Tuesday, July 31, 2007


On Friday night I saw the new movie "Hairspray" with my friend (and aunt) Teresa! Matt and his Uncle Steve saw "The Simpson's". I'm not a huge Simpson's fan so I was happy to hear that Teresa wanted to see Hairspray...for the 4th time, haha! It was sooooo good and really cute! I loved it and highly recommend it to everyone! I love musicals and the actors were simply hysterical in this movie! It's a must see!

It's going to be a busy week around here! Matt will most likely be working late some b/c of testing engines out in Peeples (basically the middle of no where Ohio, it's where GE tests all their jet engines). Tomorrow my boss is coming in town so I will be busy meeting with her, attending staff meetings and taking her to dinner tomorrow night! I'm looking forward to seeing her since we only get together every 3-4 months!

I'm happy to report that I worked on my Hawaiian scrapbook this weekend and got some more pages done, woohoo!!!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Instant Scrapbook!

I discovered the coolest thing yesterday! I was in Hallmark shopping for a card when I came across a new type of scrapbook, it's called "an instant scrapbook"! I was intrigued, so I began to flip through the books and discovered the pages were pre-designed and laid out with cute little cut outs and accessories! All you have to do is add the photos! How cool is that? It's the neatest thing I've seen in a while! It's designed for people who are just starting and learning to scrapbook however, I think it's a great time saver and a fun way to scrapbook! You see, I've been working on our honeymoon scrapbook for, oh, about 10 months!!! It is just so time consuming and expensive. I love this new idea! The books come in different sizes and open ended themes! They have 6, 8, and 12 inch books. Themes include Family, Celebrations, Baby, Wedding/Love, School Years, Travel, Pet (Cat or Dog), Vacation, Family History and Christmas! My goal is to finish our honeymoon scrapbook then start on an instant scrapbook to document our recent vacation!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jenn & Greg's Wedding Weekend

Matt and I had a great weekend in Memphis! It was nice to spend time with the family as always! We attended Jenn and Greg's wedding on Saturday and it was just beautiful! It brought back alot of memories for us since we got married in the same church just a year ago! We got to see our photographer that we just adore (Steven Russell for those of you who might be looking for a photographer in Mphs.) He actually got a few shots of us that he is going to send(I guess that's our tip fee)! He's the best!!! It was also great to see my Memphis friends and catch up with them! Here are a few pics from the weekend! =)

Matt and I at my parents house before the wedding!
My friend Katherine from high school and her baby daughter Ella,
isn't she just adorable
Jenn and Greg exchanging vows
One of my favorite groom's cake I've ever seen,
isn't that neat?
Jenn and Greg leaving their reception with all smiles!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

More pics from vacation!

Here are a few more pics from our vacation in San Deigo! The resort we stayed at had a Luau on Friday night. It was alot of fun with good food and entertainment! We are excited to be going to Memphis this weekend for my friend Jenn's wedding! We are excited for her and Greg and look forward to seeing some friends in Memphis!

San Diego bay and downtown - this was the view from our room, it was amazing!
Matt making his "hang loose" sign at the Luau
(I made him do this for the pic, he thought it was gay)
Me saying "hang loose"
(We miss Hawaii)
Matt and I at the Luau
Shamu in all his glory
It's amazing what they get this large animals to do!
Shamu getting ready for his signature move...slashing the audience

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Finally, pics from our vacation!

Let's go see the animals!!!
The Koala Bears
Both of our favorite exibit - the Koala Bears

Us at Balboa Park
View from our room overlooking Mission Bay!

One of the exotic birds that lives at the Catamaran. His name is Cornell

Our Hotel - The Catamaran Resort!
Soooo...I know it's been a few weeks since we were on vacation in San Diego. It's been super busy since we got back home but I wanted to share some photos from our trip! We had a wonderful time in San Diego! Let me just start off and say that on Sat. we had to drop our dogs off at the kennel they were staying at all week and it was sooo hard to leave them there. I cried and Matt even got teary eyed! I was so excited to see them when we got back and all in all I think they had a great time at the kennel!

We arrived on Sunday and decided to work on our iteniary for the week. We decided to do the Trolley Tour on Monday! We figured it would be a good way to see alot of the city and to find things we wanted to go back to later in the week! The trolley tour turned out to be perfect and we enjoyed ourselves very much. It was a "hop on, hop off" tour so we were able to stop and a few places at well.

On Tuesday we went to the beach briefly and spent most of our time at the bay. The resort we stayed at sits right on a bay so we had a private beach/bay area that we could use, with chairs and umbrellas and all. On Wednesday we visited the San Diego zoo! Wow, was it AMAZING! (Julie, you gotta visit this place)

Thursday we went to Sea World! We really enjoyed the park! It was neat to see all the shows and awesome marine life! Our favorite was "Shamu Nights", it was so neat how they get the whales to do their tricks. You're just left in amazement! We spent Friday and Saturday mostly at the beach and the bay! You gotta relax on vacation right!

It was nice to get away from work and everything for a little while! We had a wonderful vacation and would recommend San Diego to everyone!