Monday, December 31, 2012

Cheers to Art and Happy Birthday Ya-ya

The other night Matt and I went on a double date with our friends Mike and Deana.  We went to this amazing Italian restaurant called Ferriari's in quaint little downtown Maderia.  The food was ah-mazing.  

I was SO excited to order Spumoni for dessert.  You can't find it many places so I was excited to get it. Spumoni is an italian ice cream usually with chocolate, strawberry or cherry and pistatio ice cream with nuts.  It's so yummy.  This one had shortbread type cookies on top and was served in this huge platter.  Matt helped me eat some of it but I still didn't finish it.  Wish I could have taken it home. 

After dinner we went over to Cheers to Art! It's a canvas painting studio.  There is an instructor who gives step by step instructions and theres on experience necessary - good thing since we are not artist. Ha! 

We painted the "tree of love".  We each painted a canvas to make one tree.  It was SO much fun and we had the best time.  Definitely something we want to do again.  Mike and Deana had a great time too.  Pretty sure their tree looks way better than ours.  Matt and I paint completely different.  It's all good though. 

Saturday Matt started feeling bad but we thought it was just this congestion stuff we've all had since before Christmas.  He started running a fever so we knew it was more than just congestion.  The poor guy has just felt awful the last few days.  He went to the take care clinic at Walgreens this morning and they confirmed he has the flu.  Yuck!  The boys both got flu shots so they should be good but I did not so I'm just praying I stay healthy.  We are ringing in the new year here at home in our pj's.  It's not the wild and crazy but it's just the way I like to celebrate.  

Yesterday was Ya'ya's birthday!  We want to wish her a very happy birthday!  We love you Ya-ya!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snow Day

This morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow covering the ground.  I think we got about five inches overnight.  It was the pretty powdery type snow that stuck to the trees and grass and easy to clean off the streets.  Just how I like it!

We got up and fixed a pancake breakfast then around 10am we bundled up the boys to go out and play in the snow!

I bought this blue sled weeks ago at Kroger.  Growing up in Memphis I've never owned a sled and I'm pretty sure I've never sled before...until today!  Of course Ryan was first up.  He LOVED it and laughed the whole time.  He kept asking to go again and again.  That smile says it all!

I sat on the sled and put Colton in my lap.  C bear loved it and had a blast!  He loved walking around in the snow and playing with the shovel.

Colton started getting cold so we headed inside while Matt and Ryan stayed outside to shovel the driveway.  We found this cute kid size shovel at the store the other day.  He was so excited and has been asking to shovel with daddy every time it snows.  Ryan loved helping daddy shovel.  

We all had so much fun sledding and playing in the snow!  Of course Matt had to sled too.  Ryan was so cute.  He would run down to the end of the driveway and say "are you ok??"  So funny and sweet he was concerned.  

 It was the best day and so many memories made!  

Friday, December 28, 2012

Eighteen Month Check-Up

 This morning we had Colton's Eighteen month check up.  He weighs 21 pounds (5th percentile), 31 inches tall (15 percentile) and his head is in 15 percentile.  He is a little guy but he is growing steadily so that's good.  Ryan weighed 26 pounds at eighteen months.  

He is right on track developmentally and everything looked great.  The only concern was his speech.  He should be saying ten words and only says 5-6.  I remember Ryan was the same way at this age.  Ryan was a slow talking and talks non stop now so I'm not worrying at all.  He will talk when he's ready.  

The boys did great this morning.  Ryan's ears were all clear but Colton had some fluid.  We will keep a close eye and pray they don't become infected.  We are so thankful for a healthy and sweet baby boy.    

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a wonderful Christmas!  My parents have been here visiting since last Thursday.  We love spending time with them and the boys have had the best time.  

Our family of four!

Nana, Grand-dad and Uncle Matt with the boys.

Ryan helped make the birthday cake for Jesus.  I love this tradition with Ryan.  We celebrate Santa in our house but I always want my boys to remember that Jesus' birth is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Nana spending time with Colton. 

We went to the Christmas Eve service at church Monday night.  Colton went to the nursery but Ryan went to "big church" with us.  He LOVED it and did SO good.  Last year I remember he wanted nothing to do with the church service and did not want to sit still.  This year he was mesmerized with the instruments and music.  He wanted to bring his toddler Bible to church and he looked at it during the short sermon.  He did so good.  I was so proud of him.  

We came home from church and ate pizza, , gave the boys baths and opened a few presents.  

The boys were so excited to open presents.  At the young age of three Ryan was already begging to open presents on Christmas Eve. 

They loved everything and wanted to stay up and play with their new toys.  

Uncle Matt showing Colton his new toy.  

Once the boys were snuggled in their bed and asleep Santa went to work.  We had a few things to put together.  I was so excited for the boys to get up and see what Santa brought for them.  Ryan got new pajamas, books, a vacuum cleaner, an airplane and a car city play-set.  Colton got some books, a magna doodle, a ride on pirate ship and a stool with his name on it.  

Santa did well this year.  The boys LOVED everything they got.  Christmas morning they had a blast playing with everything.  

Christmas morning breakfast.  I made these amazing homemade cinnamon rolls and we made eggs, bacon and biscuits to go with it.  

Colton enjoying his new ride.

Some of Ryan's favorite new toys.  A lego tow-mater, a truck trailer and an airplane you put together and take apart.  

Christmas night we went over to my in-laws for Christmas dinner.  Ryan loved playing on the piano.   The Deepe boys gave their rendition of Jingle Bells.  

We had a delicious dinner then opened some presents.  Ryan was excited about his lincoln logs from Papau and Ya-ya.  

My sweet parents.  They stayed an extra day here since we got hit with snow this morning.  We didn't mind at all.  We have loved spending time with all our family this Christmas.  We are so blessed and thank God for another great year.  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

 Merry Christmas from our family to yours!    

I LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail and I love sending cards to all our friends and family!  Here is our Christmas Card for 2012.  

 The back of the card!  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Party and Cookies

Last night Ryan helped me make reindeer cookies for his preschool Christmas party.  He had the best time and loved helping.  We made reindeer cookies using nutter butters, pretzels, chocolate chips and red m&m's.  

I think Ryan was eating more chocolate chips and m&m's than helping but oh well, it's Christmas.  

 And here's our other little helper.  Love this sweet boy!

Today was Ryan's Christmas party at preschool.  It was so fun.  The kids were so cute and it's always so funny to hear what they say.   Ryan's little friend Eleanor started singing Jingle Bells and then declared "that's Santa's favorite song you know".  Of course all us moms were gushing over our sweet little dumplings.  

Me and my boy doing our Christmas reindeer craft. 

We did crafts, played games and read a Christmas book but my favorite thing was the kids singing Christmas songs for us.  They sang Rudolph, Jingle Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas all with hand motions.  Loved it.  

I had so much fun making Christmas cookies this year.  My favorites are the snowman and gingerbread man.  I made some for Ryan's teachers today and sent each of his friends home with a gingerbread man.    

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus

 We took the boys to see Santa Clause at the mall on Monday night.  We decided to get dinner at Chick-fil-A and Matt would stand in line so we wouldn't have to wait forever.  Thankfully Matt was first in line.  We finished eating just in time to meet Santa. I wanted to take more pics but the little elves were not too nice about me bringing in my big ol camera.  

The boys did awesome and they both loved Santa!  Ryan went right up to him and started talking to him.  Colton couldn't take his eyes off him and was more speechless than anything.  He did great and no tears.  Of course, since he likes going up to strangers and all, ha!  

I've been super busy lately making cookies.  Seems like it's feast or famine.  I finished up teacher gifts for Ryan's preschool teachers tonight.  I'm excited to share those tomorrow.  

I made these animal cookies for my friends Sarah's son Matthew.  

I made these adorable pirate cookies for my friends Laura's daughter Ella's pirate birthday party.  I got these ideas from Brigett at