Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend and Norris Lake TN

We loaded up the car and started our weekend on Friday afternoon and headed to Norris Lake in TN. Matt's uncle just bought a lakehouse down there and we were excited about a family weekend at the lake.
Ryan is a great traveler and did well on the way down there. It's abouta 4 hour drive down. His usual bedtime is 7pm but he didn't fall asleep in the car until after 8. He slept well until we got off the interstate then he wasn't so happy. We finally arrived after 10 and he went straight to bed without any problems. I was very glad that he slept well ever night we were there.
Ryan's first time on a boat. He didn't like his life jacket at all but once we started going he was tolerable. He actually just froze while we were going along. I kept watching his face waiting for him to turn white or green. On Saturday we went out on the boat during his morning nap and he fell asleep in my arms on the way back. It was so much fun and I think he enjoyed it.
This is the dock and back of the house. They have a beautiful place and are so lucky to be right on the lake. It's hard to see the house from all the trees but it's a beautiful house and land. They have a fire pit in the backyard and we sat around the fire and made smores every night.
Sunday we boated over to one of the marina's to have lunch. We enjoyed some good ol burgers and had a great time.
Matt's cousin Isaac, Kristy and Dawn riding the jet skis. They were having a blast driving these things. We didn't ride them this time so we can't wait to ride them when we go back. They are so much fun.
I even got to drive the boat! I did get a little freaked out though when the boat started going faster and I didn't touch anything and didn't know how to slow it down, ha. Needless to say Steve quickly took over!
Captain Maham
Matt and Ryan enjoying the ride. And yes, he kept his lifejacket on the WHOLE time on the boat but here we were pulling in the dock and about to get off.
Ryan chillin on the boat while in the dock.
We boated over to this cool community called "Stardust". They have these tiny houses right on the water. It was amazing to see all these houses just floating in the water. They were so cute. I can't imagine staying in one of these houses and waking up in the morning to see water all around me. Hope these residents don't sleep walk, ha!
Matt and Ryan. Ryan was pretty calm on the boat. I think it was all the wind and movement that made him so still. He did much better than I had anticipated. I thought it would be a disaster after the first time we tried on the lifejacket.
Steve, Isaac and Kristy in the back. (Isaac and Kristy are Steve's kids and Matt's cousins). We had such a wonderful time and can't wait to go back. It was such a great weekend. We are so thankful to all the service men and women out there who serve our country every day and make it possible for us to live in this free country. God bless them all!


Mrs. C said...

Did it feel great to be back in Tennessee?? :0)

Summer and Matt said...

It was GREAT being back in TN...even though I was still about 7 hours away from Memphis! Ha!

Michele Phelps said...

I came across this post after googling "Stardust". It was a surprise to see the 9th photo down is of my floating house! It's the blue one in the middle with the orange tube on the back. :) It is great waking up in the morning with water all around you!