Saturday, February 20, 2016

Eleven Months

Sydney, - You are ELEVEN months old!!!!

I CANNOT believe you are turning one in just a month!!  This has been the fastest and best year of my life.

You stil weigh 17lbs

You wear size 12-18 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

You take two naps a day.  During the week your morning nap starts in the car then I transfer you to your crib.  You take a great long nap in the afternoon from 2-5.

You are a fantastic eater.  I love this stage when you eat everything.  You eat everything and some of your favorites are tomatoes, chicken, bananas, cheese, apples and yogurt.  I think you are going to love any and all fruit like your brother Colton.

You are crawling all over the place and you are fast.  I turn my back for a minute and you have already made it to the laundry room.  You are not pulling up and standing yet.  That's just fine with me.  I'm in no hurry for you to walk.

You are such a happy baby and love watching what's going on around you.  You are pretty easy to take places.  You stay entertained when we go out to eat as long as we keep the food coming, ha!

Your hair is starting to really grow.  It's a light brown and a curl on the ends.

You are just the sweetest, best natured baby.  You are just easy and adaptable and content.  I hope you will always be like this.  You love to play with your brothers.  When you hear their voices you immediately look around and smile big waiting for them to get in your face.

You are such a blessing to me and your daddy.  You are such a joy and we are so blessed to call you ours.  I cannot believe in less than a month we will celebrate you turning ONE!  It's been the fastest and best year of my life.  We love you so so much!

Sunday, January 31, 2016


 It has been a week to remember around here (though I would love to forget it).  

Colton started off the week with a dry cough and very larthargic and just not feeling well.  We headed to the doctor on monday afternoon and sure enough he has walking pneumonia.  Poor little fella!  He was pitiful.  She put him on a z-pack and said he could go to school as long as he didn't have a fever.  I kept him home on Tuesday but by that afternoon the medicine was working so off he went to school on Wednesday!

Thursday morning Sydney got sick shortly after hanging her morning bottle.  She's never don't that before and it was preceded by a cough.  I think she gagged from the cough.  She got sick again in her bed during her morning nap.  I got her cleaned up and ready to go get Colton at school.  We got almost there before she threw up in the car!  Ugh, my least favorite thing in the world.  I was pretty sure she was gagging on her cough and when we got home she had a fever of 102.  I took her to the doctor on Friday morning and she has an ear infection.  My poor baby!  She has slept most of the weekend and just tonight started feeling a little back to herself.  

Friday night Matt and I started to get ready for bed around 10:30 when Matt heard Ryan screaming from upstairs.  I said "oh, that's never good".  Ryan got sick in his bed then at the top of the stairs.  Blah!!!  Matt began to tackle the landing and I got Ryan in the shower and stripped his bed.  He got sick some more so we made a palet for him on our floor to sleep!  Matt mentioned that he felt a little off so we knew what was coming.  About an hour later he was in the bathroom and sick as a dog.  

It was a pretty eventful night and no one got any sleep except Colton and Sydney.  I think I saw every single hour on the clock.  Ryan bounced back quickly and was feeling better by morning wanting to eat breakfast and play.  Matt on the other hand was feeling crummy and lethargic all day.  

I am praying all this sickness away and ready for us all to get better.  I busted out the lysol and clorax and cleaned bathrooms, laundry and floors.  Stomach bug - BE GONE, you are no longer welcome here!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ten Months

 Sydney - You are TEN months old!!!

You weigh 18 pounds.
You wear size 3 diaper.
You wear 12 month clothes.

You are an AMAZING eater and you love basically everything we feed you.  You love to feed yourself.  At every meal you love to eat food off my plate and love me to feed her.  You recently had avocado and you loved it.  You love green beans, bananas, peas and carrots and yogurt.  

You are am awesome sleeper.  You go to be around 7pm and get up around 7:30/8:00.  You take your morning nap half the time in your bed and the other half in the car on the go.  You take a good long nap in the afternoon from 2:00-5:00.  

You started crawling at 10 months.  You are all over the place.  I turn my back for a second and you have wondered into the laundry room.  

You are so sweet and pretty easy, unless you are hungry and then you demand to have food, ha.  You had your first ear infection this month.  Thankfully the meds kicked in quickly and you got better after seeing the doctor.  

You are such a joy and have the best personality.  You love when your brothers talk and play with you.  They are crazy about you and hardly leave you alone.  

You have two teeth on the bottom and two top teeth, the ones next to the two front middle teeth.

You are mostly easy to take places.  Even when you are tired you hang in there and stay entertained.  You are pretty easy going and everyone always says how pretty and adorable you are.  I am just so crazy about you!

(Those eyelashes and those lips!!!)

You are such a joy and delight.  You have completed our family and we just couldn't love you more.  You smile so big when your daddy comes in the room.  I hope you will be a daddy's girl.  You are just the sweetest thing and we love you so much! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nine Months

Sydney - You are NINE months old!!!!  
How did that happen so fast??? 

You had your 9 month check up right before Christmas!
You are lbs, and tall 
You wear 6-9 month clothes and size 2 diapers during the day and size 3 at night.  

You are a GREAT eater!  Woohoo!  You eat every table food we put in front of you!  You have had eggs, rice, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, apples, squash, green beans, peas, carrots, and bananas!  You still love baby food but eating more table food.  Hope that your good eating habits continue. 

You have just two bottom teeth.  I'm sure you will have some top teeth soon!

You take two good naps a day.  You start out your morning nap in the car on the way home from the gym (during the week) and transfer to your bed once we get home.  You take a good long nap in the afternoons usually from 2:00-5:00.  You are ready to go to bed by 6:30.  

You sleep great through the night and mostly sleep til I get up at 7:30 or sleep until about 8/8:30 on the weekends!  

You are such a sweet baby.  You sit up really well and love to watch your silly brothers play.  You love when they play with you and talk to you!  You smile from ear to ear.  It's really the sweetest thing.  You are not crawling yet but I'm sure you will be very soon.  

You babble a lot and love to say Dadadada and sometimes say momma.  You are pretty smitten with your daddy and smile so big when he walks in the room!  I love watching y'all together.  

You reach up for me to pick you up.  You do pretty good sitting on the floor and playing with your toys until you realize I'm not right beside you and usually making dinner.  

You are pretty good when we go out even if you get tired.  We don't go out to eat much with you but you love to go shopping!  

You do great in the church nursery and gym childcare.  You usually have one good hour in you then your done.  Usually that's because it's around nap time.  You are so sweet and everyone says you are such a good baby.  

You pretty much look like Colton with a bow at this age.  I need to do a side by side comparison.  Though you look mostly like Colton, all three of you look alike!  

I am so aware that babies grow up way too fast so I'm trying to cherish every moment with you.  I want to enjoy you at this age (I really do love this age) and not wish it away when it's difficult.  

It can be crazy and loud with you and your two brothers but I would have it no other way.  All too soon you will be five and starting kindergarden waving to me from the school bus.  Cue the tears!!!!

You are so so sweet and just the most wonderful baby!  We are so blessed to have you and couldn't imagine life without you!  We love you so much baby girl!  

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Parties

Sydney and I went to Colton's school to attend his Happy Birthday Jesus party!  Colton was excited to see us and we were happy to be there.  

This boy LOVES cupcakes.  He couldn't wait to decorate his cupcake.  

My future little baking helper!  

Colton, Sydney and I went to Ryan's school to celebrate in his class Christmas party.  He has the best teacher this year and we just love her.  We couldn't ask for a better kindergarten teacher.  

Ryan and his fun class!  

Love this sweet, sweet baby girl so much! She is such a JOY and just a delight.  She gets sweeter by the day.  

Kicking off our first day of Christmas break at non other than Chick-fil-A!    The boys and Sydney enjoyed some yummy lunch.  

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Time is Here

 Here are a few things that happened in December! 

These two cuties (twins) before church one sunday!  

I'm obsessed with Christmas clothes for Sydney.  They are just too cute and adorable!  

 Sweet baby #3 falls asleep in the car all the time.  Thankful for a baby that sleeps week in her car seat (I was parked in the garage and unbuckled her top clip before I took this pic).  

We packed three Operation Christmas Shoeboxes - two boys and one girl naturally!  The boys had a great time picking out things to go in their shoebox.  

We had lunch with Ryan at school.  We love to surprise him and just show up!  

Sweet baby girl before church on sunday!  LOVE this outfit!

December was a very busy month for my cookie business.  I made about 26 dozen Christmas cookies and five birthday sets.  Whew!  It was crazy and good!  Sydney helping me bake one night in the kitchen - future baker!

Love these sweet boys in their matching pjs!  

 It's a shame Colton has no personality, har!

I took the kiddos to the Brentwood library!  The boys loved it! 

We painted Christmas ornaments for our tree, and gifts for the grandparents!

Check out that amazing Christmas tree.  

  Couldn't love her more! 

Matt went to Cincinnati for the Bengals/Steelers game so me and this chick were left in charge.

Bedtime and storytime.  Ryan getting some sweet time with Sydney.  She is completely enthralled with her brothers and is pretty crazy about them.  She smiles and laughs at them all day long.  I pray these three will always be close.  They love each other so much!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

What a great Thanksgiving 2015.  

Unfortunately Sydney got sick at the beginning of the week and was diagnosed with RSV.  Poor baby was not feeling good at all.  First time baby girl has been sick.  

She doesn't look too sick here but I sure do love this sweet expression.  Those eyebrows are so expressive.  

I got to attend Colton's Thanksgiving Feast at preschool.  His class were the native americans.  It was so cute and fun

Colton and his little friends Andrew, Olivia and Olivia's little sister.  

Ryan had a Thanksgiving program this year for the whole kindergarten.  
It was SO cute and adorable.  They sang their little hearts our and had the best time.  

My parents came in town to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.  

We took them to the Cheesecake Factory Wednesday night.  

Matt and his littlest Bengal fan!  

I was so excited to use our new dining room.  It was perfect and so nice.  We had a delicious meal and have so much to be thankful for.  

The littlest turkey!

Sydney has been sleeping so much but she joined us for a little bit after lunch.  

On Friday I took my parents to Uncle Bud's Catfish Cabin.  My family loves some catfish and Uncle Bud's did not disappoint.  Yum!

These two hamming it up.  Man they have the best hushpuppies!  Matt stayed home with Sydney since she was under the weather.  

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be Thankful for!