Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

We've had a great weekend! Saturday morning we took Ryan to swim lessons. The pool is heated but it was much cooler on Saturday. I was worried Ryan would get cold so we moved around and jumped up and down in the water alot. He did great and his instructor says he is a natural moving his arms and kicking his legs. I can't wait to spend the summer at the pool.
This morning we headed downtown to walk for the March of Dimes. Some of our friends invited us to be on their team. They sadly lost a baby at 30 weeks in 2008. All weekend we were worried about the weather since they were forecasting rain but as you can tell it turned out to be a beautiful day.
Ryan enjoyed the stroll too. I was hoping he would take a little nap but he was too excited looking at all the people.
He got to see and spend some quality time with his girlfriend Elizabeth. Here they were trying to talk to each other, ha! Our friends invited us to a picnic after the walk with pizza and snacks. After the picnic we headed home around 1:30 and we were all zapped. Ryan fell asleep in the car but woke up right before we got home. I put him down for his nap and finally after about 45 min. he finally fell asleep. We all took a good 2 hour nap this afternoon.
I'm looking forward to getting back in my groove of working out this week. Hope to also get out with Ryan and enjoy some nice walks.

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