Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Breakfast Room Drapes

Some people wanted to see some pics of our new drapes we just had done for the breakfast room so here they are!!! They go great with the yellow walls and look very pretty! I love plaid, I could do the whole house in plaid but I won't, don't worry!
Here is the new rug we bought recently.

Matt chowing down! HUH

Annabelle and Gracie on Sunday

This past weekend was sooo beautiful. We decided to buy bikes this weekend. We finally feel apart of Loveland since everyone here bikes. We are really excited about biking and it's just a fun thing to do together. After we bought our bikes on Sunday of course we had to take them out on Loveland's bike trail. When we got home I took the dogs in the front yard to take some pics of them. It was such a nice, warm day. You can really see how much Gracie has grown from her previous pics. She is a cutie, trouble but definitely cute trouble! Hope you enjoy the pics!
Gracie was eyeing Annabelle's food, nothing new!

I love this one! Such an innocent look!

Look how long I am!

She's really pretty in this pic

Gracie in the grass

Annabelle and Gracie - can you see the size difference?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


What a pretty girl!!!

Gracie the first night we got her, isn't she the cutest!!!

My adorable babies, Annabelle and Gracie

First Post

Well this is my first post. I am creating this blog to share photos and what's going on in the Deepe family. We recently got a new puppy in February and I want to share photos of her and photos of our other pup Annabelle. Hope everyone enjoys our posts and hearing more about the Deepe family!