Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snail Mail

The other day Kelly was talking about snail mail. Everyone loves to get a card from a friend or a fun package in the mail. When I was in Hallmark last week I picked up these cute note cards and decided I would make it my goal to send a card to a friend a week. I have a lot of friends who live all over the place and sometimes it's hard to keep in touch. I read this quote today and I really love it:
"Encouragement is being a good listener, being positive, letting others know you accept them for who they are. It is offering hope, caring and the feelings of another, understanding."
Gigi Graham Tchividjian
That's what I want to be, an encouragement to others and help build them up!
Recently we changed Ryan's pack and play into a play pen instead of changing table and bassinet. We put it in our bedroom so Ryan can play in it while I get ready in the morning. It's been working out great and Ryan seems to enjoy it.
As you can kinda see in this picture Ryan is still spitting up quite a bit. We are so blessed he is healthy and such a good baby and we just love him so much. But will I ever be able to dress him without putting on a bib. Did anyone else deal with a baby who spit up alot? When does it end?
I worked out this morning so while Ryan napped I caught up on some of this, Laundry. I never understood it before but one little baby adds so much laundry. How does that happen? But it sure feels good to get some things marked off my list.
I received two really fun things in the mail today but I will wait to share those tomorrow!


Angela said...

Are you kidding me?? That W/D set up is SO nice!!!Lucky you!
I have been thinking about doing the card thing too- its a great thought.
Spit up depends on the baby- one of mine was about 9 months and one was a little over a year. Until then, keep the bibs on and the burp rags handy!

ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

Ok, I've never gotten to go to your home in Ohio, is that your laundry room?? Seriously, the cutest laundry room ever!

Summer said...

I looove your w/d setup! I love the striped blue wall color....super fab my friend....
Oh and are you kidding me, Kelcee had lots of slobbers forever since she was a late teether....I think the more they teeth the more they slobber LOL....
That is a great idea on mail, I seen that on Kelly's too and had a post ready for it....That's funny two Summer's think alike....
Summer ;0)

Summer and Matt said...

Just so you know Ryan doesn't only drool a little hear and there. He SPITS UP A LOT!!!! He spits up 1-2 tablespoons frequently and yes I've talked to the doctor about it many times but as long as he is growing and on track there is nothing he can do. He is on Similac RS formula which is suppose to help with spit up but it still happens. I'm beginning to think it won't stop until he is completely off formula. Just sayin!