Thursday, May 21, 2015

Two Months

Sydney turned TWO months old a few days ago.  I can hardly believe she is already nine weeks old.  It has gone so fast but it also feels like she has already been here.  

Sydney is growing so well and it just perfect.  She is so sweet and the easiest baby.  

So what is Sydney up to this month:  
Everyone always comments on how pretty you are.  We think you are the prettiest baby.  

You are holding your head up very well.  You love to be up on my shoulder and look around at everything going on around you.  You are getting more control of your head every day.  

You are on a great schedule - you wake up between 6-7AM and eat every 3 hours during the day!  You typically eat 4oz at every feeding.  You go to bed after your 7pm bottle then take a dream feed bottle at 10pm.  

You love your playmat and your rock 'n play.  You sleep great in your rock 'n play.  You have been in the swing a few times but you aren't as big a fan.  

You love to kick your legs and move your arms around especially when you are on your playmate.  You are beginning to clasp your hands together.  

You started smiling at us last week.  It is seriously the sweetest thing and such a beautiful smile.  I've gotten it on video but yet to get a picture.  Every time I try to get a picture of your pretty smile you just stare at my phone and get totally distracted. 

You love your bath but not a fan of getting out.  You do love to be all cuddled up in your towel. 

You still nap between every feeding.  Sometimes it's only 20 min and other times like mid morning and afternoon it's an hour and a half.   

You LOVE to watch your big brothers!  They don't pay you much attention but when they do you love to share a big smile with them.  They have been so helpful (especially Ryan) at bringing me diapers, bottles, paci and keeping you entertained when you start fussing.  

Biggest News: You are sleeping through the night!!!  Hallelujah!!!
You have a dream feed bottle at 10 then will sleep til 6 or 7am!  Momma is love that and hope it continues.  

We are SO in love with you baby girl and cannot imagine life without our little princess!  You are such a joy and delight.  We thank God every day for such a sweet and beautiful blessing!  We love you so much Sydney!  

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ryan's Last Day of Preschool

Nine months ago we moved to a new city, to a new home and started a new school and just about everything else!  We only knew one family here but we have quickly settled in to our new life here in Nashville and I think we have all adjusted well!  I joined a MOPS group to seek out other mom friends.  Ryan played soccer in the fall.  They are both taking swim lessons right now at the rec center literally 5 minutes from our house - LOVE!  Found a new church home.  It has been great!

I will say our biggest blessing in this big move has been finding our preschool for the boys!  I had some friends of friends recommend our school and honestly didn't look much else!  There are a TON of Mother's Day Out Programs here but I knew with the decision to hold Ryan back a year for kindergarten, I wanted an educattional-driven preschool, not just a few days a week childcare!  I wanted them to prepare him for kindergarten!

I have been SOOOOO pleased with our preschool and could not imagine sending them anywhere else.  They boys have LOVED school and so have I.  It's been so wonderful for all of us.  The boys have grown and learned so much this year.  I am so excited that Colton will go there the next two years.

So this brings me to Ryan's very last day of preschool.  Sniff Sniff!!  Cue the tears.  I told his teachers earlier in the week I was not going to cry but alas I just about lost it when Ms. Delyn told the kids "this is our very last lunch together".  Ryan's class had nine boys and only one girl, Anna, this year.  (We did have Elsa, no kidding, but she moved in January).  I think because they were so small they were all very close.

I feel as though I got to know these mommas as well.  Many times we would stand around and chat after we dropped the kids off.  Some I even worked out with at the gym.  I felt like they were becoming my new friends as well.

The moms are working on a play date schedule for the summer so we can all still hang out.  Hudson had a birthday party on Sunday and you would have thought the kids hadn't seen each other all summer break.  They were so adorable and so excited to see each other.  They had the best time playing together at Pump it Up.  

I swear Colton thinks he is part of Ryan's class and knows all of their names.  He talked a little about his class, when I prompted him, but he would talk about Ryan's friends all the time.  I guess that will last a long time since I'm sure they will be sharing friends for years to come.  From left to right - Anel, Bryce's younger sister, Colton, Bryce and Hudson.  I especially love how Colton is looking at Bryce.  Bryce always hugs and talks to Colton so Colton just thinks he is the coolest cat around.  

Bryce is the sweetest kid and so smart.  He would come in every morning and give the weather forecast.  He always has a smile on his face and just loves life.  

After lunch together we went back to Ryan's classroom and Ms. Delyn had some parting words.  She called up every child one by one and basically poured words of affirmation over them.  She told them what she and Ms. Amy admired and loved about them and how she couldn't wait to see what God was going to do in their lives.  (CUE THE BIG UGLY CRY!!!)  I think the whole room of parents were crying.  It didn't help that she started with Anna, who has the sweetest spirit, and has been devastated the last few weeks that school is coming to a close. With her lip quivering she held out til Ms. Delyn finished talking about her and then she lost, and so did the rest of us!  

It's not just the end of preschool for Ryan, it's the beginning of many friendships that I know will last for years to come.  We will see these friends at outings, the gym and most have siblings that will go to school with Colton so I know we will see them around.  We look forward to our next playdate all together.  

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Colton's Last Day of Preschool

Today was Colton's last day of 3's preschool.  It's hard to believe it's already the end of the school year.  It seems like we just moved here and started a brand new school. 

I have been so pleased and blessed by their preschool this year.  I don't think I could have picked a better school for my boys.  I am excited that Colton will return in the fall for the 4's class.  Like Ryan he will do preschool when he's five and start kindergarten when he's six.  

Sydney and I went to Colton's last day of school picnic.  He was so excited we were there.  It was a beautiful day and so fun to eat and play outside with his class.  

Ms. Beth was his teacher this year and he LOVED her.  She was a fabulous teacher and we are so thankful for her.  You can tell she really loves her job and loves those kiddos.  She lives in Spring Hill so we hope to run into her some this summer.  

This is Ms. Leanne.  She was the assistant teacher in Colton's class.  Colton just adored her and loved sitting in her lap for story time.  We hope to run in to her too this summer at the Y.  

Colton had such an amazing year and we are so proud of how much he has grown and learn.  

And this cutie pie enjoyed the picnic outside too! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

 We had a wonderful Mother's Day this year.  It was special for me since it's my first Mother's day with my sweet daughter Sydney.  It's still hard to believe I have a DAUGHTER!!!  Ahhh! So amazing, so thankful!

My parents came up to visit for the weekend!  My mom holding Sydney, her absolute favorite thing to do.  

My boys!!!
Love these three boys so much!  Colton looks so big in this picture.  

 My people

Three generations 

It was a great weekend and we had a nice time hanging out with my parents.