Thursday, March 11, 2010

Being Real

Can I be real with you today?
I want to first say how blessed my life is! I have a wonderful and loving husband, an adorable and amazing son, sweet precious friends and the best family a girl could ask for! But today has been one of those days where I couldn't wait for the day to end.
This morning started off good. We got up early and headed to MOPS. I always love MOPS because of the sweet girls I have met and the nursery workers just swoon over Ryan. I know he is much loved in there. When I went to pick him up they said he hadn't napped all morning. I thought "ok, no prob". We came home and I started to feed Ryan lunch. Well, he was not a happy camper. He would take a few bits and then start crying. He barely managed to put away one tub of mixed veggies. I started to give him his bottle and he was falling asleep in my lap. He hasn't done that since he was a tiny little babe. I knew this little boy was just over tired. It was 12:30 (he usually doesn't go down for nap til 1:30ish). I took him up and he fell asleep pretty quickly. I was hoping and praying he would take a good 3 hour nap...not so much. I had just finished working out and getting something to eat when I hear him awake at 2:30. Oh boy, I knew it was going to be a long afternoon.
I got him up and gave him his bottle at 3:00, we played a little and headed to Target. I needed a couple things and it was a good excuse for us to get out. He did ok but he was getting restless and I knew our time was up. When we got home I couldn't do anything to make him happy. Now I must tell you that Ryan is a very happy baby and is happy almost all the time. He is always smiling and has a great disposition. I know I might be a little biased but nevertheless he's a good baby. I am so blessed and really have no room to complain. His two front teeth are coming in so I'm sure he was in some pain plus I know he was tired by this point.
Now I know I need to tell the nursery workers to put Ryan down for a morning nap. Thankfully the church nursery has a separate room of cribs just for that reason.
Then dinner time. I have always fed him gerber baby food. I always say I want to make his baby food but I never seem to have time, or make time, to do it. So the other night I made some sweet potatoes and pureed some for him. I pulled them out tonight for Ryan's dinner. They were a little thicker than he's used to but I know he's in this transition of starting to eat table food. Mind you he eat cheerios, yogurt melt and puffs great. Matt started feeding him the sweet potatoes and he started gagging and crying. I'm not sure if they were just not pureed enough but I'm so worried he's going to have a hard time transitioning to table food. Anyone else out there dealt with this?
I love this outfit! Ryan's Vols attire is from his granddad. Only seemed fitting to put on his "I love grandpa" bib. He was getting comfy in Target, ha!

Thankfully Ryan is sleeping...well like a baby right now! Bless his heart, I know his teeth are bothering him and he was just so tired tonight.
I praise and thank you Lord that tomorrow is a new day and Your mercies are new everyday!!! Anyone else our there with me? I'm looking forward to a fun day tomorrow and great weekend with my sweet baby boy.


Summer said...

Oh sweetie all of us Mommy's have those days! Especially when they are teething, wow that can make for a loooong day! He looks precious in his outfit! My peditrician told me when I was transitioning Kelcee from puree to stage 2 and 3 baby foods when she was around 1 that it is normal for them to spit it out or gag a little because they are getting used to the consistency and trying to gum the little pieces.....He will learn! Don't worry hun...I was the same way....

Hope your day is better tommorrow your a wonderful mommy :0)

Amber said...

I think my boys did the same thing. Just put a little bit of water in it to thin it out a little more. Also, it does taste different, even though he's been eating sweet potatoes from a jar for awhile, he may have to get used to the different taste. =)