Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday and Plan B

We had a great Wednesday. Matt went back to work today. It sure was nice having him around the last four days. We miss him when he's at work. This morning we went to the gym then came home for a good morning nap. Ryan woke up right in time for lunch then we headed to the grocery store. Since we had been out of town over the weekend we needed some essentials. Ryan is basically eating real food for lunch and dinner and only eats baby food for breakfast. I've been trying to think of things to feed him for breakfast, any ideas. He's not a big fan of yogurt but I might try it again.
I am in total birthday mode now and started a list today of all my 'to do's'. It's a long list! I am so excited about his party and can't wait. I can't believe it's a week from Saturday. I got his birthday outfit in the mail yesterday and it is just too cute for words. I'm also excited about my family coming in town next week!
I absolutely love Ryan's expression in the above picture. He does this all the time now. It's like he is trying to make a 'B' sound. He's just the cutest!
We have been following the whole oil spill ordeal in the gulf recently. We are scheduled to vacation in Gulf Shores, AL in August but I'm beginning to wonder if we should move to plan B. We are going with another family and they are ok with whatever but I'm worried the beaches will be closed. I'm thinking about going to Hilton Head. Have you been to Hilton Head? Do you have a good suggestions of places to stay? Or any ideas of a place to vacation within driving distance from here and oil-free? I tried talking Matt into going to Hawaii but we figured it might be a little too long a flight for Ryan, ha!


Anonymous said...

My child loves yogurt, so we usually have that with fruit, raisin bread, or a nutrigrain bar. He loves raisin bread. Other mornings I fix him sugar freee oatmeal (not baby kind), which he also loves and gets impatient waiting for it to cool :)

I've been to Hilton head and honestly the beaches are not great compared to the gulf. If you go there make sure you stay somewhere with a pool. The town is neat and it's fun to bike around, I just wouldn't go there for a beach vacation.

Mrs. C said...

I have not been to Hilton Head, but I have been to Charleston and Myrtle Beach, SC. There are totally different beaches on the east coast. No white sand, it is gray. It is also not "squishy" sand that you sink into. It is so rigid, you can ride (and people did) bikes on it. Very compact and hard. The water is totally different, but it is still nice out in NC and SC. It's a great alternative, but it looks like it might head that way, too!

Christi said...

I would recommend the gulf, last I heard the beaches were still okay, but I know August is still a ways away. We go down there a lot since it is so close. On another note, I can't believe how big and handsome Ryan sure are doing something right. He looks so happy and content!