Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Day

We've had a good day today. Nothing special or outstanding but just a good day. This morning when I dropped Ryan off at the gym nursery he lost it. Last week was the first time he cried when I left him. It totally broke my heart. I kept thinking about him during my class and praying he was doing well and having fun. I am thankful he hasn't been like this for the first 12 months of his life but lately he loses it when momma goes out of the room or leaves. He has always been so great with strangers and loves everyone. I hope this new "phase" doesn't last long.
He's not always a happy baby! (But 95% of the time)
He is looking like a young toddler more and more every day. We went to the grocery store this afternoon and he did so good. Everyone comments on how cute and good he is. This boy likes his snacks. He repeatedly reached into the basket to get the cheetos. He even tried to grab them off the conveyor belt when we checked out.
It's so much easier taking pictures of Ryan outside, ha! I put a blanket down and he won't crawl off it. When we are inside he is ALL OVER THE PLACE. And he isn't even walking yet. I use some of his toys to block off an area of the family to contain him. He tries to escape and I block him and he gets so mad and throws a fit. I think we need a "baby jail". Have you seen these? They are basically baby gates that are connected to create a play area for your child. I think we might look into it.

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