Monday, March 8, 2010

Strolling and Swinging

It was a beautiful sunny 55 degrees here today. We had a pretty low key day but since it was so nice out we decided to hit the park and swing. I figured we should go today since the rest of the week they are calling for rain! (At least it's better than snow, right)
Ryan took a great 1.5 hour nap this morning so after lunch we headed out to the park. I hope this is the beginning of Spring and that we are done with the cold. It was just so nice to get out and enjoy some fresh air.
We have a great little park a few min. from our house. They have a great playground and walk/bike trail. We will definitely be hanging out there alot this spring and summer!

Ryan loved swinging. As first I don't think he was too sure about it but he seemed to really enjoy it. He is just getting cuter and sweeter every day.

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Summer said...

He is such a cutie! I love his little I love Mommy bib! Super cute! I am loving this weather too! It was in the 60's here today and after Kelcee's nap I took her outside and she played on her swing set! She had a blast! Kelcee was tenative of the swing when she was Ryan's age too but now she loves it!

Greg bought me this new Fancy Schmancy Nikon Camera and it clicks sooo fast I felt like the Momarazzi today LOL....I got some great shots of Kelcee on the teter totter....I can't wait to figure out how to upload them LOL....

Glad you had a great day....your such a great mommy and Ryan looks like such a happy baby

Summer :0)