Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Heart Saturday

I LOVE Saturday's. Even if just for the mere fact that our little family of 3 is home and hanging out together. This morning Ryan decided to get up with the roosters at 7am. He's been doing this the last few days. Hopefully with daylight savings time tonight he will be back to his usual 8am wake up time.
We spent most of the morning in our pj's just chillin and relaxing. It was yucky and rainy all day, making it a great day to stay in.
I did get out this afternoon to run a few errands. I got Ryan's Easter outfit today. It's so cute and can't wait for him to wear it. I'm gonna use the same outfit for his 9 month photos.
I also got some some new running shoes. I have worn the toes out of my other ones. I picked up Jets pizza for dinner on my way home. If you have Jets where you live and you haven't tried it you must, it's so good. It's our new favorite pizza place.
It was a nice relaxing day with nothing we had to do. I'm looking forward to church tomorrow. We better get in bed soon since we lose an hour of sleep tonight. Don't forget to set your clocks forward?

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Summer said...

I heart weekends with the family too! Nothing better than relaxing with your fav peeps! It rained here too! We did get out between rain spells and shopped for stuff for Kelcee's new room! I am super excited about it! We just got her bedding in from Neiman and I am thrilled! Oh I took your advice and ordered her a pottery barn easter basket....can't wait to get it! Ryan's looked so stinkin cute I just had to have one :0)

Oh you have to post pics of his easter outfit I bet it is just to presh for words!

Have a great rest of the weekend
Summer ;0)