Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rock and Roll

So I didn't exactly find Ryan like this after his nap, ha I posed him, but I'm sure he isn't far from getting up there by hisself. He's been trying to pull up on things today but hasn't been successful yet.
He loves to scoot around in his bed. He gets on all fours and rocks back and forth. I love coming in his room he will be looking down, I say his name and he looks up flashing me the sweetest smile! Just LOVE it so much!!!
This morning we went to Bible study and it was awesome! I felt like Beth Moore was talking directly to me today. The message was about being brave and not being afraid but trusting God completely. Sometimes I am guilty of letting the enemy have power over fears I have. God is FAITHFUL and He tell us "do not be afraid"!
Ryan also has another tooth coming in! Woohoo! One of his top teeth finally made it's little white appearance. It's the tooth next to his front tooth. I sure hope his two front teeth are close behind because he sure will look funny with just one tooth on top. I'll try get a picture soon!

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Summer said...

What a cutie! Oh that is the best when you walk in the room and your baby smiles at you! Melts your heart....I love when Kelcee does it every morning and after nap time and says good morning mommy! Just precious!
Sounds like the Beth Moore Bible study was AWESOME....I think I need to practice that more myself.....God is Faithful and He tells us "do not be afraid" yet with my disease at times I still am! I leave it up to him....after all that is the best hands for it to be in....but sometimes I am still afraid....

Wooo Hooo on his teeth! He had Kelcee beat at that age....Kelcee didn't get her first tooth until she was like 13 mths old....I thought she would never get teeth LOL....don't worry he will get his two front ones :0)

He is just such a cutie patootie
Have a Good Night
Summer :0)