Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zoo Day

It was a beautiful 61 degree spring day today! We decided to hit up the zoo for our very first zoo adventure. We invited Ryan's friends Elizabeth and Nicholas to come along. I've only been to the Cincinnati zoo one other time and that was a couple years ago. They have made many improvements and upgrades since. It looks like a totally different zoo. I am so looking forward to going again real soon.
We had to check out the gorilla exhibit. We realized quickly we needed to look at large animals that the babies could see, ha! The gorilla's weren't doing much moving today! So we moved on to the Elephants and Giraffes.
Ryan had on his Alligator shirt that says "Feed Me". Thought it was very appropriate for the zoo, ha!
We didn't stay very long since it was during nap time but we had such a great time today and can't wait to go back! Ryan had fun and I'm sure he will love it even more as he gets older!
So excited tomorrow is Friday! Supposed to be another beautiful day here. I think we will go for a long walk in the morning for our workout. Yay for Fridays!!!


Summer said...

Sounds like a fun day! Cute pic with the gorilla statue! Hope you have pretty weather all weekend!

Have a great evening
Summer :0)

Anonymous said...
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