Monday, June 21, 2010

New wheels, a farm and peaches

Today is the longest day of the year, the first day of summer. And it felt like the first day of summer. We had temps in the 90's and an afternoon thunderstorm.
Ryan and I had a typical monday for us. We went to the gym this morning then came home for naps (Ryan napped, not me, ha) lunch and lots of cleaning. I had a productive day and even finished reading "I will carry you" by Angie Smith. Such a good book! Shed a few, well maybe alot, of tears but such an amazing story.
Ryan's Grandpa and Grandma (my inlaws) got Ryan this new set of wheels for his birthday. He absolutely LOVES it! He opens and closes the door no less than 1,253 times, ha! He enjoys pushing it around and loves riding in it.
Annabelle is trying to figure out how to get to that squeaky in the horn. She goes nuts trying to get to it anytime you squeak the horn.
Ryan also LOVES his farm he got from his Nana and Granddad (my parents). It has so many songs and noises and things to do. He loves it as much as I knew he would. Tons of entertainment.
Tonight for dinner Ryan didn't want anything to do with his chicken or green beans. (He usually loves chicken) I gave him peaches to start off with and when his tray was abandoned of peaches he would fuss until I put more on there. He ended up eating a WHOLE can of peaches for dinner. At least he likes his fruits. Now we just need to work on his veggies!

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Summer said...

That pic of Annabelle and Ryan in the Cozy Coupe is Ha-larious! Annabelle looks like she is about to attack that steering wheel for that squeaky horn sound cute!
YAY Ryan likes peaches....
Glad he had such a fab birthday
Sorry I am so behind on commenting...

Summer :0)