Friday, April 30, 2010

Zoo and Snooze

This morning Ryan and I went to music class then headed to the zoo. It was absolutely beautiful outside and just the perfect day. We are supposed to get tons of rain this weekend so I wanted to enjoy the nice weather before the bad weather comes.
The zoo was fun and we got to watch some of the animals eat so that was neat. We had lunch then headed home. Since Ryan didn't get a morning nap he was pretty tired by the time we hit the car. He was asleep within three minutes of pulling out of the parking lot. I knew he was really out since his thumb came out of his mouth. He slept the whole way home but unfortunately he woke up when we got there. He stayed awake for a good 4o min after getting home BUT he finally went to sleep and took a great two hour nap. Yay Ryan!!!
Tonight we had a get together with our small group for some food and fun. I made Strawberry Shortcake and it was a hit. I will post the recipe tomorrow. I've made it many times and everyone always loves it. It's yummy and light!

We have been so blessed by our small group. They are an amazing group of friends and a great support for us! It's so important to have friends around you who encourage you and support you.
Now looking forward to a good weekend!

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Summer said...

Ryan looks so stinkin cute in his polo shirt! He is one dressed little kiddo! Love it :0)

The zoo sounded fun and it is a given they pass out in the car afterwards ha! We just made it back from JHU last night, not great news....if ya would like to read it I posted on my blog! Thanks for your sweet comments and your prayers! They mean the world to me!

We took Kelcee to the Baltimore Aquarium and she loooooved it! Tired her out she took a 3 hour nap woo hoo!

Glad ya'll have such a great group of friends, I think friends are so important! I can't wait for you to post that recipe sounds amazing!

They have this pie at our local Shoney's it is a Strawberry Pie and I just adore it so I am chopping at the bit to see this recipe ha!

Hope you have had a fabulous weekend!

Summer :0)