Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ryan's 1st week

Ryan's first week of life has been very full! He is such a good baby and just a delight! We are soooo blessed! We love him so much and just cherishing every moment with him at this tiny age! Here are some highlights from Ryan's first week of life!

Lots and lots of cuteness! My parents were here for a week! We loved and appreciated their help soooo much! Thanks mom and dad, we love you so much!

Ryan's first bath

He absolutely loved it and was sooo good! We might have the next Michael Phelps on our hands. This boy has the biggest feet and his nickname is monkey toes!

The only thing he didn't like about his bath was getting out!

This is how he spent alot of his days, asleep in Nana's arms!

He had a visit with all his grandparents (Kris - Matt's step-mom, Kris' mom Nicki, George - Matt's Dad and my Mom and Dad). He's become the golden child, he's the first grandchild on both sides! Do you think he will be spoiled?

Took our first trip to the pediatrician! He wasn't sure what to think but he loved the car ride! Good thing since we travel alot!

Learned his weight dropped down to 5lbs 10oz so we are supplementing with formula and I am pumping! Saturday we went back and his weight was up to 6lbs! Woohoo! We got a growing boy on our hands!

And trying our his swing! He LOVES his swing (and so does mommy)!
So much fun and hard to believe Ryan's first week of life is now in the past! He is so sweet and just adorable! We love him so much and just can't get enough of him!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Matt's First Father's Day

Sunday we celebrated Matt's first Father's Day! Unfortunately I wasn't able to do a whole lot for him since we just came home a week ago from the hospital but Ryan did get him an adorable card and Matt just loved it!

We had a busy weekend! My parents were here helping out and Matt's sister Erin got married on Saturday! Ryan and I didn't go to the wedding but Matt was able to go! We opted out since Ryan wasn't even a week old yet and the wedding was 60 miles away, an outside ceremony in 95 degree weather!

Here's Matt giving Ryan his first bottle! I wasn't producing near enough food for him (he went from 6 lbs 8 oz at birth to 5lbs 10 oz at 3 days old) so the pediatrician had us supplement with formula! He was back up to 6lbs on Sat. We were so relieved and glad our little man is growing!

Matt was so excited to be able to feed him!
Can you tell he is a proud Daddy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The newest member of the Deepe family!

Ryan Samuel

was born on Monday, June 15 at 6:37 AM. Weighing 6lbs 8oz and 20.5 in. long. We are home and both doing great! We are so in love with this little guy God has blessed us with!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

39 weeks

Well I've made it to 39 weeks!  Honestly I was hoping to have delivered by now but this baby is not ready just yet!  I had my 39 week dr. appt yesterday and I am 1 1/2 cm dilate and 50% effaced.  She said that it could be as early at today or it could be another week or so.  I was not excited to hear that!  I am very uncomfortable and very ready for this baby to come!  The anxiety is killing me!  

I have been having contractions about 10 min apart for the last 48 hours!  I'm hoping and praying these contractions will get stronger and more intense signaling the signs of early labor!  My Dr. also said she thought the baby would weigh in the high 7's.  I can handle that.  It's when we talk about anything over 9 I get worried!  As you can imagine we are super excited and can't wait to meet this little baby!  

And don't worry...we (either Matt or I or maybe both, ha) will probably be blogging and facebooking during labor, ha!  We are both excited about the hospital being wi-fi!  We have lots of family and friends on pens and needles waiting to see what baby Deepe is going to be!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life is about to change...

for these two!  Sweet Annabelle and Gracie have no idea how their world is about to be turned upside down!  I was taking pics of the nursery the other day and they were just too cute so I had to snap some pics of our 4-legged babies!  

This is the doggie bed I recently got for Annabelle and Gracie to hang out on in the baby's room since I'm sure we will be spending lots of time in there feeding and changing diapers!  Annabelle LOVES the bed!  I have it in the bathroom right now and she climbs in it every time we go upstairs to the bedroom!  

How cute are they?  
This is usually how they "hang out" with me while getting ready in the morning!
They are going to be great big sisters!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Nursery: Ready

So I'm a week late in the Kelly's Korner Show us where you live but here are the pictures of our little sweet peas nursery!  I'm very happy to say it's all ready for baby Deepe!  

This is a few from the doorway leading in from the hall!  

I love love love the crib and the bedding!  My favorite animal is koala bears!  Hope baby Deepe likes them as much as I do!  I found this lamp at Lowe's the other day and thought it would look great in the baby's room! 

Basket of toys all ready for baby!  Not sure what I'm gonna put on the little shelf just yet!  
I'm planning to buy wooden letters with the baby's name to put over the crib!  
Can't wait to find out what this baby is!  

My sister-in-law got me the little giraffe canvas painting and I found the matching zebra and alligator one so I had to get it!  Goes perfectly with the room decor!

The bookshelf I love love love from Pottery Barn Kids!  
Love the baskets to "hide" things in!  

And finally, the baby's diaper bag and my bobby pillow, packed and ready to go and head to the hospital!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back to normal

I had another doctor's appointment today and it went great!  My blook pressure was back to normal at 122/82 and all my tests came back normal and no protein in my urine!  Woohoo!!  So I'm cleared of pre-eclampsia and back to seeing the doc just once a week!  

Now I'm just praying for some good progress before my next appointment (still only 1 cm dilated).  I go back to the doc next wednesday and will be doing lots of walking til then to help stimulate labor!  Can't wait to meet this baby!!!  

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

37 weeks and sympathy pains?

Today I had my 37 week doctors appointment!  My bp was 140/80, not great but not bad either.  The good news is my blood work from Saturday call came back normal which my doc was very happy about.  The bad news, there was more protein in my urine today than there was last week.  Since pre-eclampsia is progressive my doctor is a little worried that I could be developing pre-eclampsia and has ordered another 24 hour urine sample and more blood work. So I go back on wednesday to see her and get the results of my tests!  No change in dilation today, still just 1cm!  I told Matt we need to start walking at night and get things going more!  I'm ready for this baby to come out but I know it's just a waiting game right now!  

Apparently on Saturday Matt must have felt bad for me.  He sees me waddling around and knows I'm getting more uncomfortable!  He was working out in the yard and noticed the gutter on the side of the house was a little pinched at the bottom so he stuck his hand in about an inch and seconds later had horrible pain.  He said something stung or bit him!  We go outside and look in the gutter to find a wasps nest inside.  He had been stung but who knows how many times and we couldn't see where he was stung.  It didn't start to swell just hurt really bad.   Last night Matt went hunting for the benadryl I thought was in the cabinet but failed to find it.  I told him not to worry I would pick some up at the store today.  

Well he woke up to this:


I was in shock when he showed me his hand!  I told him he couldn't wait for me to get the benadryl, he needed it now, before he went back to work.  He got some and took it.  Once back to work he ended up going to the clinic there and they think it's infected and gave him some antibiotics and sent him home telling him to keep it elevated.   Poor baby is tired and resting now!