Friday, June 18, 2010

Children's museum and splashes

Yesterday Ryan and I went to the Children's Museum for the first time. I wasn't sure they would have anything for his age range but decided to go check it out. I'm sure glad we did. Ryan had a blast. There is an area just for kids 4 and under. Ryan had so much fun crawling from play area to different stations. He loved these cars and trucks.
I knew he would love this little play station. I couldn't get him away from it.
Cruising so well. He will be walking before we know it! He had such a fun time and played so hard. We got home about 2:30 and he napped for over three hours. Matt got home from work before he even woke up from his nap. He even slept late this morning until 9am. I woke up worried I hadn't heard him. He was just a sleepy boy!
Last night I snapped a few pics of Ryan in the tub. He LOVES the water and loves to splash. Today we had a MOPS pool party. It was so much fun. I'm sad I didn't get one single pic from our day. Will have to get some pics tomorrow at the pool.
I got this little pool float for Ryan and we used it for the first time today. He absolutely loved it. It was great because he could still kick and move pretty well but he could still float. He could even still play with his toys in the float. The only bad thing is we can't use it at the gym pool =( (I love this pic of him, such an intent look on his face chewing his alligator)
Prayer Request: My heart is so heavy for Megan and Brent tonight. I just read on Twitter tonight that sweet baby Cohen is not going to make it. Please please please pray for Megan and Brent as they release their first born son into the arms of Jesus. I cannot imagine the heartache they must be going through right now. I know they would covet your prayers.

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