Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Year Check Up

 This morning we had Colton's one year check up.  I was SO thankful my neighbor offered to take Ryan to the library with her boys.  They were doing a special helicopter landing for the kids and also had firetrucks and ambulances for the kids to see and play on.  

It made it so much easier to just have one baby at the doctor and Ryan had a BLAST with his buddies.  He hasn't stopped talking about the helicopter all day!

Colton had a great check up.  He weighs 18lbs (5th percentile).  I'm a little worried that his weight is still so low.  We couldn't figure out why since he is such a good eater and all.  We will monitor this over the next few months and hope he puts on some weight.  I think part of it is because he's so mobile now.  I told the doctor how Ryan is doing good going to the potty and his reward right now is milkshakes when he fills up his sticker chart.  He said we should give Colton some milkshake, haha!  Pretty sure he would love that. 

He is 29 inches tall.  Right at 25th percentile.  His head circumference was also 25th percentile so at least he is proportionate.  He is a little peanut!  

The doctor wants to make sure he is taking at least 16 oz of whole milk daily.  If he doesn't drink his milk or continues not gain weight we will talk about doing formula again.  

He is doing great with his motor and gross skills.  Right on track.  The doctor was also glad to see he is crawling on all fours and pulling up to his knees.  Yay for a healthy check up!  So blessed to have a sweet and adorable little boy!

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