Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Course 2 Final Cake

I finished up the Wilton Cake Decorating Court 2 on Monday night!  This time we didn't bring a cake each week, instead we had a final cake complete with flowers we worked on each week!  We learned the basket weave, which I might add was a lot easier than it looks!  We then placed our flowers (made from royal icing the last 2 weeks) onto the cake!  This made me very nervous...I like to copy and trace things, not always good with creative ideas on the spot!  However, once I got started it just flowed from there!  

I am very pleased at how it turned out!  I would have never believed 8 weeks ago that I could make a cake that looks this good!  In fact, I won't let Matt cut into it b/c it's just too pretty!  Maybe we will eat it in a couple of days!

This my my favorite picture of the cake!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anniversary to Birthday Cake

A couple weeks ago Matt and I finally made it to our anniversary dinner at Carlo & Johnny.  It's a Jeff Ruby Steakhouse and it did not disappoint!  We are excited to celebrate 2 wonderful years of marriage and can't wait to celebrate more!  We both had steak and split two sides, mac daddy cheese and au gratin cheesy potato's!  It was very yummy!!!!
Matt's long time high school buddy Joel married his sweetie Lindsay back in May.  We celebrated at their wedding reception a few weeks ago!  It was like high school reunion for Matt!  Funny how I was the one feeling out of place and not knowing anyone!  We had a good time though and enjoyed ourselves!
Joel & his bride Lindsay
The cake I made for a wedding shower at work!  It was my first "real" cake!  And my first roses!  I am happy to report they have improved!!!
Matt's birthday was this past Friday so of course I had to make a cake for him!  It turned out well but I want to move from looking like an amature to a professional!  It takes LOTS of practice!  Bring on the cakes!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Las Vegas - Day Seven - our last day

Our last day in Vegas was sad one since we really wanted to stay a little longer!  All we had time to do was go to breakfast, check out and head to the airport.  We did get to play some last minute slot machines at the airport!  I must add that I played the famous "Wheel of Fortune Slots" and actually won $35!  I told Matt I was done and that I was leaving Vegas a winner!!!!  Enjoy the pics of our great room at the TI.

Watching a little tv before it's time to check out.

The popular "Wheel of Fortune" slots!  
This game was so much fun and I must say addicting!
This was my favorite slot machine!  I would walk around looking for different wild cherry slot machines!  The reason I like them so much was b/c you would win whenever you got a wild cherry, and it didn't have to be on the payline just showing above or below the payline!  It paid out really well!  Love that game, so much fun!!!  I must say I'm glad we don't have slot machines here in Ohio (in Vegas they are in the grocery store, convenient stores, everywhere) b/c I would be tempted to play all the time!  It was a lot of fun and we can't wait to go back!

Las Vegas - Day Six

On day six we spent the day at the Wynn Hotel & Casino!  It's a new hotel in Vegas and very nice!  It was up there with the Bellagio!  Beautiful decorations!  

The waterfall in front of the Wynn
The Wynn Hotel & Casino.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Las Vegas - Day Five

Day Five in Las Vegas we rose early to head to Hoover Dam for the day!  We were both excited about the tour and it didn't disappoint!  Hoover Dam was built back during the great depression.  We took a 45 min. bus tour to get to the dam and heard all kinds of history along the way.  Hoover dam currently provides power and electricity to primarily California, as well as Arizona and Nevada.
Amazing view of Lake Mead.
Down in Hoover Dam.
The powerful engines that make the dam work.  They were HUGE.  
Matt enjoyed seeing all this since he works on plane engines every day.
View of the dam on the Nevada side.  Notice the "bathtub ring" on the left side of the pic right above the dam.  Lake Meade is at it's 3rd lowest level to date.
Matt & I in front of the dam.
A view down below.  That's alot of concrete!
More views down below
Check out all those wires and cables.
The bridge in the upper left hand corner is the new suspension bridge that will be part of the new interstate connecting Nevada and Arizona.  The new interstate will make is possible for big trucks to cross near the dam.  Since 9/11 no big 10 wheeler trucks are allowed to cross the dam, plus busses with anything in their bays.  Right now trucks must travel 45 min out of their way instead of going across the dam.  With the new bridge and interstate it will improve transportation greatly!

These round concrete things are collecting the water from lake meade to produce energy.
These were a little special treat we saw near the dam.  They were so cute!

Beautiful view of lake meade.
Matt & I in front of Lake Meade.
Downtown on Freemont Street.  Check out the OLD Golden Nugget.

The famous cowboy neon sign.
Unfortunately we didn't get to see Freemont Street at night and see the canopy show but it was still neat to see.
Had to visit Hard Rock and get t-shirts, a must for a Deepe vacation!
The Forum Fountains in front of Caesar's Palace.
Bally's and the Paris at night.
The spectacular Bellagio hotel and fountain show!  It was my absolute favorite "attraction" in Vegas.  They were absolutely AMAZING!  They run every 15 min from 8pm - Midnight.  This night I made Matt watch 3 different fountain shows!  Simply Amazing!!!
View of Caesar's Palace at night.
View of Paris and Planet Hollywood at night.
Ceiling in the lobby of the Bellagio!  Beautiful blown glass.
A miniature version of the Bellagio and it's world famous fountain!  I want this!
Fountains in front of the Paris.
Beautiful view of the strip at night.  This was my favorite time to see the strip!  Plus it was much much cooler.  
View across from the Bellagio.