Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Potty Training Deepe Style

That adorable face is hard not to love!

We are officially closing in on Day 4 of potty training!  I researched many potty training methods and talked to tons of friends on what worked for them.  Knowing Ryan's personality I decided to do the 3day potty training method.  I have two good friends who swear by this method and have had great success. 

Friday night we went to Target to pick out some big boy underwear.  Of course Ryan picked out Mickey Mouse and Cars.  Saturday morning we got up and ate breakfast then we put away all of Ryan's diapers (we will keep them for Colton) and let Ryan pick out what big boy underwear he wanted to wear.  We never forced Ryan on the potty or had him "try" to go.  We simply said "Ryan, tell mommy when you need to go potty" about 100 times.  

At first he held it for two and a half hours!  This kid has some serious bladder control.  He did great and didn't have an accident the entire day.  So proud of him. He did way better than we expected for sure!  Sunday we got up and did the same thing.  He had a small accident early.  He started to pee then said "mommy mommy pee pee" so we rushed to the potty where he finished.  About an hour later the same thing happened and he finished in the potty. We rushed to the potty and he finished. Yay, he was totally getting it.  After lunch he had a poop accident but we caught it right as he was finishing and rushed him to the potty.  

Day 3 - Monday he did awesome once again and didn't have any accidents.  Oh and I was totally planning to use pull ups for naps and bed time but when I pulled them out on Day 1 Ryan said "no diaper, no diaper".  I looked at Matt and said ok, if we are going to do this let's do it.  So we explained he needed to stay dry and yell if he needed to go potty.  I didn't want to give mixed signals and flip flop so we went with it.  He did amazing and didn't have an accident at all.  We are doing underwear for naps and bedtime and he's doing great.  

Today is Day 4 and we stayed home again just to be safe.  Ryan and I made cookies and he had a blast.  Of course he wanted to do it all himself and he actually did pretty good scooping the dough out onto the cookie sheet.  

I believe it's safe to say we have a potty trained 3 year old.  I think Ryan just needed the "crutch" of diapers taken away and now he knows he has to hold it and he can.  Today he didn't have any accidents!  However after his nap he refused to potty so after arguing and begging him for a good 15 minutes I finally said ok then let's go downstairs and you tell mommy when you need to potty.  He had not peed since 1pm so by 5pm he was dancing around doing the pee pee dance.  He wouldn't go I think because he knew he had to poop and he's scared to go on the potty.  Finally before dinner I convinced him to go potty and he peed and did poop a tiny bit.  We celebrated and were so happy.

It's been exhausting but I'm so proud of him and I think he's going to continue to do great.  I know he will have some accidents but it's all par for the course.  Tomorrow we will venture out of the house for the first time because frankly I might go crazy if we stay home one more day.  We will just go to the gym in the morning so I'm praying for no accidents and good and willing attitudes.  

Monday, July 30, 2012

13 Months

Colton  - You are 13 Months Old!!


You weigh around 20 lbs
You wear 12-18 month clothes - You are still our little peanut
You wear size 3.5 shoe
You wear size 4 diaper

You continue to be a great eater.  You love just about everything but your favorite are fruits.  You love green beans and peas - thank goodness ;)  Some of your other favorites are blueberries, raspberries, grapes and watermelon.  You like chicken and spaghetti but not a fan of hamburger meat.

You are a great sleeper.  You take two good naps a day.  A short one in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon.  The last few days you have skipped your morning nap, without being fussy, and taken a longer afternoon nap.  I can't wait for you to drop your morning nap.  It will open up so much more time for us to do stuff.  

You sleep great at night going to bed around 7pm and you sleep til 7:30-8am.

You are crawling all over the place.  You love to pull up on everything and are cruising around furniture.  You are not yet standing on your own.  You are definitely into everything and go for everything Ryan picks up.

You love your big brother Ryan and you are so interested in whatever he is playing with or doing.  I think it drives him nuts a little but then what are little brothers for.  Ryan loves to make you laugh and smile.  It warms my heart when I hear you boys giggling and having fun!

You are showing more interest in the dogs lately.  You giggle when they give you kisses and you like to pet them.  

You had your first difficulty with separation anxiety this month.  You have gotten a little better but you definitely love your momma!

You are officially one hundred percent on whole milk with your sippy cup.  No more bottles for you! Yay!  You love milk and have taken to a nubby sippy cup pretty well.

You are saying momma and dada.  We are working on more words all the time.  You love to clap your hands and play patty cake.  

 You are growing so fast that I can hardly believe it.  You are so sweet and special.  We are beyond blessed and thank God for you every day.  

Friday, July 27, 2012

Picture This

I love love love taking pictures.  Matt would say I take way too many pictures but I firmly believe you can never have many pics especially when it comes to your kiddos!  Some of my favorite ways to keep my photos are in the photo books I have created for every year of life for my kids.  I'm currently in the process of finishing Colton's first year and Ryan's 3rd year.  

I am so glad I finally made my blog into a book.  I've done 2009 and just ordered 2010 this week.  I'm planning to order 2011 in the next few months.  

I love this collage in our family room.  The pictures are all from Ryan's one year photo shoot.  I need to update the pictures with Colton now.  

Love these canvas prints of my two precious boys!

I have tons of pictures hanging up and in frames all around my house.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Girl Time

 This has been a hard week! We've had a lot of battle of wills with Ryan lately and way more tantrums than I can handle. 

Today started out rough with Ryan taking over an hour to eat his waffle. He refused and I told him he couldn't get up until he had finished it.  Silly, silly! Seriously, the strong-willed kid is about to put me over the edge. 

We met our friends Jennifer and Bret at CFA for lunch.  It was such a relief to vent to another mom and get a little advice and moral support.  The boys had fun and by the time we were headed home we were all smiles and singing in the car.

Tonight I had dinner with two of my sweetest friends - Jayne and Laura!  Totally meant to get a picture of us but failed! boo!  We had a blast laughing, telling stories and catching up!

 I am SO thankful for the amazing friends God has placed in my life!  They are such a blessing! HE knows exactly what I need, when I need it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This morning we hit up the gym.  Colton is definitely feeling better!  So glad to see his sweet smile today!  He is eating so much better today and so happy!

Ryan got this fun crown at a birthday party last week.  He's been obsessed with it lately and wants to wear it everywhere!

Colton is seriously getting cuter every day.  I cannot believe how much he is crawling around and pulling up on everything.  He lights up our word and we love him to pieces. 

Handsome prince!

Check out those chompers! One front tooth is in and the other is close behind.  

Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy and Fun Weekend

 We had a fun and busy weekend.  (See our Costco stock up behind Ryan, haha)  Friday night we stayed home and played with the boys and watched all the coverage (after they went to bed of course) about the horrific shooting incident in Aurora, Colorado.  My heart breaks for all those families who lost loved one and all those affected by such a tragedy.  

Saturday morning we decided to take the boys to the pool.  We went after Colton's morning nap, around lunchtime.   Ryan enjoyed it but Colton was not too thrilled.  He really just wanted to be held and snuggle with me.  Poor thing was still getting over his cold.  

We ate lunch and Ryan went back in the water.  Not 10 minutes later he came over and said he wanted to go home, very unusual for him.  It was overcast and I think the water was a little too chilly.  So we went home and took naps.  

 Saturday night we went to Matt's cousin Chase's graduation party.  Ryan had a blast running around with Anna and Colton charmed everyone else.   It was a fun party and good to celebrate. 

Sunday we went over to Papou and Yaya's neighborhood pool to go swim.  This time we had a hard time getting Ryan out of the pool. He had the best time playing with some some water toys.  

Colton enjoyed the water too.  He loves to stick his face in the water.  No quit sure why he does it.  Maybe he's just curious or maybe he's thirsty. 

 It was a fun family night and glad we got to spend some time with Papou and Yaya!  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Foyers

Today on Kelly's Show Us Your Life we are showcasing Foyers.  I love that we have a two story entrance when you walk in our house.  When we were searching for a home 6 years ago I knew I wanted a two story entrance.  I found this table years ago at Kirklands.  I also found these lamps there around the same time.  

This little guy is not feeling so great today!  He has been coughing his little head off all night and day.  All he wants to do is rest his head on my shoulder and snuggle.  Fine by me for sure.  I feel so bad for him.  I know he just feels yuck.  

To top it off he has FOUR teeth coming in at the same time.  One broke through last night - his top right front tooth.  His other front tooth is right behind.  You can see a little white speck so I'm predicting it will push through any time now.  And the two on either side of his front teeth are coming in as well.  I guess one good thing about is we just get it done and over with in one fell swoop.  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flowers and Beach Balls

 I made these cookies a few weeks ago and never got a chance to post them!  

I made these flowers for my friend Monica.  They were for her sister in law's bridal shower. 

I made these beach balls for Ryan's MDO teacher.  I was so excited she called and asked me to make these for her daughters pool party. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Matt

 Happy Birthday to my best friend and the man I'm lucky enough to share my life and two amazing boys !  Matt is the BEST husband and father but he is also a leader, hard worker, encourager, spiritual leader, supporter and of course a man who loves Jesus!  

I love that Ryan is becoming more of a daddy's boy.  He loves to wrestle with daddy loves when daddy tickles him.  And even though Colton is going through this separation stuff right now he loves his daddy gets so excited to see him walk through the door each day.  

Happy Birthday Matt!  Ryan and Colton are so blessed to have you as their daddy!  We love you so much!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's be real

This morning I thought I would blog how Colton is officially taking the sippy cup (I have packed up all the bottles in the house, Hallelujah) and about going to the pool with friends today.

Well, let's just be real here!  

I enjoy posting pictures of the boys for the grandparents who are always begging to see more pictures and videos of their sweet darlings but today I'm writing this post for me!

I try to look at life with a "glass half full" mentality.  I know God is in control and I am SO blessed in so many ways.  I don't have many bad days but today was one of them.  

It started out innocent enough getting the boys ready to go to the pool with friends.  Ryan was pushing my buttons and throwing fits before we even left.

We arrived at the pool and Ryan couldn't wait to get in.  Colton, on the other hand, wasn't digging it!  He fussed and just wanted to be held.  I thought he could forgo his morning nap and take an earlier afternoon nap but he quickly let me know that was not a deal.  

We ate lunch and headed home around 12:15.  Colton was out before we hit the second read light.  He was zonked.  I successfully transferred him to his bed and got Ryan down for his nap.  I took a little break before I went down to workout.  Within five minutes of starting my run Colton woke up crying.  Ugh!  Seriously!?!  He cried off and on the entire time I was on the treadmill.  He finally fell back asleep after about an hour.  I went to take a shower knowing my time was limited.  Of course he woke after I got out of the shower.  Awesome!  

I am tired and just at the end of my rope today.  I texted Matt to vent and warn him before he came home.  He always very supportive and encourages me that I'm doing a great job.  After I finish this post I'm going to bed to read a book and just decompress.  

This afternoon I read Blue-EyedBride's blog post Oneday and it really resonated with me.  I know that one day I will miss the craziness and chaos that comes with this stage.  I know one day I will wish they would want me to hold them and read them a story.  I will miss spending time with them when they are teenagers and just want to hang out in their room or with their friends.  

The days can seem long but I know they will fly by and they will be teenagers and adults before I know it.  I want to enjoy these days with my boys and cherish every moment with them.  Praise God that tomorrow is a new day and we can all start fresh.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

 We had a nice relaxing weekend!  I can't even remember what we did on Friday night, seems forever ago.   I did make these awesome easy slow cooker french dip sandwiches!  I will have to post the recipe soon! They were SO good and easy!  I'm pretty sure we just chilled and relaxed the rest of the night.  

Saturday morning I took the girls to the vet for their yearly checkups.  It was pouring down rain.  We desperately needed the rain but it was not fun trying to wrangle two dogs in the pouring rain.  

I'm not sure what is harder - taking two dogs to the vet or two kids to the doctor, haha!  Well at least my kids don't poop on the lobby floor.  We walk in and I guess Annabelle was marking her turf or got excited but I was mortified. 

When I got home the girls still had on their leashes.  I went over to take my shoes off and Ryan tripped over a leash and fell to the ground head first.  He totally busted his top lip wide open.  

Blood was gushing and it was hard to see how bad it was.  It finally stopped bleeding after about 20 minutes and you could see the teeth marks where he bit his top lip when he landed.  Poor little boy just wanted to sit in momma's lap holding a wet towel on sad little lip.  

Thankfully it stopped bleeding and we didn't think he needed stitches.  

Sunday I worked in the nursery after the 10am service so Matt took the boys home and I did a little shopping in the afternoon.  I love shopping, and I love it even more when I can do it alone.  

It was a great weekend and I was glad for the rest and down time.