Friday, May 30, 2014

A Few Firsts

Ryan asked to go to the pool yesterday but it was overcast and there was rain in the forecast so we had a picnic at the park instead.  

The boys loved it!  They were a hot sweaty mess after only about thirty minutes.  It's hot and humid here but I'm not complaining!
So yesterday Matt took his first of four exams for the CPA. YAY!!!  It went well and I know he is glad at least the first part is over.  He has a "free" weekend so we are looking forward to some family time and doing some work around the house.  

We decided to take the boys to Kings Island today.  We got season passes (for the first time) last fall.  I wasn't sure how well the boys would do and how much they would like it.  Well, they loved it and had a blast.  It was HOT but the boys were so excited to be there.  

The first ride at Kings Island were the bumper cars.  Big hit for everyone.  

The boys then wanted to ride the airplanes. They did awesome and loved it. 

These two cuties are going to be trouble in about 11 years.  Oh my goodness, I could die over the cuteness.  They fight all the time but love each other fiercely.  

Ryan's first roller coaster!  He loved it except he did look at me a little scared when I asked him "isn't it fun?" but he quickly said Yeah!!  

Our last ride was the carousal, always a favorite!  We only stayed a few hours but the boys had a great time and took great naps this afternoon!  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Big Doings

I wasn't going to blog today but honestly I didn't have anything to talk about.  We had a fun lunch with our friends the Joseph's but for the most part it was a low key day.  

After saying all that something BIG happened at the Deepe house tonight!!!!!!  

I was getting Colton ready for bed and putting his pajamas on and noticed his diaper wasn't very full.  I spontaneously asked him if he would sit on the big boy potty.  Now I have been telling Colton that he is going to use the big boy potty when he turns three.  He usually tells me no and says "Ryan go potty."  I plan to do the three day potty training method with Colton (in July) since it worked so well with Ryan.  

Ok back to tonight...

So I told him he could get one jelly bean for sitting on the potty and one for going pee pee on the potty.  So he ran in and sat down so I ran downstairs to get some jelly beans and came back up to the biggest surprise ever.........HE PEEPEED IN THE POTTY!!!!!!!  As easy as that!  Seriously!?!  He has always had NO interest in the potty and wouldn't even sit on the potty.  I have always said that his ticket to potty training is going to be candy!  He LOVES candy! Hahaha!  

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend


Happy Memorial Day!  I am so thankful for all the men and woman that have fought and died for our freedom.  Thank you doesn't seem like enough.  Remembering all of those brave soldiers. 

On Friday afternoon we got together with a few friends for a going away party for our friend, the Cullins, who are moving to North Carolina very soon.  The kids had a blast playing!  We are going to miss them so much but excited for their new adventure. 

I had some sweet time with the boys on Friday night.  They were super sweet and snuggly.  Even though I am pretty wiped at the end of the day, there are some days I love putting the boys to bed.  When they listen to their stories and want to be snuggly with momma, those are they days I love.  I know these days are precious and they will grow up in the blink of an eye so I want savor every moment. 

Sunday after church we headed to the Gleason's to swim in their neighborhood pool.  The boys had the very best time and didn't want to leave.  They always have so much fun with Bret, Zack and Drew.  

Today we went to the gym then I took the boys to the pool.  They LOVED the pool!  They swam and played so hard.  Ryan declared soon after getting there "I love the pool, we can stay here all day".  Every day when we would go to the gym during our dreadful winter Ryan would ask when is the pool going to open.  It's been a LOOOONG winter for all of us.  

This is officially my new favorite picture of the boys!  Love those sweet boys!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First Days of Summer

It's our first week of summer!  We've been going to the gym and hitting up the park.  Monday the boys and I ran to Target and Costco.  Whenever we go to Costco the boys immediately ask for popcorn and a hot dog.  They know they usually have skinny pop samples and they love their hot dogs.  We did get a hot dog for lunch and I treated them to some frozen yogurt for dessert.  They loved it.  

Tuesday we went to the park for Evan's 5th birthday party.  He was in Ryan's class this year.  Most of his preschool class was there and I think they loved seeing each other since school ended last week and getting to run around and play.  

The boys had a BLAST and it was a great party.  Ryan asks me every day if he is 5 yet.  Bless him!  Love that boy!

And I made these school themed cookies for the boys' teacher gifts this year.  I love how colorful they turned out.  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Soccer and Birthday Parties

On Saturday Ryan had his last soccer game of his first season playing soccer.  He LOVED soccer and enjoyed every minute of practice and games.  He really has grown a lot this season and come along way.  He still doesn't like going after the ball when the other team has possession but he really played great the last few games.  He got after that ball and drove it 'almost' into the goal. 

After his last game they had a celebration party at a local park.  The kids received a soccer trophy and ate yummy cupcakes.  Ryan was beside himself getting his very first trophy. 

Coach Tony and Coach Beth did a great job this year and we were so glad to be on their team.  

Saturday afternoon we headed over to the Joseph's house for a fun time down on the farm.  Will turned 5 and Caroline turned 3 so they celebrated with farmer Georgia and all her farm animals including goats, sheep, a pig, a bunny and chickens.  

The boys had the best time playing with all the animals.  It's not every day you get to walk a goat on a leash around the backyard.  It was a blast and we loved celebrating with friends.

Sunday was a little less busy.  We had a great lunch with our friends, the Kraft's, after church then came home for naps and I headed to the grocery.  We love the weekends but they go by way too fast!

Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday

This time of year is so busy! Now that school is over for both the boys I feel like it will finally slow down a little.  I thought I would wrap up our week with a Five on Friday! 

1.  Colton had his last day of MDO on Tuesday!  I totally forgot to take his picture on tuesday and it was pouring down rain on Wednesday when I took Ryan's picture.  I will get another picture next week when it's sunny and warm outside but until then, this picture will have to do.  

2.  Did I mention sunny and warm? Yeah, old man winter will not LEAVE!  It's been super chilly and rainy the last two days. Yucko!!!  It's looks to be a cool weekend but we are looking forward to more summer-time temps next week!  I hope it's a blazing hot summer!  I'm so over cold!

3.  Today we had lunch with my friend Anissa and her kiddos Elizabeth, Quinn and baby Caitlyn.  I've known Anissa since Ryan was a itty bitty baby.  I remember when these two cuties were just babies and Anissa and I would take them out to lunch and they would just sit and be so sweet eating puffs and goldfish.  One baby was so easy, ha! 

Yup, that's Elizabeth and Ryan back in the day!  They were around 8 months old!  Gosh, sometimes that seems like yesterday and other times forever ago.  

And these two brother-second-born's are a MESS!  They are both little stinkers and keep us on our toes.  I always say God had a sense of humor when he gave us second born children.  And that's coming from a second born and the baby.  

4.  I made these 1st Communion Cookies for my friend Holly a few weeks ago.  They turned out so cute!  Have I mentioned how much I love my Kopycate!  No way I could write that well without it.  Loved making these. 

5.  I forgot to post this picture of Ryan's last day of preschool the other day.  
We are excited for a fun and busy weekend full of MOPS stuff, Ryan's last soccer game and a birthday party.  

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pre-School Graduation

Today was Ryan's last day of school and pre-school graduation.  Even though he is going to Pre-K next year at the same school, he graduated today from the 4's class.  Most of his classmates are going to kindergarten in the fall but there are some young 5's and summer babies that will join him in the fall for Pre-K.  

Graduation was today and Ryan was so excited.  His classmates walked down to pomp and circumstance and lined up on stage.  

The kids sang songs they have been working on all year in chapel.  I loved watching them do all the hand motions and get excited about singing.  

It was totally adorable though I do think preschool graduation is a little over the top. Nonetheless I loved watching my baby sing his little heart out about Our Awesome God.  

Ryan and his girlfriend Jillian.  He looks forward to seeing Jillie every morning in the hallway.  They are so cute!  We will definitely have to do some playdates with them this summer.  

Ryan and his fabulous and wonderful teachers Mrs. Randi and Mrs. Mandy.  We have loved, loved, loved having them as Ryan's teachers.  He has loved school and I know it's in part because of them.  They are so loving and good with the kids.  We will definitely miss them next year. 

Ryan has learned and grown so much this year.  I am so thankful for his preschool for all they have done and provided for Ryan.  We (I mean me) am a little sad to see the last day of school but we are looking forward to summer filled with pool days, lunches at the park, playdates, birthday parties and trips to the lake.  

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

My Mother's Day weekend was great!  I'm crazy about these two little fellas who made me a momma.  I love them to the moon and back! 

Friday night we relaxed at home and grilled out burgers and corn on the cob.  

Matt took Ryan on a daddy/Ryan date on Saturday morning to The Pancake House. They had a blast while Colton and I spent some quality time together snuggling and watching Frozen.  

Saturday night I went to see Phantom of the Opera downtown with my Mother-in-law Kris and Sister-in-law Erin.  I have always loved the music for Phantom and fell in love with it after seeing the movie a few years ago.  The musical was AMAZING and I loved every minute.  I wanted to come home and dig out my soundtrack.  I remembered why I loved the music so much plus it's such a great story.  

Sunday we went to church then after went to Chuey's for lunch.  I told Matt that was all I wanted for lunch - simple, I could eat my weight in their chips and queso!  It was perfect and did not disappoint.

We came home for naps before going over to my in-laws for dinner.  The boys had a ball, literally, playing with papau and Ya-ya fixed a yummy dinner complete with birthday cake for Uncle Michael's birthday that was last week!  

It was a great weekend and I enjoyed some fun family time!