Tuesday, August 28, 2007

CBS The Early Show

I am so excited about work this week (I know it sounds weird huh)! We have been asked by the CBS Early Show to do an interview with one of our clients and families at Kids Helping Kids! We are soooo excited that they have asked us and are thrilled to be on national t.v. The crew from the Early Show will be in Ohio this Thursday to film! The piece will not air until September 5-15, we don't know when yet! We are excited and totally looking forward to it!

Tonight is girls night out! Me, Kristen and Susie are going to Crackpots! It's a place where you can paint pottery! I am so excited and glad to just have some nice girl time! Every girl deserves to get away with her girlfriends! I love painting pottery too!

We are totaling looking forward to a 3 day weekend! Last weekend we layed at the pool at Lifetime (we love that place) and cleaned the house! Matt and I have started sharing meals when we go out to eat! We LOVE to go out to eat! At first I was weary about this but so far it's really helping! Not only are we not eating as much and taking in less calories, we are also saving loads of money, it's great!!! On Saturday night we ate at Outback Steakhouse and our total bill was $13.57! Isn't that unbelievable! We both got water and then shared the "Chicken on the Barbie". Matt added a salad and we split the chicken and baked potato! It was great and we weren't too full! I can't wait to compare our budget from July and August!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

August 16, 2007

Finally, Matt is done working late in Peeples...at least for a little while! I missed him this past weekend since he was working so much! The girls missed him as well! Work has been busy for me this week which is always good! Gearing up for school to start soon!

There is a new gym that just opened up here in Mason called LifeTime Fitness. Matt and I decided to go check it out since they were having an open house on Sat. Wow is it amazing! It's a $27 million facility so you can imagine it has everything a fitness person could ask for! Since our membership with Ballys ends in December we decided to go ahead and join this new gym! (They had a great deal going since it was open house weekend) All the equipment and everything is new so that's really nice too! It's almost like a resort! They have indoor and outdoor pools, both with slides! We went on Sunday and worked out a little then spent some time at the pool! We even went down the slide and boy was it fun! We loved it! I think this will be great when we have kids and we can take them to a pool! I'm so excited about it and looking forward to spending more time relaxing at the pool, sitting in the hot tub and I guess getting a good workout in too!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Can't Beat the Heat!

Well this week has been low key for the Deepe household! I have been trying to stay cool and beat the heat! It got to 100 degrees today here and the humidity is a killer! I finally convinced Matt tonight that we HAVE to water our grass or it's gonna just die! It looks terrible and we have watered it maybe 2-3 times this year! It desperately needs water! I hope it rains soon here!

I am so tired of all the reruns on TV lately! I'm so ready for the new fall season to start! I'm looking forward to this fall's lineup including "The Biggest Loser", "Big Shots" with Christopher Titus - he is histerically funny, "Dancing with the Stars", "The Bachelor"- oh yeah, "Pushing Daisies" with Kristen Chenowith - love her from Wicked and of course my usual favorites: Primetime, Dateline, 48 Hours Mystery and 20/20. I find sheer enjoyment and entertainment sitting on the couch after a long day at work and watching t.v. with my babies! I couldn't resist posting this adorable pics of our 4 legged babies! They are too cute! I love em!!!!