Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zoo Day

 We had talked about going to the pool today with our friends Will and Caroline but it was a chilly 70 degrees so we opted for the zoo instead.  It was the perfect day for the zoo!  Apparently the rest of Cincinnati thought it was a great day for the zoo.  It was packed and stacked.  

Will and Ryan are just the best of friends.  They had a blast playing together and seeing all the animals.  

Ryan has always been very quiet when we ride in the car.  Recently he has started the whole "mommy, what is that?" and pointing at everything out the window.  I love his inquisitiveness - is that even a word, ha?  He loved telling me all the animals at the zoo today.

This afternoon we played in the water table and baby pool in the backyard.  It was fun to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.  

I'm in total party mode getting ready for Colton's birthday party in a couple weeks.  Just about all my free time is spent planned, crafting and organizing his party.  So excited and can't wait to celebrate his special day.  

It was just one year ago tonight that my water broke and we were headed to the hospital to have our sweet Colton bear.  Love, love, love him so!

Do you see this hard worker?  Little man insisted on putting the water hose away.  He even coiled it up properly.  Warms my heart!

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