Thursday, June 10, 2010

Relax. It's all done!

That's the tagline for Merry Maids and it's so right. Yesterday I got my mother's day present of having merry maids come and deep clean our house. I strategically wanted them to come right before Ryan's birthday party. It's funny because this week I would look around the house and think "Oh man, I need to clean that" and then I would remember "wait, MM is coming, I can leave it". I want to marry them, they were WONDERFUL. My house smells and looks so clean! I love it! I only wish I could have them come EVERY week. I told Matt last night we are doing this once a year from now on. So worth it!
We have a busy day planned! As soon as Ryan's wakes from his nap we are heading to Costco to get food for his party and eat lunch. Then we will head to Kroger to get any remaining groceries. Ryan's grandparents and uncle Matt are on their way here right now and we cannot wait to see them.

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