Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ryan's Birthday

Ryan has been counting down to his birthday for some time now.  He could not wait to turn 6!  His birthday was on a monday.  Matt took off work to spend the day with us.   I love that he takes off work on the kids' birthdays.  It means so much to our family!

We started our day by heading to the Pancake Pantry for a yummy birthday breakfast.  The boys were super excited.  

Matt and I have both been to The Pancake Pantry before but this was our first time together.  We had to wait in line but it went really fast.  I had forgotten how amazing are their pancakes.  Melt in your mouth.  

The boys were so excited for chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk - that's a lot of chocolate for two little boys!  

After our pancake breakfast we headed to the Adventure Science Center.  The boys went a few months ago with my in-laws when they were in town and the boys talked about it for days.  They were so excited when we told them they were going for the day.  

It's really such a cool place.  I think Matt enjoyed it as much as the boys.  

The highlight of the trip was this water table.  The boys played here for over an hour.  The exhibit is designed to show the blood flow through the body.  It has movable parts that create dams and waterways.  It's really neat and the boys could have played there all day.  

We spent a few hours at the museum then headed home to rest.  

I made Ryan's favorite meal for dinner, Hamburgers, then we had birthday cake for dessert.  Ryan requested a chocolate cake with vanilla icing in blue, red and yellow.  

It was a wonderful day celebrating our big boy.  I am so proud of him and so honored to be his mom!  

Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Ryan!!!

Ryan, today you turn SIX years old!!!!!!!

It seems like yesterday that I was pregnant with you and dreaming about meeting you for the first time.  I could never have imagined such a wonderful and sweet son!  

I have loved watching you grow from a tiny baby to a busy toddler and now a sweet little boy.  I love being around you and you bring your daddy and I so much joy!  

You have had the sweetest smile on your face since you were three months old and smiled for the first time.  You are so smart and so funny.  You love to make others around you laugh.  You have the sweetest heart of a little boy I've ever seen.  You love all cars, trucks and trains and you LOVE legos right now.  

This year you have learned to draw at preschool and can write your letters so well.  You love to draw pictures now.  You love music and constantly ask me to turn the radio up when your favorite songs come on.  

You are the kindest and sweetest little boy I have ever met.  You always want to help other people and are always concerned when you see someone struggling or seem down.  You always look out for your brother.  You guys fight a lot but you are mostly very sweet with Colton.  

You have never met a stranger and you say hi to everyone you see and will talk their ear off if they talk back to you.  You love people and you love life.  

You start kindergarten in just over a month and you are so excited!  You are going to do amazing.  

You are one of my favorite people in the world and I am so honored to be your mom.  God has BIG plans for you.  I pray you will always seek and follow after Jesus and point others to Christ!  

We love you so much Ryan!  Happy 6th Birthday Ryan!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rosemary Beach Vacation Day 3 & 4

Day three, Monday, started out cloudy and overcast.  We hung at the house while we waited for the storm to pass over but by 10AM we were ready to get out of the house so we hit up the pool.  The pool in Rosemary was a HUGE hit and we all loved it.  It had three big steps that went across the pool.  It was perfect for the littles to play.  Colton is timid about the water so he hung out there most of the time unless he was with one of the adults. 

Ryan and Lillian Grace.  These two first vacationed five years ago in Myrtle Beach when they were little bitty barely one year olds.  My how they have changed and grown in to two sweet and adorable almost six year olds.   

This sweet nugget slept in my arms a lot on this trip. I didn't mind one bit! 

Lillian Grace and Colton playing on the Leap pad. 

The boys went and got doughnuts one morning.  The kids swarmed the boxes of sugary goodness.  

Tuesday it was still overcast but we decided to hit the beach anyway.  At least it wasn't scorching hot with the blazing sun.  Katie holding Mary Emily, Rooks in the blue hat, Colton on the right and I'm in the blue tent holding Sydney. 

This boy LOVED the ocean.  I'm convinced five is the best age ever to go to the beach.  Ryan had the best time from playing in the same and making tunnels and channels to splashing in the waves to looking for seashells.  He had a blast.  

Ryan making water channels. 

Colton enjoyed playing in the sand most of the time.  

Love this sweet boy.  

Colton had moments where he wasn't crazy about the beach and the sand.  He never really warmed up to getting in the ocean.  He spent most of the time in the sand.  He didn't like the sand on his hands and feet so he would get Ryan to get him a bucket a water and he would take each foot and wash them off then rinse each hand.  He's so funny!  

We hit of the pool in the afternoon after naps.  We all had a wonderful time at the pool.  Everyone was in a good mood and we all laughed and played.  

The boys trying to be just like daddy.  

This boy definitely picks the pool over the beach. 

And after a full day of the beach and the pool and lots of fun this was how we ended the day!  So sweet seeing all these kiddos lined up.  From left to right - Ryan, Colton, Rooks, Joseph and Lillian Grace.  Missing was Mary Emily and Sydney.  It was a full, noisy house that's for sure but one with lots of fun.   

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rosemary Beach Vacation Day 1 and 2

Last week the Deepe's headed south to vacation on the beautiful Emerald Coast.  I LOVE that we are only a 7-8 hour drive to the beach.  When we started looking at vacation places I knew we would head to the gulf of mexico, because it has the best beaches duh.  We chose Rosemary Beach because of the beautiful community and family friendly atmosphere.  

It is the most charming little beach town.  I LOVED that we could walk to the beach in minutes and walk to restaurants and shops.  

This is the beautiful green in the center of town.  They had family/kid events every night from a balloon artist to magician to movie night one night.  

We hit the road bright and early Saturday morning.  We were all excited and couldn't wait to slip our toes into the white sand and blue green water.  

This little sweet baby girl was a good traveler on the way down.  She did cry, of course, but the boys helped entertain her and put her paci in.  We put all three car seats in the 2nd row so they could help with Sydney and we needed the space in the back of the van.  

This was the house we stayed in for the week.  The Hideaway Cottage.  It was so beautiful and perfect for our vacation.  We vacationed with our friends The Weavers.  They have four kiddos - Lillian Grace 5, Twins Joseph and Rooks and sweet baby Mary Emily who is 17 months.  All four adults and seven kids under one roof!!!  It was a little, a lot crazy but so much fun.  

This was the boardwalk we took to the beach every day.  Beautiful and so glad it was shaded.  The boys never complained about the minute walk to the beach.  It was perfect!

A few pics from The Hideaway

I LOVED the hutch in the dining room!  It would be perfect in my breakfast room!  Wish I knew where it was from.  I loved all the decor and wanted to move right in. 

This is the room the boys slept in.  They shared a queen bed and full attached bath. 

This was the 2nd master bedroom that Matt and I stayed in.  Sydney slept in the pack 'n play in our room.  We had a full attached bath and big walk in closet. 

The kids were all so excited to see each other when we got there late Saturday afternoon.  We had dinner and quickly got all the kiddos in bed.  

Sunday morning we were all up bright and early and ready to hit the beautiful sandy beaches.  It was breath-taking and amazing.  You can rent these chairs and umbrellas on a daily basis.  We didn't for this trip but I could see us using it in the future.  

I am convinced that five is the perfect age to take a child to the beach.  Ryan absolutely LOVED loved loved the beach.  He had the best time play in the waves, making tunnels in the sand and collecting sea shells.  It was the best watching him have so much fun!

Love this picture of my favorite five year old.  

After dinner on Sunday we all took a stroll to get ice cream in the square at The Sugar Shak.  

The kids loved it and so did mom and dad.  That's Lillian Grace in the middle.  She is two months younger than Ryan. 

The babies all ready to go!  They are just so cute.  Mary Emily was obsessed with Sydney and every time she saw her she would rush over to see her and smother her with kisses.  It was super adorable.