Sunday, March 7, 2010

Water Baby

We finally got to take Ryan to the pool at our gym yesterday. He had such a fun time. We are going to have so much fun hanging out at the pool this summer. I can't wait. Our gym has an indoor and outdoor pool. Yes, we love it and it's one of the main reasons we belong there. Ryan loved playing in the shallow end of the pool and splashing around. He would splash and get water in his face then make the cutest face.

He loved swimming around and kicking his feet. Maybe he will be a swimmer one day. I'm signing him up for swimming lessons soon, they start at 9 months. I think it's really just floating around in the pool with mom or dad since they can't learn any techniques just yet. I think Ryan will like it and at least get more familiar and comfortable with the water.
We also went for a walk yesterday morning at one of our favorite parks. They have a 3 mile trail. We all got a good workout. Well, except Ryan, he fell asleep! We were going to test out the swings but he was asleep at the end of our walk so we headed to the car. Can't wait to swing with Ryan, I think he's gonna love it! We went to McAlisters for lunch and it was so yummy! I love their sweet tea and chocolate chip cookies.
I was not very good on my diet this weekend. Gotta get back on track this week!

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