Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Fifth Birthday Annabelle

Today is our sweet Annabelle's fifth birthday!!!
Annabelle is our first born four-legged baby. I moved to State College,PA in 2005 to be closer to Matt. We had been dating long distance for a year and yearned to live in the same city. So I moved to PA and got a job there. My boss had miniature dachshunds and the VP also had a mini doxie that she brought to work everyday. I have always loved dachshunds ever since our neighbors had one when I was growing up. I never had a dog growing up and used to beg my parents for a dog. I knew when I moved out on my own I would get a dog.
Soon after I moved to PA I saw some mini doxies for sale in the paper. I came home excited to show Matt their picture and said "let's just go look". Oh famous last words, haha! We went to "see" the new litter of puppies that were just 2 weeks old. I picked up Annabelle and immediately fell in love! She started crying and wimpering. She had such a sweet spirit about her. I knew right then I had to have her.

The above picture is Annabelle on the right with her daddy Mason on the left. Originally the breeders called Annabelle Macy b/c she was the only puppy in the litter that looked exactly like Mason. In honor of her dad we kept Macy as her middle name.
Ever sense we brought her home she has been a delight and blessing in our lives. I can't believe she is five years old already. My how time flies! She's been through so much with us. From moving to Cincy from PA, us getting married, buying our first house and most recently our addition of Ryan to our family.
I am so excited to watch Ryan play with his doggies and grow to love them. Of course right now he stares at them and wants to pull their tall or grab their face. He definitely finds them fascinating. The three of them are going to be best pals before we know it.
For both are pups birthdays we always get them a cupcake. We light the candle and even sing happy birthday. They are totally part of our family.
Annabelle LOVED her cupcake and devoured it within minutes. Gracie even got a little bit of cupcake. She inhaled her piece. It's so funny to watch her eat because she eats so fast. When she's eating her food if you pull her bowl away she eats it even faster. Matt thinks it's hilarious to do this.
And I couldn't leave you without pics of my sweet baby boy. He has mastered putting cheerios and things in his mouth. It's so neat to watch him.

This afternoon I was eating some popcorn and was playing with Ryan on the floor. Annabelle and Gracie were in their usual begging state sitting right beside me waiting for a popcorn piece to fall. Meanwhile, Ryan put down the toy he was playing with and crawled over to me wanting some popcorn too. Not only do I have two doggies who beg for my food but now I have a baby boy who eyes and wants everything I put in my mouth!

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