Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pulling and Standing

Ryan has been doing one thing all day long...

He has been pulling up on everything and standing up. It started this morning with Ryan pulling up on his lion and jumperoo. Yes, he is in Christmas pajamas but hey, they fit, ha!
This morning I put him down for his nap but he had absolutely no interest in sleeping, all he wanted to do was pull and stand up. He did allow me to shower and get ready. I was then hoping for a long afternoon nap.
We met some friends at Dewey's for lunch. After lunch we came home and I put Ryan down for his afternoon nap and jumped on the treadmill. Ryan had no interest in sleeping once again and all he wanted to do was stand up in his crib. I think I went in his room about 4 times to lay him back down and every time he would just smile and eventually climb his way back to standing up. I finished my workout and gave up. It was 3:30 so I just got him up and fed him. He hasn't napped well all week. I'm hoping the newness of standing up will wear off very soon!
Ryan is so funny about grass. If I lay a blanket out on the grass he will not move off the blanket but he loves to crawl over to the edge and touch the grass. He doesn't like crawling on the grass but he is curious as to what it is.
Even though Ryan didn't nap all day long he ate a great dinner of chicken and pears (all table food). I can't help but smile when I walk in his room and he is standing in his crib so proud and excited to see his momma!

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Betsy said...

Hi Summer! That is so funny about a dress like Kathie Lee's because I saw her wearing my Easter Dress on the Today Show recently! haha We must have similar taste or something??

Let me think about where I got that purple seems like I got it at either Belk's or Dillards?? I got it for my daughter's wedding back in November so it's hard to remember but I am pretty sure it was one of those places!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! :) Have a great day!