Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ryan's First Birthday Party!

We celebrated Ryan's first birthday yesterday at our house. It was sooo much fun and we had the best time. Ryan took a good afternoon nap and I had to actually wake him up to come to his party, ha!
The birthday sign I made. So easy and I enjoyed making it.
The drink and candy buffet table. I will get lots of use out of my new drink dispenser and everyone loved the lemonade. The candy buffet was a big hit too. So fun for the kids!
The sign on the candy table.
Ryan's smash cake I made. Chocolate cake with white icing.
I matted Ryan's monthly pictures so everyone can see how our little guy has changed over the past 12 months.
Ryan was so excited about his presents but of course the paper and boxes were the bigger hits, ha! We are so blessed and thankful for such generous friends and family.
Ryan LOVES Elmo! He will treasure the sesame street dolls Lindsay and Joel gave him.
We got so many toys I don't think he will need any more til his next birthday!
This is Ryan's 3rd cousin Evie and her mom Ellie. Evie is 9 months older than Ryan. I can see them being good friends. She is soooo cute and SO smart.
One of the main reasons I took a cake decorating course last year was so so I could make my kids birthday cakes. Here is Ryan's first birthday cake! I was very pleased with how it came out! I love it! It wasn't too bad since I worked on it a little bit over 3 days. I found the picture of what I wanted online and went to town.
The birthday boy ready for some cake!
My favorite picture of the whole day. I'm sad it's the only picture we have of the three of us but I love it and will treasure it.
Ryan enjoyed his cake. He liked picking the polka dots off and eating them, ha! He liked the icing alot. He was on a sugar high the rest of the night. He stayed up way past his bedtime playing with his grandparents. You only have one first birthday party! He finally crashed around 8:30.
Sweet little boy had so much fun yesterday that he slept til 9:15 this morning. We thank God every day for bringing our sweet Ryan into our lives. We are so blessed for a healthy and sweet baby boy. As he officially turns one on Tuesday I will think this is just the beginning and I can't wait to celebrate more birthdays!


Summer said...

Happy 1st Birthday Ryan!! Summer you rock at cake making! Um I would so not be able to do that LOL.... His smash cake and the regular cake is just awesome! Love the candy buffet!! I was thinking about having one for Kelcee's 4th B-Day!! I love the idea of the sign that says thanks for making Ryan's party so sweet....I may have to use that ha!!

Girl that banner is so stinkin cute....

OMG I love his expression on his face looking at Elmo....Priceless!!

Looks like he got a new cute....

Glad ya'll had lots of fun

Summer :0)

Brittany said...

Aw, Ryan's bday party looks amazing!! You did such a great job on the cakes! I have a difficult time with fondant..did you buy it or make your own?

Angela said...

Those cakes look beautiful, Summer! Great job! Fun party! Where did you get the drink dispenser? I would use one of those all the time!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the cakes! I think you used the same pic I did for my sons first cake. Only the cake place made mine!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the cakes! I think you used the same pic I did for my sons first cake. Only the cake place made mine!