Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Weekend Fun!

Well, we had a great weekend! Saturday morning Matt ran the flying pig 10k race! He had to get up at 5:30 in the morning so do say the least I stayed in bed while he went to his race! He said he did "ok" but I'm sure he did very well, better than I could! We finally got our wedding album and were sooooo glad and happy the way everything came out! It looks so wonderful! We can't wait to show it off! Sunday we got Matt measured for his tux for Steve's wedding and then picked out our Mother's Day cards!

This week it's been quit warm around here! It's been so beautiful! Tomorrow Gracie goes in to get spayed! I know it stinks for her but it's for her own good! She will have to stay overnight at the vet so hopefully she will rest and recoperate well! She is also having some blood work dont b/c she is crazy about water! Not just likes water but she is absolutely insane about water! She loves it way too much I feel! She will drink water wherever she can! When I take a shower I have to leash her b/c she will stand at the bottom of the shower door and lick the water! Then she will lick my feet and legs once I get out! She's nuts!!! Hopefully nothing is really wrong with her! Both Gracie and Annabelle are getting the implanted chip in case they ever get lost or anything. I feel better about them having this since we don't have a fence and take them to the park alot! They are so cute and adorable and would never want anything to ever happen to them!