Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Seven Months

Sydney - You are SEVEN months old!  

You are wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes.  You wear size 2 diapers and size 3 at night.  

You are a great sleeper.  You take two good naps a day, one in the morning around an hour and a longer nap (2-3 hrs) in the afternoon in your crib.  You sleep great at night.  You go to bed by 7pm and wake up around 7:30am.  

You LOVE your jumperoo and just laugh and play so well.  You constantly kick your little legs All. Day. Long.  

You do amazing in the nursery.  There was a time you would scream bloody murder but you have gotten SO much better.  I am so thankful for great childcare workers.  

You are becoming a great eater.  You have eaten all the first foods - applesauce, peaches, pears, bananas, carrots, green beans, peas, carrots and sweet potatoes.  Your favorites are applesauce, bananas, carrots and peas.  You eat a fruit for breakfast, a veggie or fruit for lunch and veggie for dinner.  

You have four 5-7 oz bottles a day.  7:30, 10, 1:45, 5:30 food, 6:30 bottle.

You are rolling when you tolerate being on your belly.  You LOVE to sit up and have become a pro at sitting up.  No sign of crawling yet and that's a good thing.  

You cut your two bottom teeth the last month.  You seem to be in such a better mood.  

You love when your big brothers come over to talk to you and make you laugh.  They love to make silly faces at you and love seeing your smile first thing in the morning.  Ryan loves to come with me to get you up in the morning.  Your brothers ADORE you! 

You are SO sweet and smiley!  We are all crazy about you!  

You are such a gift from the Lord!  You are such a pure joy and delight and always make us smile and laugh.  This is my very favorite age.  You are interacting more, you love to smile and you play more with your toys.  Your so fun!  We are so blessed and thank God every day for you!


Monday, October 19, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday morning we took the kiddos to Gentry's Farm in Franklin.  They have the cutest pumpkin farm full of a hayride, animals, a big corn maze, a kids maze, corn play yard and of course pumpkins.  

Ryan had fall break Friday and Monday so we wanted to have some fun family time.  The boys were super excited.  It was the most beautiful day to spend outside at the pumpkin patch

Sydney enjoyed some daddy time at her first visit to the pumpkin patch.  She did awesome and loved watching all the activity.  

They have this cute play area for the kids with teepees, a tire swing and of course this kid size port-a-potty.  haha!  

We picked out our pumpkins before leaving.  The boys couldn't wait and were great at picking out our pumpkins.  

We have been so busy with soccer practices, soccer games and make up games it was nice to have a family day on Saturday since we didn't have any soccer games.  

And because this sweetie pie is too cute...

 Sporting her TN Smokey outfit.  Go Big Orange!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Wedding Weekend

This weekend we traveled to Cincinnati to celebrate the wedding of Matt's cousin Isaac to his childhood sweetheart Stacey.  

We left bright and early Friday morning and arrived in Cincy around lunch time.  The kids traveled well and Sydney only fussed a little.  

My in-laws watched the kiddos for us Friday night while Matt and I went to the rehearsal dinner.  Matt was a groomsmen in the wedding.  

Isaac in all his groomsmen.

The rehearsal dinner was held at Montgomery Inn Boathouse.  They are famous for their Ribs and BBQ.  It doesn't compare to Memphis bbq but it was good!  We really enjoyed catching up with family and getting to know new friends.  It was such a fun evening and we are so thankful to Papau and YaiYai for watching the kiddos.  

Matt's Uncle Steve, his cousin Isaac and Aunt Teresa. 

This was my view on the way to the wedding!!!  The wedding was at 5:30 so we left my in-laws house just after 4:00.  I guess the traveling the day before and staying up late chatting while sharing a bed caught up with the boys.  

The wedding was in this beautiful Catholic Chapel.  We were running late so we took a set in the very back of the church.  It worked out perfect because we could see well, the boys were entertained with iPhones and I had a quick exit with Sydney if needed.  

Thankfully the boys did awesome and were very well behaved.  Sydney did great as well.  I was so nervous taking three kids to a wedding but again Papau and Yaiyai to the rescue taking care of the boys and Sydney drank a bottle and stayed entertained people watching.  

The most handsome guy at the wedding with the prettiest girl!  Love these two adorable cuties!

LOVE love this picture of Matt and Isaac.  Definitely a framer!

And there's the bride.  They are headed to Hawaii for their honeymoon.  I'm super jealous and wish we were planning a 10 year anniversary trip to Hawaii but I'm not banking on that happening.  Boo =(

This sweet princess fell asleep during the reception just like I hoped she would!  She slept through dinner, hallelujah!  She did great the whole time and only fused a little before dozing off.  

Then Papau was in charge of entertaining her.  Love this pic of these two.  

It was a fantastic weekend and we had a blast!   
Congrats to Isaac and Stacey on a beautiful wedding and God bless in your new marriage!  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Six Months

Sydney - today is your half birthday!

You are SIX months old!!!

You weigh 15lbs 9oz
You are      inches tall

You wear a size 2 diaper and just outgrowing her 3-6 month clothes and moving in to 6-9 month clothes.

You take 2-3 naps a day.  Some days you still take a cat nap between your 7 and 10AM bottle.  Usually that's on the way to preschool or the gym.  You take a nap around 11:30, sometimes it's in the car and in your crib when we are home.  You take a great 2 hour nap in your crib every afternoon.

You are so sweet and happy.  You do scream and fuse a lot between 5 -7PM but you seem to be getting better with that.  You love to be held all the time but you will let us put you down to play some and you love to jump in your jumperoo.

You do great in the nursery at the gym and church.  They have gotten to know you pretty well at the gym and you seem happy when I leave.  You have only been in the church nursery about a month but you usually eat and take a nap.  So thankful for great people that love on you.

We started food last week.  You have had applesauce, bananas and carrots.  You are still figuring out the spoon and swallowing but slowly you are getting there.  I have to manipulate you a little and feed you your bottle in-between bits.  You favorite seems to be carrots.

You think your two big brothers are pretty special.  They love to come over and see you and try to make you smile and laugh.  It's the cutest and sweetest thing to watch.  They tell us all the time how much they love having a little sister.  Let's hope they always feel that way!

You are rolling more every day.  You don't love being on your belly so you roll pretty quickly to your back.  You have started sitting up unassisted.  I put you down on the floor and put the hoppy around you and you will sit for a good 10-15 min.

You seem to be pretty happy being on the go.  Third child syndrome, haha!  You LOVE riding in the stroller and never fuss when we go on walks.  You love to go shopping and smile and giggle when I make faces at you in the store.  You are pretty easy to take out and about.

(Just a little outtake from our little session!  This girl!  She is going to be a strong headed little one!)

We are so crazy about you and love you so much we can hardly stand it.  You have captured our hearts and we cannot imagine life without you.  Ryan told me the other day "I really like baby Sydney, I think we should keep her"!  Bless!!!  You are so sweet and the prettiest baby girl I've ever laid my eyes on.

Monday, August 31, 2015

It's That Time of Year Again

It's fall so that means it's time for soccer!  This year is Ryan's third year of soccer and Colton is playing his first season.  Matt is assistant coaching Colton's team.  It's quit comical and a little challenging trying to teach 10 four year olds the game of soccer.  Bless it!  Colton is one of the youngest players on his team because of the cut off date but hopefully he will learn something and become the most improved player.  He can really only get better from here.

Ryan is finally figuring out the game of soccer, I think!  He, of course, knows how to play the game but seems to have more skill this year.  Like Colton, he is one of the youngest players on his team.  Most of his teammates are in first grade.  You can definitely notice the maturity difference.  I'm hoping he grows as a player and teammate this year.

Saturday was their first soccer games of the season.  They were both excited!  We all went to Colton's game then I took Colton and Sydney home so Sydney could nap.  It was hot and I was frustrated holding a baby who was fighting her nap and just fussy but it was all for the boys.  It will get easier as we navigate our new schedule and Sydney gets older.  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Five Months

Sydney - You are FIVE months old!!!

You weigh 14.5lbs.  You have really filled out in the last month.  You are so squishy and we love it.

You wear size 2 diapers and 3-6 months clothes and some 6 month.

You take a short nap in the morning, usually after the gym and many times in the car and you always take a great long nap in the afternoon in your bed.

You are such a sweet baby and usually good when I leave you at the gym or MOPS.  You still haven't been to the church nursery because we are always there when you are napping so you just nap in your carseat in "big" church.  I'm sure you will make your way to the nursery soon.

You definitely let us know when you are hungry.  You are so easy to put to bed at home in your crib but you fight sleep in the car.

 You are not rolling but we are in no hurry.  Neither of the boys rolled until around 6 months.  Even though you aren't rolling all the way over yet you definitely make your way around the floor and your bed.  You kick and wiggle all over the place.

You like the jumperoo, the exausaucer and the bouncy seat for about 10 min then you get bored or antsy and want out.  You will sometimes take a good nap in your swing late in the afternoon. You typically like to lay on the floor with your toys while I play with you.  You really just like people to talk to you and play with you.

Your brothers adore you and love talking to you.  You always give them big smiles.

You are a pure joy and we are so in love with you!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ryan's First Day of Kindergarten

 How did we got here this fast???  

It seems like yesterday this boy was just a little baby!

Ryan has been so excited about Kindergarten!  He has asked all summer when does he start kindergarten and when can he ride the bus.  

His first week of school was only Monday, Wednesday and Friday and only from 8:30-1.  Ryan LOVED it and had the best time.  It was a nice way to ease into a full school schedule.  

The second week of school he will go all day with all the kids.  He goes from 8:30-3:35 every day.  He will catch the bus at 8:05 and get off the bus at 3:55.  He is super excited about riding the bus.  I'm a little nervous and just pray he makes it on the right bus to come home!  

In just a couple years this other handsome fella will join his big brother at the same school.  

Ryan has an awesome teacher this year and I think she is going to be so great for Ryan.  She's thorough and kind.  He seems to have a great class and I can't wait for him to develop those friendships with his peers.  

I couldn't wait to pick him up on the first day and hear all about his day!  

 I am so proud of this little guy!  He is SO ready for Kindergarten and he is going to rock it this year! I am so excited for him and look forward to watching him thrive!  

Shine brightly little one!