes up once during the night around 3AM then we get up at 6:30AM to start our day.  I'm looking forward to her sleeping through the night., hopefully very soon.  Ryan slept through the night at 8 weeks and Colton 7 weeks.  

Sydney wears size 1 diapers and newborn clothes.  You are quickly growing out of newborn clothes and moving in to 3 month and 0-3 month clothes.  

She sleeps in her bassinet or rock 'n play in our room.  Since our room is downstairs and all the kids are upstairs, she will probably be in our room for a little while.  She takes one nap during the day in your crib.  You sleep pretty good in your carseat but her favorite place is in my arms or the rock 'n play.  

She is in a great eat, play, sleep cycle during the day.  

She loves her rock 'n play and the playmat.  She loves to be held so I've found that I can get stuff done, i.e. laundry, cook dinner, if I wear you in the baby bijorn. I didn't use it much with the boys but I can already tell I will use it more with her.  

Sydney favors Colton mostly but I definitely see some Ryan in her.  I think she will be a good mix of both Matt and I.  

She is a pretty easy baby and I can calm her down pretty quickly.  She has definitely come our of the newborn sleepy stage and more alert during the day.  She loves when the boys come over and talk to her.  

The boys are adjusting well to having a new baby sister.  Ryan is my BIG helper.  He will give her a paci, bring me a bottle or diaper.  He takes the dogs outside for me and feeds them.  Totally huge that he can do so much.  What a gift he is.  Colton enjoys talking to her but doesn't have much interest right now.  

We are over the moon in love with Sydney and beyond thankful for a beautiful and precious baby girl.  I hold you, rock you and snuggle you more since I know you are our last baby.  You are so sweet and love to be snuggled.  

Sweet baby girl completes our family and we could not imagine life without her.  

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Catching Up

So this is going to be a picture overload!

We are doing well here but life has been super busy lately!  You can understand right?  Three kids, oh my, it's crazy around here but good.  We are LOVING this sweet, sweet blessing!  Sydney is the best baby and doing really well.  She eats well and sleeps good most of the time.

She eats every three hours during the day and wakes up once in the night to eat around 2 or 3AM.  We wake up at 6:30 to start our day.  I feed her before getting the boys up and ready for school.

I can hardly believe how fast the time is going and how big she is getting.  I hold her more for naps and just enjoy looking at her.  

These two cuties are doing great.  They don't pay too much attention to her right now.  At least one though in the day they will come over and say "hi baby Sydney" and express some interest in her.  It lasts approximately 10 seconds but at least they acknowledge her.

This is her favorite spot (and honestly mine too).  She loves to sleep in my arms.  I can get her to sleep within moments when I pick her up and hold her.  I wish I could hold her all day long.  She is pretty much the whole reason why I've slacked on blogging.  Between feeding, changing, and burping Sydney and taking care of the boys needs I have hardly anytime to get anything done.  

Tax season is finally over!  Hallelujah!!!  Matt has been on vacation for the last week and a half and we have loved having him home!  

I'm so thankful he has spent a lot of one on one time with the boys and gotten to spend some sweet time with Sydney!  We have tackled a lot of projects around the house including hanging stuff in Sydney's room, organize papers, oil change on both cars and clean and organize the garage.  

Matt's Dad and Stepmom came in town last weekend to visit.  They stayed at a hotel close by and graciously offered to take the boys Saturday night!  We were so grateful and the boys had the very best time going to the Adventure Science Center and swimming in the hotel pool.  

Matt and I had a date to Burger Up Saturday night.  Sydney was well behaved and did great.  

Sunday we headed downtown with the boys to Lego Kidsfest at the Music City Center.  The boys are pretty obsessed with legos these days so I knew they would have a blast.  Papau and Yaya joined us for the fun day.  

Love these silly boys!

They had the best time and were in heaven over all the legos and activities. 

One of the highlights was a station where you could building a tower or building then submit it and they would place it on a giant layout of the United States.  For submitting your creation you received a small lego garbage truck kit.  Both boys got one and were thrilled.  

This sweet baby turned one month old this week!  So hard to believe!  I will do her one month post this week!  

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Few Firsts and a Check Up

I can hardly believe that our sweet Sydney is already three weeks old.  The days seem to go by so fast and before I know it it's bedtime.  Going from 2 to 3 has been good, a little wild and crazy but it's been good.  I'm getting into a routine and figuring out our new normal day by day.  

Sydney is doing really well!  She is drinking a 3.5 oz bottle every three hours during the day.  She wakes up once during the night usually between 2-3am then I wake her at 6:30am to start our day.  She is such a good baby.  She is so sweet and so precious to us.  

She is sleeping in our room mostly in her rock 'n play but I started this week putting her in her crib in her room for at least one nap a day.  She has done awesome and takes great naps in there.  

I will add that I'm spending more time holding her during naps and enjoy feeding her.  I won't say I love waking up in the middle of the night to feed her but I definitely treasure those sweet noises and coos that she's starting to make.  Even the noises she makes when taking her bottle I just love and cherish.  This newborn time is so short and I know that she's our last baby.  

Sydney had her two week well check up on Tuesday.  She weighed in at 8 lbs 6oz and is 20.5 inches tall.  She is in the 51st percentile for height and 46th percentile in weight.  Her head measurement is in the 30th percentile.  She is perfect and growing so well.  The doctor was pleased to see how well she is doing.  

Her umbilical cord fell off on Monday so she got her first bath on Wednesday.  She only cried initially and once she felt the warm water she loved it and began to relax.  

She enjoyed looking around and just curious about her surroundings.  She loves to wrap up in the towel and get dried off.  

She s growing so fast already.  I'm trying to treasure all these moments and just enjoy this sweet sweet time with my girl. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a wonderful Easter!

These two boys with their sweet baby sister!

I took the kids to our churches Easter Egg hunt on Saturday.  

They were so excited!  The boys couldn't wait for the bouncy houses!

They divided the egg hunt by age.  Colton was up first!  He had a blast and was on a mission. 

Ryan had a much bigger age bracket but he filled his basket all the way to the top.  

I carried Sydney in the baby bjorn so Ryan had to help Colton get his shoes on!  With the addition of Sydney the boys are having to step up and be more independent.  Thank goodness they can both wipes their butts themselves.  

Easter Sunday morning

Ryan, Colton and Sydney's Easter baskets.  They each got a new jelly cat stuffed animal.  A puppy for Ryan, a yellow duck (quack quack) for Colton and pink bunny for Sydney.  They also go the new VeggieTales Noah's Ark movie.  They got two new Curious George books and water color paints.  Please some candy.  Easter candy is my favorite!

The boys were so excited when they woke up to find their Easter baskets!  Plus they were thrilled to see daddy got donuts.  

All dressed before church.  The boys wore pink in honor of Sydney. 

Sydney in her first smocked dress ready for her first Sunday at church.  I love this dress!  It was one of the first things I bought after I found out we were expecting a girl!  Love baby girls in smocked dresses.  

My handsome boys with the beautiful princess!

Sydney and her first Easter basket.

And what Easter Sunday would be complete without dying Easter eggs.  I totally put Matt in charge of this activity!  He rocked it and the boys had a blast dying eggs with daddy!

We are so thankful for a Wonderful Savior who loves us so much He died on the cross and rose three days later!  He is alive.  He is risen, He is risen indeed!