Monday, March 15, 2010

Nine Months

RYAN - You are NINE months old today!!!!

  • You weight around 20lbs - we will find out at your 9 month check up a week from today.
  • You wear size 3 diapers
  • You wear 6-9 month clothes but also wearing 12 months
  • You started crawling 3 days ago and ever day you are getting faster and more confident
  • These are most of your favorite foods right now!
  • You have started eating some table food - bread, crackers, cheese, and chicken. Hoping to try peaches and pears this week. You tried bananas last week and wouldn't have anything to do with them.
  • You are getting easier to take out to long as I have a steady stream of cheerios, puffs and melts coming your way, ha!
  • You take two naps a day (most days). Morning nap is 30-60 min long and a 2 hour afternoon nap.
  • You are a great night sleeper. You sleep from 7pm and wake up between 7 and 8am.
  • You have two bottom teeth and 3 coming in on top. One tooth has come in on top and you can see the outline of your two top teeth.
  • You smile all the time and your just a happy baby.
  • You aren't pulling up yet but you reach out for things like you want to pull up.
  • You love to talk, especially in the car or in the store or in the car seat and stroller. You LOVE attention and love it when people talk to you. You just babble mostly but you do say dadadadada a lot.
  • You get so excited when Daddy walks through the door after work. But you totally want Mommy most of the time.
  • You like to be on the go. You do great shopping and riding in the car. You are very easy going and content when we are out and about.
You bring so much JOY and EXCITEMENT to our lives every day! We knew you would change our lives when you came into this world and you have so enriched and blessed our lives every day for the last 9 months! Our hearts overflow with our love for you!

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