Friday, April 23, 2010

How We Met

Today on Kelly's Show Us Your Life Friday - it's how you met your husband! So here is how I met my husband!

On November 13, 1979 a little girl named Summer was born. She grew up in Memphis with her loving parents and older brother. She loved life and her friends and family. After high school she went to Union University in Jackson, TN to pursue her dreams.
500 miles away on July 18, 1980 a little boy named John Matthew was born. He grew up in Cincinnati, OH with his parents and younger sister. After high school he went to Vanderbilt to pursue his dreams.
(nice socks with the sandals Matt, hahaha)
After not finding their mates in college these two crazy kids decided to give a try.

In Nov. 2003 Matt was at Penn State in graduate school and I was in Memphis working for ServiceMaster. I saw Matt's profile on and thought he sounded like a great guy and pretty good looking too ;) I decided to send him a message but didn't hear back immediately. Meanwhile, he was out to dinner with friends but when he came home he saw my message and checked out my profile. He liked what he saw so he emailed me. We began talking online soon and within weeks were talking on the phone. Matt drove to Memphis the day after Christmas in 2003 to meet me in person. We went to Rendezvous for dinner and a Grizzlies game. We hit it off great and decided to continue to see each other. Thus began our year long travel frenzy. We saw each other about once a month flying back and forth.
This picture was taken in Feb. 2004. My first time to visit State College, PA and my first time visiting Matt. I had never said so much snow in my entire life. I think they had about 10in. or so on the ground. And I will NEVER fly a puddle jumper/turbo prop. I flew one for the first and last time on this trip.
On a date in State College, PA
In May 2004 Matt came to Memphis to visit again. We are eating dinner with my fam here. They weren't sure what to think of the whole online thing at first but they quickly fell in love with Matt.
July 2004 in Cincinnati. My first trip to the Nati.
Another visit to Memphis. Eating at one of our favorites, Corkey's BBQ.
In March 2005 I decided to move to State College to be closer to Matt. We had dated long distance for a little over a year and he still had another year of grad school left. It was hard moving 1000 miles away from friends and family but it was the best decision I ever made.
In Aug. 2005 we traveled home to Memphis for my best friends wedding.
On my 26th birthday (Nov. 13 2005) Matt popped the question and asked me to marry him. This is our engagement photo.
We moved to Cincy in Dec. 2005. We were married on July 8, 2006.
And that's how we met. Many people are shocked to find out we met on It worked for us and we have met many friends who have also met their spouse online.
We will celebrate 4 years of marriage in July. Sometimes it feels like 10 years and others it feels like 2. The above pic is from our honeymoon in Hawaii. We absolutely loved Hawaii and I am dying to go back!


Summer said...

What a great story! I guess really does work huh! LOL....

My hubby's brother graduated from Penn State and we are HUGE Nittney Lion's fans.....HUGE.....
I even have a VS Pink Penn State sweatsuit ha! If that isn't showing how much we like Penn State then I don't know what is LOL

Ryan is just a cutie as always

Hope you have a great weekend
Summer :0)

Angela said...

I didn't know that! I was in a wedding just last summer for friends that met on the internet- and I have others who it has worked for too!

Spencer and Kari said...

Thanks for sharing that was a neat story! It's cool to see how God brings people together. I had to go to Africa to meet my husband! :)