Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Annabelle and Gracie Lounging Around!

"Annabelle you smell good"
Gracie has a habit of licking EVERYTHING!

How sweet is this, sisterly love!

Snow Day!!!

This morning we woke up to white snow everywhere on everything!  I was excited non the less b/c this meant I could work from home today!  Matt headed off to work!  He said it wasn't too bad out, some slick spots but it took him about an hour to get to work, usually takes him about 30 min.  All the schools are closed and it looks like we got at least 3 inches over night!  I will try and take some pics of Annabelle and Gracie in the snow today!

Not much new around the Deepe household except Matt is feeling much better and like I said back to work!  And so far hasn't shared his sickness with me, thank goodness!  I finally got my new computer last Friday!  WOOHOO!  I got a Macbook Pro and I absolutely LOVE it!!!  Wow is all I can say!  My old computer is over 4 years old and is slower than Christmas, it took forever to start up not to mention do any work on it!  I am sooo excited about my new mac and have already made my first marketing brochure for work!  It's amazing all the things you can do on the mac!  Never thought in a million years I would own a mac but here I am typing on my own!  

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's was pretty low key this year! Matt had his final class last night for the class he is taking with GE. Since he had class I decided to cook a special dinner for us! We had chicken parmesean with french bread! Wow, I can't believe it turned out so well! I'm not a very good cook but I must say it's one of the best meals I have ever made (even Matt said so)! It was very delicious! I stopped by The Cheesecake Factory yesterday to pick up 2 slices of cheesecake just for us as a special treat! We were too stuffed to enjoy all of them but we each had a little bit! I got Matt two books, he's been much the avid reader lately! I got one called Thou Shall Prosper, Dave Ramsey highly recommended it on his show a couple weeks ago! Matt got me the Grimmerie from Wicked! As you remember we went and saw Wicked the musical a few weeks ago! It's my favorite for sure! The Grimmerie is a behind the scenes look the orginal cast and how it all began! Plus it has the whole screenplay! So fun! I can't wait to sit down and read it! It was a nice night! I forgot to mention that Matt has not been feeling well this week at all! He's actually home sick today! He's running a fever and just taking it easy! Hope he feels better soon and doesn't decide to spread his disease to me!

I also wanted to share this testimony my Mom actually sent me from one of the girls that was trapped last Tuesday night in her Union University dorm when the tornado hit! Let me just say, we serve an Awesome and Amazing God!!!

"Well, most of you have probably heard by now, my school, Union University was hit by an F4 tornado this past Tuesday night (Feb. 5, 2008). Thanks for all the calls and messages. I will try to talk to you all as time and my emotional state allows. I don't know what reports you have read, but I was one of the 15 students who got trapped in the wreckage. I was in my dorm room with one of my roommates (Kellie), the 3 girls from upstairs, and my mentor from church. About 2 minutes before the tornado hit, my other roommate (who is an RA) ran in and told us to get in the bathtub. We barely made it. Our ears popped, my mentor (Julie) looked at me and said, "We have to get in, NOW!" -- then the lights went off. I was the last one in. My legs didn't quite make it before the building collapsed on us. I have not yet found words to describe the actual tornado, the noises, and the pressure. Maybe one day I will. We fe lt our bodies being compressed and compressed, and then it stopped. I couldn't move. We made sure everyone in the tub was alive. It felt like we were miles from outside -- it was pitch black. My initial thought was, "this is where I'm going to die -- there is no way the rescuers will get to us in time". Then, I assessed my physical state. My body was twisted and contorted into a position that I plan on never attempting again...I think God placed me in there just so, because I don't know how else I could have fit. I had a pocket of air against Julie's legs. I couldn't feel my legs because they were pinned between the edge of the tub and all the debris on top of us. I thought through what my death was going to be like. I realized I was probably going to pass out first, and then I would be with Jesus. I've always wondered what my "last thoughts" would be. As one who has struggled in the past with doubts about salvation, I have always wondered what my last moments would be like. All I can say is, God was there. I knew He had me. And I knew He was either going to save me unto Himself or He was going to save me for a little more time here. I began to pray aloud, I prayed for peace, for the ability to trust Him. I started accounting for everyone who was in the tub. At that point I realized that someone under me was near the point of death (from her breathing). Then, I called out Julie's name and realized it was her. My heart sunk at that point. I didn't think my heart could bear losing another friend. I started praying for her out loud, telling her to keep breathing, God was with her. I was so afraid she was going to die underneath me. I think I even asked God to take me if He took her. Every time I moved, she either couldn't breathe or she had excruciating pain. I tried to stay as still and calm as I could. I know God was managing my thoughts for me at tha t poin t. I could NOT panic...and by His grace, I didn't. I found out later we were trapped for 45 minutes. One of the other girls in the tub had her cellphone and was actually able to call 911. I honestly only felt like I was in there for 10-15 minutes. I don't know if I ever lost consciousness or if God just allowed it to seem shorter. I was told later the rescuers had to use a backhoe to remove the initial debris. None of us remember that -- again, that was by God's grace. We would have been terrified had we heard that. When the rescuers started digging us out, it was terrifying. Julie's neck was exposed in such a way that one wrong move and it would have snapped...she was still having lots of trouble breathing. At one point, the rescuers could see my face and I was screaming out to them...telling them I was not panicking but there was a girl under me and I could not move or she would die, and that they needed to lift the de bris and not slide it. Once they broke through to us, they got everyone out in about 10-15 minutes. I was the last because my legs were stuck and I couldn't feel them or move them. Julie and I ended up needing to go to the hospital. But neither of us had to stay overnight. It was a night of chaos. And yet, God was in the midst of us. We were buried in a tangled mess of wreckage and yet He knew how each board, each piece of brick and rubble was placed. For example, right next to my legs was a ended up keeping just enough pressure off my legs so that I did not lose them. I haven't gotten all my feeling back, but I'm walking around. I know I have mentioned God a whole lot throughout this note. I know many of you who are reading this do not know Him and may think I'm a bit odd. But it comes down to this, there is NO other explanation as to why I am alive today other than, God had His hand over us. He kept just enough pressure off. He didn't let me panic. Was I scared?? Yes -- terrified at first. But at one point, my friend Kellie said "Heather, it's gonna be okay". And a sense of peace came around us. I know God was with us that entire time. And He did give me a sense of peace -- it kept me from panicking, it all owed me to speak up for Julie when the rescue started. My life has been a little screwy recently. I've struggled with trusting God. I've struggled accepting the fact that He loves me unconditionally. But God was with me. He showed me how to trust Him in the rubble -- in the chaos. I know I have some long days ahead. There are sounds stored in my memory that I'm not aware of until I hear them again. I freak out at some very random times and I'm not sure what all the triggers are. But this is what I'm holding onto -- God is not finished with me yet. He still has a purpose for me here on earth a little while longer. And the One who sustained me th rough the nightmare of Tuesday night will continue to sustain me, to love me unconditionally, to comfort me, and to hold me when I'm scared. And knowing that is what allowed me to get out of bed this morning. He is a good God. If you don't know Him, you need to. He loves you. He wants to know you intimately, and He wants you to know Him intimately. "

Sweet Memories

I can't even begin to describe what it's like to see these dorms, the dorms where I spent some of the best years of my life developing friendships that would last a lifetime, being torn down! It's so sad to see these buildings demolished! Of course, I know it has to be done but part of me feels sad to know the place I lived for 4 great years of my life and called home away from home will no longer be! I think about taking my kids one day to Union's campus and show them where I went to college but they will never see where I lived! The campus will soon be completely differant but I know they will prevail and excel! I am thankful, oh so thankful, for the wonderful 4 years I had a Union! I am so proud of Dr. Dockery, the faculty and staff who have stepped up and are doing an amazing job to put Union back together! I do know for certain that Union will still remain an excellent academic university where friendships and relationships begin and last for a lifetime! Demolition of Watters Dorms
Demolition of Watters
Demolition of Crook Dorms

Used to be dorms here!
Damage to Hurt Complex
(I lived my Freshman year in the last dorm here(wingo),
where the guys is standing in yellow & red)Hurt Complex
Demolition of Hurt Complex

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More pics of Union University

UNBELIEVABLE - the only words I can use to describe these pics!

More pics from the terrible storms!

Pics from the Tornado

This is a picture I got from Leah's blog. Unbelievable! I can't believe this has happened to Union...again! I am thankful no one was killed and for God's mighty hand on Union's campus!

Tornados in Memphis and Union University

When Matt and I got home last night we cooked dinner and then I jumped online to check emails and get on facebook! I saw everyone's status in Memphis was "taking cover from the storms" and "I'm in the closet" so I got worried and called my parents to make sure everyone was ok! I heard from some friends as well about Union and apparently the girls dorms were obliterated practically and the guys dorms were damaged! The exxon across from campus is a pile of rubble and the bank on the corner from campus had it's roof torn off! Also, Jennings Hall that faces the Bypass was damage severely and most of the roof is gone! Dr. Dockery is saying it is millions of dollars in damages! Pray for the students and faculty there! There were no life injuries or anyone killed! God's hand was totally all over that campus Tuesday night! They have canceled classes til the 13th. Keep the students and faculty there in your prayers! I will post pics later!

My family is all safe and no damage that I know of! My Mom was at work when it happened and made it home safely! My Dad was at work as well and stayed safe through the storms. There was alot of damage in and around Memphis! Pray for Memphis as they begin to pick up all the broken pieces!