Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby news!

So I thought I would update everyone on some baby news!  Thanks to everyone who has made comments on my page!  Ya'll are so sweet!  So glad everyone is excited for us!

I am 10 1/2 weeks right now and doing really well!  I must admit I think I am doing much better than most pregnant women!  I was only sick (mild nausea) from week 5 1/2 to week 8.  I haven't gotten sick once the whole time!  My biggest "symptom" is fatigue and exhaustion!  I will do simple tasks like cleaning the bathroom and I feel exhausted when I'm done and just have to sit down!  I'm hoping i'm on the tail end of the sick/exhaustion phase!  Hard to believe I'm almost through my first trimester!  Sometimes I don't even feel pregnant, it's weird!  

My clothes are becoming a little more snug!  I'm hoping to go shopping with my Mom over Thanksgiving!  Matt is taking some time off around Christmas and we are planning to paint the babies room!  It's pretty much empty already so not much to clean out!  I've been reading lots of books right now about pregnancy and babies!  If anyone has any book recommendations I would love to hear them!  

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday Cake...yum

Here is the birthday cake I made myself for my birthday last week!  I was pretty pleased at how it turned out!  It was very, very yummy!!! =P

Cute babies

How cute are these babies?  It was one of the first nights we turned on the fire and they were in heaven snugglin together!  It was too cute!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby Deepe is on its way!  Yup, that's right, we're pregnant!  We are very blessed to be expecting a baby in June '09!  We couldn't be more excited and thrilled to have a baby on the way!  Woohoo =)  I took a home pregnancy test on a Wednesday morning but didn't tell Matt I was testing!  I knew he would call and want to know the results and I didn't want to share the news over the phone, I wanted to tell him in person!  So I waited all day and afternoon for him to come home and finally he got home around 8 and I had the test in my hand!  I told him there was something I needed to show him then I pulled the test out!  He was shocked to say the least!  He was really cute and really excited!  

Right now I am 9 weeks along and doing really well!  I've been tired a lot and only a little bit of nausea!  I'm realizing how blessed I am to have a great pregnancy so far!  We had our first appointment last week and everything is great!  Our next appointment is Dec. 5 and we should be able to hear the heartbeat at that appointment!  I can't wait!

We have known for a little over 4 weeks now and have been busting at the seams to tell everyone but wanted to wait until we told our parents in person!  Hence the weekend we spent in Knoxville with my fam!  We told our parents and most of our family this past weekend and everyone is so excited for us!  We are so glad to have our big secret out!  

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tennessee v. Wyoming Game

This past weekend we traveled to Knoxville to go to the Tennessee v. Wyoming game!  It was my Dad's Father's Day present from "the kids"!  So my parents and brother met us in Knoxville for the weekend!  Unfortunately Tennessee played horrible and lost the game to Wyoming but it was still a fun weekend!  It was nice to see my family and spend some time with them!

Tennessee has really been struggling this year and just fired their head coach Phillip Fulmer last week!  It's kinda sad since he's been at TN for so long (17 years) so I'm sure it feels like family to him!  I'm anxious to see who the next coach will be and hopefully drag us out of the rut TN has been in for the past few years!  
First TN shirt Matt has ever worn!  haha  A present from my parents!  
Thanks Mom & Dad, I thought I would never get him in a TN shirt!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is a big day for our nation as history will be made in one way or another!  I consider it a privilege to vote!  I feel like my vote really counts since I live in Ohio, a swing state of course!  I enthusiastically voted for McCain/Palin today!  Tonight we will be watching and waiting with some friends!  I am praying for our nation and for the next leaders of our country! 
God Bless America!!!


Friday night Matt and I were excited about handing out candy to the neighborhood kids!  Since we don't have innocent children to dress up in cute and adorable costumes we dressed up the girls (our doxies Annabelle and Gracie).  The kids LOVED the costumes and weren't even interested in the candy once they saw the girls!  Here are some pics from the night!  
Annabelle as a hotdog!
Gracie as a ladybug!