Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Monkey

Mommy says I am getting more mobile everyday. I like to explore everything. I especially like cords, I can spot them from far away. I like to stand up holding onto the coffee table.
I love standing at my music table and playing. I can pull up to my knees. I try to pull up on everything.
This morning we went to MOPS and I had fun playing with the other babies in the nursery. I even took a little nap. We came home for lunch then mommy and I played on the floor. My teeth have been bothering me so I didn't nap very good this afternoon.
I'm always excited when Daddy comes home. I always greet him with a big smile. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with mommy and daddy.

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Summer said...

Oh girly the fun begins LOL....once they get mobile they are EVERYWHERE!! He looks just presh in his orange warm up pants! Hope he gets those toofers in soon!

Have a great weekend friend....
We are going to see the Easter Bunny today....I hope Kelcee sits beside him without me having to too...because I don't wanna traumatize that poor bunny and sit on his lap....LOL....

Summer :0)