Monday, March 1, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

I LOVE having lunch with a good friend. Ryan is getting easier to take out to eat. He is usually pretty happy with cheerios and puffs. We met Anissa and Elizabeth today for lunch at Mimi's Cafe. Oh I just love that place! Elizabeth kept him occupied today. Elizabeth is just one month younger than Ryan. He really enjoys seeing her and I think they had their own little conversation together.
Ryan kept leaning over in his chair towards her.
I think he just wanted to hold her hand, ha!
They were so cute together. They would both watch and follow everyone who walked by our table. Nosy little ones, ha! I think Ryan enjoyed the company of a pretty little lady.
They actually held hands right before we left. I think Anissa got a pic, this is the one I got. I'm so blessed to have friends to lunch with. And so blessed to be the mom of this sweet little guy!

On another note I ran two miles this afternoon. It wasn't the first time I ran that far. I ran two miles on Saturday but I think that is the farthest I've ever run consistently...without stopping and without walking. It felt so good. How do I do it??? I make short goals for myself. I make a goal to run one mile, then to run to 15 min., then to 1.5 miles, then to 20 min., then 2 miles. I don't start out saying I want to do 2 miles but I just keep pushing myself. My endurance is getting stronger as the pounds are dropping slowly but surely!

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Summer said...

Look at those two! LOL they could be future Boyfriend and Girlfriend LOL....they are sooo checking each other out! Too funny!

Woo Hoo on running 2 miles! I used to run before I got sick now with my muscle weakness I do good walking up and down the stairs without getting short of breath....

Keep it up look great
Happy Tuesday
Summer ;0)