Monday, March 22, 2010

This Or That?

This morning we had Ryan's 9 month check-up. We are so blessed to have a very healthy and active little boy. He weighed in at 20.5 lbs (50%). He measured 29.5 inches tall (85%). And his head cir. is 60%. So proud of our growing boy. And he is growing so fast!

He is right on track for meeting all his millstones. The doctor said he will soon be "walking" holding onto the table or furniture. Oh my, life is about to get VERY busy!!! Tonight Matt was giving him a bath and he was wanting to crawl in the tub. This boy does not like to sit still! Oh I just love him and love this stage!
Now I need your help!

I purchased two vests for Ryan's Easter/9 month photos. I'm going to keep one and take the other back to the store. But I'm having a hard time deciding which one I like better. So today I put both vests on and took some pictures.
The first vest. Adorable puppy dog. Love this photo of him!
Very springtime and fresh look!
And here is the second vest.
I will say this vest is a little big on him. It's a size 12-18 month, they didn't have 6-12 month. The puppy dog vest is size 6-12 mo.
I love Ryan in brown. It goes great with his brown eyes.

(And Mom, I want a comment from you too telling me your favorite)


Blanca said...

He is adorable in both but from the first photo it looks like he his happiest in the puppy vest.

Angela said...

This probably won't help any, but just food for thought. If you get any close up shots, you may just ge the top of a dog, whereas with the argile vest, it won't matter as much. I have always tried to get my kids in clothes without scenes or things on them for that reason. The dog vest is very cute though! You could always pin the vest in the back to make it look smaller- and just make sure that the pins don't show if there is a side pic!

Summer said...

I heart that puppy vest! He looks so cute in it! I love them both but I like the puppy vest best! He looks super happy in it too :0)

Oh I am soooo glad he had a great checkup! He is so stinkin cute Summer :0)

Oh wow when he starts walking and talking girl your gonna be one busy momma LOL....I remember when Kelcee first started walking and talking :0)

Have a great week
Summer :0)

Anonymous said...


My grandson is just precious. I love these pictures.

Hands down, the vest with the puppy dog is the cutest and looks the best on Ryan. It is my favorite. I am looking forward to getting my copy of the Easter photo.


ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

Puppy dog! SOOOO cute, and how long can you actually dress him in that and get away with it? Go with the puppy dog!


Jennifer Davey said...

Definitely the puppy vest!! I still love reading your blog.....keep it up!