Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Thursday

Ryan was kind enough to sleep in a little bit this morning so I got to sleep in til 8:30. He's been sleeping a little later this week and I have been so thankful. I am really blessed he sleeps so well and usually sleeps til 7:30-8ish am. I know this means that my next child will be totally opposite and be an early riser, ha! He's been going to bed around the same time so I'm thinking it's a growth spurt. Since he slept later he didn't take a morning nap but he was still good.
I went to the gym today to get a pedicure. Our gym has a spa so you can get a haircut, massage, manicure or pedicure. It's so nice and convenient. I love out gym, it's so great. I put Ryan in the nursery and was able to enjoy a relaxing pedi. My first one of the season. They love Ryan in the nursery and always tell me how good he is and that he's so happy all the time. We came home this afternoon and Ryan took a long nap. It's been so hot lately I think it just wears him (and me) out. Maybe that's why he's been sleeping more.
I totally can't get enough of Ryan's little chatters. He has been "talking" so much this week. I just know he will be saying "real" words very soon. We are looking forward to a long fun holiday weekend! Matt has monday and tuesday off so we can't wait to spend lots of time with him.
(I'm working on the quality of my pictures so I apologize for the fuzziness of these pics, I'm working on it.)

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