Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swings and Snow Cones

We finally got Ryan's prescription for his ear infection today. Apparently our ped didn't send it to the pharmacy yesterday so we had to wait to get it together. Poor little boy is having a hard time eating because it hurts every time he swallows. I'm praying big time that his medicine kicks in SOON! We have an appointment with the ENT next Friday.
After picking up his script we ran over to the park. Ryan had the biggest smile on his face and just loves swinging. The only time he has been fussy today was during meals. Even when he feels bad he's such a happy boy. It was 80 degrees out and just the perfect weather. Such a nice day for the park.
The park in Loveland has a bike trail AND a snow cone shack. I haven't had one in a long time so I had to have one on this warm summer day. I love our little town we live in. It's so fun and so cute.
I'm watching The Bachelorette during naptime today and just saw the previews for The Bachelor Pad. I can't wait to watch! Who's gonna be watching with me???

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Tiff said...

1. You have to take me to this great little snowcone shop.. I just love Loveland, too.. Love Paxton's Grill, too.
2. I am super excited about Bachelor Pad, too.. it is going to be insane with all those crazy people!! LOL
3. Ryan is such a cutie!! I can't wait to meet you 2!