Friday, January 30, 2009

20 Weeks

I can't believe I'm actually posting this pic! This one is for you Mom! I know you wish you could be here and watch me grow! We are attempting to take a weekly pic from here on out until this baby arrives! I turned 20 weeks yesterday! I feel like I just look like I'm gaining weight not getting a cute baby bump but oh well!

We have our 20 week ultrasound on Monday and I'm soooooo excited and can't wait to see this baby that is moving all around and poking and kicking me! It's so amazing feeling those movements and I anxiously await the next "kick"!

January Snow Day

This week we have gotten about 6-8 inches of snow and about 1/2 inch of ice! Matt stayed home on Wed. b/c it was so bad out and they actually had a level 3 snow emergency with means only emergency vehicles are allowed out and if you are caught on the roads you can go to jail! It was that bad! Surprisingly today (Friday) the roads are still not perfect and alot of the schools are out! The roads are passable but we still have TONS of snow on the ground! Here are some pics of our babies out in the snow! They aren't big fans of the snow but Annabelle did enjoy making tunnels and "playing" in the snow! Gracie watched!

P.S. I only put their sweaters and jackets on when it snows!!! Gracie has really thin hair and sometimes shivers in the house so she gets the sweater when it's really cold out!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

19 weeks

I have reached 19 weeks...almost halfway! Sometimes it seems like it has dragged by and other times it has flown by! I told Matt the other night I think the next 21 weeks are gonna fly! It's hard to believe that we will have a little baby in just 5 months!

The most wonderful news I have is that I have started feeling little movements! To me they don't feel like "flutters"! It feels more like a very light thump from the inside! The other night Matt and I crawled into bed and I grabbed my book and began reading! I started feeling the baby and it felt a little stronger so I grabbed Matt's hand and put it on my stomach! I said "can you feel that"? He shushed me and told me it takes high concentration! haha He said he thinks he felt it and felt like a little thump! I said "Honey, you just felt the baby"! It's so amazing and just breathtaking to feel this life growing inside me! I thank God daily for such a blessing and praying He is growing and nourishing our sweet baby!

We have our next appt. and 20 week ultrasound on Feb. 2. I can't wait! We are not finding out the gender but would love for you to guess what you think baby Deepe will be! On the right I have posted a poll for people to guess whether they think the baby will be a boy or girl! Just so you know...I have no intuitions at all about either boy or girl!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Crib Bedding

Here is the crib bedding we got!  I LOVE it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Painting the baby's room!

Last week Matt was on vacation so we decided to take advantage of the time and paint the baby's room and shop for baby furniture!  We aren't finding out the gender until d-day!  I like the surprise and anticipation of finding out what the baby is when either Matt or the doc's a...!  

We have already picked out and purchased the bedding!  I found it online and fell in love with it!  I noticed the accessories that go with the bedding were hard to find so I panicked that the style was discontinued so we went ahead and ordered it!  I will post pics later of it!  It's called Down Under by Baby Martex!  It has green, yellow, orange, red and brown in it!  It has the cutest koala bears, kangaroos and alligators on it!  It's adorable and very gender neutral!   

Here are some before and after pics of the painting!  We started out with one tan color and it was too "peachy" so we went back and got a darker tan/brown color!  Thankfully they were able to take the remaining gallon of tan and just add more color to it to get the color we wanted!  See below:
Not the color I was hoping for!

Best Christmas present!  
The awesome books Aunt Teresa got us for the baby!  
I was floored when we opened the big box filled with children's books!  She's the best!
More presents for the baby: towels, onesies, and socks!
Final Product

I was very pleased the way the colors turned out!  

I am getting frustrated with blogger uploading pics in the wrong order!  
Anyone know how to fix this?

Christmas '08

We had a great Christmas this year!  My parents and brother drove up to see us the Tuesday before Christmas!  Besides being stuck behind a bad accident and icy roads with a 3+ hour stand still, it was the best visit yet!  It took them 14 hours (a usual 7 hour drive) to get here!  But once they got here we had an awesome time!  Here are some of the pics from our fun filled Christmas holidays!!!
American Idol for the Wii from my bro!  
I LOVE this game!  So much fun!
Ear warmers from Aunt Lex and Uncle Allen, we got matching sets!
Mom inspecting her gift from Matt!
Annabelle and Gracie wondering if any of those gifts are for them!
Let the festivities begin!
Christmas at my in-laws!
Our present to Isaac!  He's always said he wanted to be Brutus the Buckeye!
The fun "Band in a Drum" present from Steve and Teresa!  
I'm sure we will thank you later for this noisy toy!  That's what Aunts and Uncles are for right!
Matt opening the numerous boxes to get the present from Isaac!  
It was gas-x and beano.  In case your curious... they don't work on Matt!