Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gracie's Surgery!

Yesterday our little Gracie had surgery to get two of her baby teeth pulled! Two of her very sharp canine teeth never came out when all her other baby teeth fell out! The vet recommended that we get them pulled to prevent any dental problems down the road! I dropped Gracie off at the vet yesterday morning and she did fabulous! She's a trooper! When I went back to pick her up around 2:30 she was still a little groggy but happy to be around all her friends at the vet office! The technicians have such a great love to Gracie and Annabelle! They love to see them come visit and, of course, they love the attention! Thankfully, Gracie was a little calmer last night however, it didn't last long, she was up and running this morning!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Cincinnati Zoo

Saturday Matt and I went to the Cincinnati Zoo to have a picnic with some of his GE employees! We arrived around 1:30 and enjoyed some Montgomery Inn BBQ and good fellowship! The weather was perfect and a great day to go to the zoo! It was my first visit to the Cincinnati zoo and I enjoyed it! It's a very nice zoo, however lots of hills! Matt said though after being at the San Diego Zoo just a few months ago it's hard to fully appreciate and enjoy our Cincinnati Zoo! It was fun though and I look forward to visiting again!
Matt and I in front of the Zebra's
(Our attempt at taking our own pic)
Me in front of the Lions! RARRR!

Matt in front of the Zebras!

White Tiger

Polar Bear


Magic of Kids

Friday night, October 12, 2007, was the 11th annual Magic of Kids Event for Kids Helping Kids, a Pathway Family Center! I spent the entire day helping Joyce, our fundraising director, get ready for the event! From filling balloons to setting up silent auction items to selling gift cards during the cocktail hour! We were quit busy! It was held at the Manor House here in Mason, OH! We had a wonderful time and raised alot of money for KHK! Joyce works so hard every year to pull off a great event and I'm so proud of all the hard work she puts in throughout the year! The food was great and the live auction was, as usual, very exciting! Some employees of the Manor House actually came in to see the auction take place!
Penny accepting her roses from Terri on behalf of her retirement from KHK
Penny giving her speach!
(Ignore the gold balloon in the background a little deflated,
Kelly must have blown that one up)
The famous Reds announcer, Marty Brenneman!
Matt's Hero - He was so excited to meet him!
Joyce (on the right), her daughter Carol,
and our auctioner Lance Walker (he's from Memphis)

The Table Setting

Me and Kelly - Miss her!!

Kelly and her Sister-in-Law Angie

Kelly's beautiful sister Nancy and gorgeous sister-in-law Angie

Kelly and her husband Steve
How cute are they?