Monday, June 14, 2010

Lunch, swimming and a few firsts

What a fun filled weekend we have had. I hated to see it come to an end. My parents and brother made it back to Memphis this afternoon and we are in the process of getting the house back in order.
Matt was dying to turn Ryan's car seat around. He changed it on Saturday night. Ryan got to experience his first car ride facing forward on the way to church Sunday morning. I think he really likes it. He looks out the window and can even see a little out the front window. I love being able to just turn around and see him and I think he likes being able to keep his eyes on momma too.
Sunday after church we went to Mimi's Cafe for lunch. We usually don't go to lunch after church because Ryan doesn't get a morning nap in the church nursery. Most Sundays he takes an early and long afternoon nap. He did well for the most part at lunch but I was on edge he would get bad. We survived, ha!
Ryan enjoyed his first serving of whole milk at Mimi's. NO MORE FORMULA!!!! Matt says it's like getting a pay raise, ha! The transition from formula to milk has been SO easy. He LOVES milk!
Cheesing it up with Daddy! He knows what to do now when he sees the camera! I LOVE it!

This might just be my favorite picture of Ryan and his Nana! They both look so happy! Ryan loves his Nana!
Ryan has had so much fun playing with ALL his new toys. He definitely can't get bored now. He has played so hard the past few days and slept so well!
Matt was off work today and is off tomorrow. I am so excited we are getting to spend some time as a family. We had a great day today. After my family left this morning we headed to the pool. We only stayed about an hour but Ryan had a blast. He's such a water baby. He loved just splashing and playing in the shallow part of the pool.

P.S. For Ryan's birthday cake I used the store bought wilton fondant. My cake teacher told me that Charm City Cakes by Duff has a really good fondant. They sell both at Michael's. I've never made my own fondant but I have a good marshmallow fondant recipe I should try. I got the drink dispenser at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Pretty inexpensive and a good size (under $35). It holds 3 gallons and I only had to refill it once.

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