Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Favorites

Today I was looking for something for Ryan and I to do to get out of the house. We decided to hit up ChickfilA for lunch then go to the park. Our sweet neighbors decided to come with us. Ryan loves to swing and just has the best time.

Have you guys seen the summer show on ABC called "Boston Med"???

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and I'm totally addicted. It's definitely my fav show of the week. The producer had a similar show a two summers ago called "Hopkins" and I loved it too. The show is almost a documentary following residents around highlighting specific patients. They also show the abnormal, crazy, personal life of a resident.

This is what Ryan does when he is tired and ready for his nap. Ha! Isn't he adorable? He can't just suck his thumb, he has to also hold his sleeve with his hand. I know thumb sucking is a bad habit but he's so darn cute.
The weather was actually bearable today with a high of 85. I'm not wishing my summer away but I do wish it would cool down a little so we can get out more.

And lastly have you tried these new M&M's????

Oh my goodness!!! They are delish!! I love pretzels and m&m's so I knew I would like these. They are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. They are a definite favorite!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We had a great day today! This morning we went to the gym to workout then headed over to my friends house for a MOPS steering team get together. I was a little worried since Ryan would miss his morning nap but he did awesome! We ate some yummy lunch and enjoyed hanging out with everyone!
Ryan loved the huge bookshelf full of book and decided to try and pull every book one at a time off the shelf. He loves to do this with everything right now. He will pull his toy magnets off the fridge and throw them one at a time. He is such a mess.
We came home around 1:30 and Ryan went right down for his nap and slept til 4. Woohoo! Part of me can't wait for him to drop his morning nap but then part of me doesn't want him to drop it. He still needs both naps and can only get away with one nap occasionally.

He has dropped the bottle completely and doing better with his sippy cup every day. I've found the nuby sippy cup is his favorite and he will actually hold it and drink from it. I've become so frustrated with Ryan's eating. He won't eat veggies and the only fruit he will eat is peaches. I put fruit and veggies on his plate every time and he just eats around it. He eats most meats. I'm so frustrated and just don't know how to get him to eat. I welcome any encouragement or advice.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Memphis Trip Part 2

We arrived home from Memphis last night. We had such a great weekend visit! I miss my family already. On Sunday Ryan and I got to go over and visit my friend Jennifer and her little girl Ellyson. Jennifer and I met way back in the day when I was still living in Memphis and working out at the Bartlett Rec Center. We became friends and have stayed in touch since I moved away.
Her little girl Ellyson is just a couple weeks younger than Ryan. She is such a doll!! Isn't she beautiful?
Ryan had the BEST time playing with her and all her toys. It was so neat to see them interact and play together.
They were so silly together. Ellyson is walking and takes about 8-10 at a time. I was trying to show Ryan how fun it is to walk. ha! He is so close to walking but when I think he is going to let go of something and start walking he gets down on all fours and takes off.
Sunday night we ate at Leonards BBQ. It was SO yummy and I got my catfish fix (they are famous for their BBQ, catfish and spaghetti). I have been craving some catfish lately and Leonard's didn't disappoint. We can home after dinner and played with Ryan before putting him to bed.
He found my granny's walker and decided it was a fun toy. He had the best time pushing it around the den.
Funny how an old person's walker becomes a little boy's toy that makes it so fun walking and pushing it around the room.
Ryan did ok on the drive down. We have a DVD player in the car but he was totally not interested in the VeggieTales movie I put on. On the way home yesterday he did AMAZING! He took two short naps and was so good.
We had such a great visit in Memphis and can't wait to go back!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend in Memphis Part 1

Friday afternoon we headed down south to visit my parents and family in Memphis. Ryan is such a good car rider. He did great on the way down and only got fussy around dinnertime.
I went and ate breakfast with two of my sweet girlfriends Leah and Julie. I'm so sad I forgot my camera. We enjoyed a great breakfast at cracker barrel. Yum! One of my favorite places for breakfast.
Ryan is so funny and such a little ham!
Saturday night we ate dinner at Germantown Commisary. Oh and it was so yummy!!! I LOVE their bbq and especially their sweet potato fries. It was so good. We all left with very full belly's. ha!
I guess we weren't too full because we made a stop by Muddy's Cupcakes before heading home. So many of my friends on facebook have talked about how much they love Muddy's so I had to try them for myself.
I went with the strawberry fields cupcake and Matt got the other three, ha! (I gotta add that he only ate one and took the others home) He got grasshopper, which is mint chocolate chip, strawberry lemonade, and chocolate cookies and cream. My cupcake was awesome and so good.
My parents are so sweet with Ryan and had such a fun with him. He loves his Nana and Granddad! I love watching them play and interact with Ryan.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Small World

Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like you have known them forever?

Well today I met my newest friend named Tiffany and her daughter Presley. Tiffany, her husband and daughter just moved to Cincy a couple months ago from MEMPHIS! They visited our church on Sunday. She hoped on facebook to see if they had a site and that's where she found me and saw I was from Memphis. What a small world.
Not only is Tiffany from my hometown of Memphis but she also grew up in my home church of Bellevue. We both agreed the other looked familiar but we didn't run in the same circles (we went to a BIG church).
I was soooo excited when Tiffany sent me a message the other night. I knew we had to get together. So today we met at Chick-fil-A for lunch. Her little girl Presley is almost 19 months and just adorable. (I'm so sad I didn't get a pic but I will get one next time). It was so neat to meet someone with so much in common.
We already have plans to get together again next week. Ha! Both the babies were a little cranky at lunch so we didn't get to chat as much as we wanted. Ryan wouldn't take a morning nap so when we got home around 1:20 he was exhausted and went right down and slept til 4:30.
We had such a great lunch and felt like we had known each other for a long time. I'm so looking forward to hanging out with our new friends again!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not My Plans

I am hands down a type A person. I like to look at my calendar at the beginning of the week and know what is ahead of me. I'm well organized and always make a list for everything. I even make my grocery list according to where items are in the store.

I think God sees my natural born tendencies and laughs and changes my plans. Seems like He is always teaching me about relying solely on Him and not on my plans. I have come to really learn this having a baby. The plans I make myself change all the time but God's plan is always right.

This last week I have been shopping around the end of the season sales looking for clothes for Ryan next summer. I have bought mostly 2T's so I'm just praying that they are the right size for next summer. I don't know what size he will be in next year but I do know it's always a good idea to plan ahead. Just like with God, I almost always have a plan in my head of how things are going to be but ultimately God's plan is perfect and right. I need to surrender my plans to Him and TRUST Him. Seems so easy but really it's hard.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monkey Monday

It's the beginning of another week. The weekends go by way too fast! I can't believe how fast this summer has flown by. July will be over in just a few short days. It's been one hot summer. I know it's HOT everywhere but I would rather have the heat than the cold and snow any day!

We have less than a month til our vacation to Myrtle Beach! I sooooo can't wait. I did a little cheer today when I looked at the calendar and realized it's only a few weeks away!

Ryan absolutely loves this monkey. His Nana gave it to him for Christmas. It usually sits on a shelf by his crib. Whenever I come in Ryan's room to get him he looks up at his monkey or I will ask him "where's monkey" and he looks and reaches toward his monkey. He love his monkey and now sleeps with him. This afternoon when I went to get him after his nap I asked him "Ryan, where's your monkey?" He walked over and picked up monkey and 'loved' on him.
Ryan's definition of 'loving' his monkey is holding him close and biting his nose. Ha!
I was so excited and amazed that he knew what I said. He is getting smarter every day!

Our family room has a funny floorplan and I'm always trying to think of the best way to situate our furniture. We have one corner in the room that I just have no idea what to do with. I came across a picture in a Pottery Barn magazine that I loved and think might work well. I'm thinking about getting two of these chairs (the dark brown) and putting a side table in between them. We are shopping a couch and loveseat right now so I want to wait and see how they look first. But I really love these chairs and think they will look great and fill that space.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Showers, Birthday Parties and a BIG Birthday

We have had a busy and fun weekend here in the Deepe household.
Our weekend started on Saturday with a 1st birthday party for Ryan's sweet friend Elizabeth.
Here is the birthday girl! We were so excited to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday with her friends and family! She is so sweet and we love hanging out with them.
And as you can see Ryan is pretty fond of her too! It's so neat to see them playing together more and more. Ryan LOVED playing with her toys which kept him thoroughly entertained the entire time.
There were so many kids there is was a nut house, ha! Ryan had so much fun with all of them. I loved watching the kids interact, especially Ryan of course. I do think we will have to start talking about sharing soon with Ryan.
The happy couple...of kids, ha!
This boy played so hard and had so much fun!
Elizabeth's mom and dad, Anissa and Richard. I love this pose at first birthday parties.
Elizabeth enjoyed mostly the icing on her cake!
Trying to get a picture of all the kids at the party...not an easy task. This was the best we could do, ha!

Saturday I also attended a baby shower for my friend Kristin who is expecting a little boy in less than a month.
All the yummy goodies at the shower!
How cute is this cupcake cake? It's a baby carriage. It thought it was so cute and creative!
We played this game where you have to figure out the chocolate candy bar melted inside the diaper! Yuck! It was hilarious watching everyone sniffing the "dirty" diapers!
We also played "name the baby food"! You would think I would be great at this game since we just went through baby foods with Ryan but I wasn't the winner.
Jamie was taste testing the baby foods, YUCK! I relied on my sniffer.
And most importantly today is Matt's 30th Birthday!!!! He said he still feels like he's 16, ha! He has had a great day with all his favorite foods, skyline chili and mexican.

We enjoyed a great dinner at Abuello's tonight with our friends. After dinner we enjoyed some birthday cake and ice cream at our house. I came across a recipe for a grapefruit cake a few weeks ago and Matt requested that for his birthday. It was ok. Not one that I would really recommend but I'm glad I tried it!